August 24th - September 22nd

May 2017

The Mercury transit which went retrograde in Taurus in April ends in the first few days of May and allows the jumble of vague impressions about your future to be sorted into two distinct camps. One is domestic or personal and the other is career or outer path. If the two don’t exactly gel then the choices in May which derive from directions suddenly appearing or re-appearing after an absence, alleviate at least some of the anxiety as to how you will get one compartment to support the other. They may not be great bed-fellows but May should at least show you how to get them to co-operate for the majority of the time. The dialogue you have between the 7th and 20th of June is imperative to this subject, especially around the 20th and 21st when the Sun and Mercury in Gemini (which Mercury also rules) take a view of what can be done for the wider connectivity or the establishment of the year’s main objectives.


The entrance of both the Sun and Mercury into Cancer and your eleventh solar house on June 21st begins to shed mounting light on more sensitive issues which come loosely under the heading of lifestyle, but could be also summed up as your own concerns and as Mercury goes into opposition with Pluto/Capricorn at the end of June the question of when to be guided by others or when just to listen to your own instinct is one which needs to find solution by the second week of July. Otherwise other influences or considerations have usurped the resources or the ground, as the time of incentive is gone. Everything has a season and its own time-line, though we may not know it or understand it, and doors open and close almost invisibly on worlds we may enter or bypass, thus forming what we often like to call our future.


If your future is to be one which yields a more fruitful lifestyle then June to August are fertile soil up for lease, and the time to grow what you want to grow is July, following the sewing in June. August brings the third Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Virgo (the sign of which it’s also ruler) and naturally turns and twists certain facts or earnest intentions into a shape you find difficult, or unrecognizable; take back control in the latter part of September if you can, because then it is obvious what is going to stand the test of time and which of the issues needs to be dealt with first. The bigger picture has to widen and include a larger frame than at first thought necessary, but you can worry about the later on. Loving the detail, no matter how small, as you do Virgo, you can not comfortably jump ahead yet until you see the results of costs and what is still available some time into October. The entrance of Jupiter into Scorpio in October is something which will change the temperature and the atmosphere of your plans considerably, from temperate to extreme as the year gradually ebbs. Look after your more extravagant assets before mid September and put them in safe keeping, as the time comes to take higher risks or be more closely connected with the risks of those round about about in the last three months of 2017.



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