August 24th - September 22nd

September 2017

So if you think that some of July and all of August brought you the status or comfort lacking in your life, or the feeling of being okay in all your worldly compartments, then you are most likely right, and you need to claim it now that September is here by thoroughness of communication and action, so that there is a lasting script emerging from what may have been seen by others as deceptive or freakish turn of mood on your part. You are not generally known for instability or volatility, though sometimes for your irascibility on occasions when you feel you cannot say what is on your mind. Now is not one of those times; say it as you see it and leave it to be taken as it will. As long as you are clear in your intentions you cannot be accused of avoiding responsibilities at the end of September, when Mars from your own sign opposes Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces and your seventh solar house of partnership. It is partners of all kinds who may just feel the brunt of your changes, but the third Mercury retrograde motion the year begins in Virgo and affects your reliability (for which you are often pride famous) and your liking for routine.


This planet in its backward phase will revert to Leo and revisit those pleasanter wishes and feel-good ways we spoke of in the first few lines, and it is only after the 10th of September that you can speak with surety of what you really think and intend, for then you have more certainty from a confusion of emotional changes and behavioral about-turns. Never mind, people will have to tolerate you. It is seldom Virgoans are so changeable, and everyone is allowed a few bad days (or weeks). On the fourth and final Mercury retrograde motion of the year in December it is the sign of Sagittarius that generates the turmoil. This vibration is a fire element so of course the issues of August and September will have become imbued with either passion or fury – yours and that of others. Falling in the area of your fourth solar house of private feelings and circumstances, it remains to be seen whether what you decided in September and October will be put into practice in exactly the way you planned, or whether a more impulsive or daring rhythm takes over and sets a pattern which has to be steadied and guided over the Christmas period and into the New Year. So that it is mid January before the results show either a firmer framework or a tedious slow-down in progress.


When Jupiter leaves Libra and heads for Scorpio in October, the tempo and temperature of the environment around you seems to alter quite markedly in a short time. The easiness and fluidity of Libra gives way to a need for deeper understanding of things which before you thought not your concern, or you were unconcerned about. Maybe there’s not much difference in the two sentiments, but the last days of November and the first ten days of December bring about some surprising pot holes on the road to harmony, or perhaps pit-falls which previously you have skirted with ease in this afore mentioned area of partnership and agreement with those close by. It is perhaps better in the run up to the middle of November to sweeten the mix or to stay silent in the face of subtle and tricky situations. Whereas earlier in autumn the need was for expression and clarity, there could in the last two months of the year be the demand for the opposite. Everything has a time and place, and its own season. You are required to get adept at using your instinct now to guide the logic.



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