August 24th - September 22nd

January 2018

Saturn has moved into Capricorn and your fifth solar house, bringing a serious or profound flavour to all that you may feel passionate or strongly about. It is either a warning that there are restrictions to be borne, or a reminder to take full responsibility and make commitment to what you value most. Passions are obligations somewhere along the line, because we honor our hearts by what it is we cherish, and our souls are more interested in those things than in material wherewithal, although we have to keep earthed while we pursue them. It is a case of living in both worlds more. The physical and the subtle. The material and the mythical. The myths we hold about ourselves and those we love are vital to what keeps us faithful, appreciative and open to stimulus. The fact that Jupiter is in Scorpio also gives gravitas now to what it is Virgoans perceive as expansive and productive in their everyday life, but with the slightly hidden and sacred parts more pertinently revealed than usual.


Mercury joins Saturn in a conjunction during the second week of January, whilst Venus leads them in the last degrees of the sign. There is much factual basis to discussions and agreements and a no-nonsense flavour prevails until Mercury enters Aquarius in February and Mars enters Sagittarius, so that your innermost feelings are stronger by courtesy of connections newly acquired and loyalties forged from these. Just don’t be tempted to get overly sanctimonious at the end of that month, or to buy into the over-blown sentiments of others for that matter. There is a sense in which people like your idea better than they like the reality of it, but March tends to sort that out and those who remain with you after the first Mercury retrograde motion in mid April are willing to go the whole way, and the pioneering spirit is strong by the middle of May, as Uranus enters the late degrees of Aries and is joined by Mercury. Some very strong minds and hearts influence things then and a plan or a mission is rescued in the nick of time.


The big thing for Virgo this year is the realization of their own purpose or life passion and the stabilizing of the environment from which it becomes possible, whether this is in a large or a small way, a formal or an informal way. The passage of Jupiter through Scorpio ensures that there is no real contentment, or refuge from it, unless it is recognized and found. See our blog ‘Jupiter in Scorpio… View. And the change of sign of two of the major planets, Uranus and Saturn, is an indicator of both breakthrough and dedication. First the breakthrough must come, but then the dedication must be in place or there is chaos and struggles of a different kind. For some Virgoans the scene is easily imagined, whereas for others it is only just dawning, or will dawn as the year turns to spring. It matters not what the purpose or the objective is, as long as it is your own and one you have chosen for yourself. The second Mercury retrograde motion in August in Leo ensures that you know your own heart and the allies which support its course. Otherwise, you ignore vital signs and turning points which are given to you as a gift from the universal flow. It is your time to lay down ground and establish territory, following the three or so years of extreme measures or systems that have kept your personal and domestic life in shape. But when Saturn enters its own sign it favours the stalwart and the steadfast and there are benefits after struggle. And Uranus in Taurus brings the material aid and unlooked for benefit from unusual quarters. The second half of the year is by far the easier part for most of you.



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