August 24th - September 22nd

May 2018

The long transit of Mars through Aquarius in May to November includes a retrograde motion back through the last degrees of Capricorn, awakening your fifth and sixth solar houses and calling for some hard decisions or changes in the latter part of August which could alter or conflict with development made in May. These might have been expected, or be not totally surprising. Or maybe the necessity for them might appear suddenly out of the blue. But unless difficult clauses are nailed in time for autumn there is not going to be the synthesis you anticipated earlier in the year between betterment of finances and efforts made to achieve this. For some Virgoans the opposition Neptune is making to your Sun is enough to raise doubts about the agreements you have or the integrity of those involved. It is a time when you must think carefully about closing off your options or disbarring choices you may want later. The square Sun/Gemini makes through some of May and June to your Sun opposing Neptune, gives the indicators to where ground can be lost and direction become clouded. It isn't that you are expected to sort out the road ahead straight away, merely that you take note of where it forks or becomes less clear.


After May you can focus on matters of immediate obligation, or vocation, but in late June the program seems to wind back on itself and as Venus enters your sign in July it might unsettle your previous resolve to take some things on first appearance or by faith alone. This is the point when you begin perhaps to set about altering things which seemed set in stone, even if it jangles your integrity or your reputation for never breaking your word. It’s one thing to keep promises but another to ignore signs that these could have been made in ignorance of truer facts.The presence of Jupiter in Scorpio until November will widen your horizons (and often your eyes) as you see unfold before you a story which includes folk from your everyday life whom you would not have  believed could act so out of character or be so accented on their own ends.


The second Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Leo in July touches on these matters in a way that forces you to alter your opinion - and your plans - quite considerably by mid September as the Sun is in your own sign and Venus makes an alliance with Jupiter in the middle of the month. Saturn meanwhile is still in Capricorn and your fifth solar house, giving an impasse or setting limitations on what were some former pleasures or luxuries. Perhaps also bringing a pressure or incumbrance in the form of unwanted responsibility. This is something you may have challenged in late April or early May, but needs patience and diligence to be really sorted and seen through to good conclusion when Saturn goes direct again in September and lifts the burden finally at the end of November. The change of sign of Uranus from Aries to Taurus in May clarifies the need to alter methods, or habits, from those followed for the past seven or so years, to ones which suit you more than just everyone else. These may at first be experimental, but by November you will see why they are an improvement and where they can be gelled with your recent history and sealed  permanently with surety in spring next year. New ground always has to be broken or trodden in and old territory fades with new experience - it is seldom laid out neatly like carpet; often it takes time before we realize that things have changed according to how far we have moved in relation to where we have been. Life and movement are usually an accretion, they are not leaps of time but ensuing chapters in the same book.



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