August 24th - September 22nd

September 2018

As Jupiter trawls the final deconate of Scorpio before leaving finally in November and entering Sagittarius it leaves behind one or two darker situations in your everyday life. But not before it has seen Venus retrograde in Scoprio in October and push some situations below the surface, to be extricated in early November by better balance, supplied perhaps by a leavening of responsibility or an easing of restrictions. So that by the latter half of the month these situations are spread within a wider canvass or a better designed future plan. Some of you might wish to take action not considered before, while others will see that there is a source of informed knowledge to be had that alleviates strain. However, wait until the middle of December before acting on untried methods or sources of information; the ground for growing all this has to be prepared first.


The third and final retrograde Mercury motion of the year is also in November – going through to early December – and this raises questions about friends, relatives or others who may be figuring in the scheme of life, Or about ideas whose concept needs examining before further action can be taken. By the end of the second week of December when Mercury is direct again, the need for optimism amid uncertainty is spurred by the conjunction Mercury makes to Jupiter itself – the planet of communication (Mercury) meets the planet of expansion (Jupiter) now firmly in its own sign of Sagittarius. Information and news can be trusted to lead to something, which if not the ultimate achievement is certainly the threshold of positive progress. A lot of this year has meant the tying up of loose end, and the closing of chapters that are outgrown or outworn. Uranus into Taurus demands that structures or habits be reviewed before dissolution or termination. See our blog: Uranus into Taurus – Moving Heaven & Earth @ Moving Heaven & Earth


When Saturn goes direct in Capricorn again in September it begins to re-group the developments since April and Mars direct in Aquarius moves forward the heavier burdens or lagging agendas of June. There is an altogether lighter or smoother atmosphere to love, creative pleasures and duties as the year folds. Virgo people often fear to look too far ahead, or to believe in favoured fortune, but it should be a little more apparent to you this year that your mindfulness is something you can adjust to better advantage, in line with the Laws of Attraction. This has not been the easiest year for a lot of us. Saturn and Uranus and Neptune (the heavier planets) making vital transits which force, coerce or shift situations against the odds. But the ability to gain a better grip on life or to see over the horizon is one which comes with the ability to lift the personal vibration or shift the inner vision to where you want it to be, away from where it has to be for a lot of the time. The conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces in early December in your opposite sign and solar house of partnership or close agreements tends to abolish false notions and brings a more realistic flavour to how those others deal with shared responsibility.



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