August 24th - September 22nd

January 2019

Jupiter now in Sagittarius and your fourth solar house is demanding you take a look at the personal, the intensely private or the domestic arrangements you currently have. Jupiter is extrovert and out there, and in Sagittarius the planet positively screams adventure or progressive development. (see our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. So there may be an accent on things you have held back. Or feelings and desires you wish to put to better use interactively. Whether you do this or whether you divert the energy into something safer or more easily understood is up to you, but in the middle to third week of January when Venus joins Jupiter for a few days, it presents the opportunity to accept what it is that's missing. Or at least to realize its existence. Virgo people do not like to claim the spotlight or the attention of others without good reason, so it may come as a surprise when you are singled out for undivided attention by persons who want to help or know more about what ails you. It might be that nothing is actually wrong but, like an itch you can't scratch, it is evident that something is not actually right either. Take advantage of this January period to see beyond the confines of your usual jog-trot to what else you could have with only a bit of extra effort.


The forward motion of Uranus in Aries again at the start of this year means the closure of some chapters which were explorative or challenging over the recent years and meant you depending on others or entering agreements with them which were tricky to control. Not all of this was to your advantage but still there were some parts of the pattern which need to be salvaged and brought into what looks to be a whole new regime professionally or financially, and the bywords are expansion upon preservation. The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in March is in Pisces for the majority of that month, and this will blur the line between dependency and independency for a while, until the doubts you have had are investigated and resolved.


Mars in Taurus in February assures the stable ground upon which Uranus – entering Taurus for the final time in March - can make transformation happen, and the biggest part of this for you is in any of the life areas where you see your future security and expansion of same to be possible. There are no major shifts in planetary movements this year, except the change of sign of Uranus, and the year is less bumpy and negative than last. But this also means that the launching of the new regimes and the excitement caused by casting off the old is more prominent. For many Virgos the fanfare is refreshing, but for others it is an unwelcome responsibility added to the usual duties you take upon yourself and something you feel needs to be handled with care. This kind of event can go two ways, which is why by April you need to know where you stand in the dual equation of dependency and co-operative structure and how you feel about unexpected applause or recognition. When Jupiter pauses after its first lap in Sagittarius in April it then requires you to look back over the previous six months and see if you have gone far enough with the private rejuvenation schemes for the time being. Or whether you have wasted time worrying about repercussions or consequences which are not yours alone to fix. If you wait for approval now Virgo you might be waiting in vain for a longer time than you are prepared to invest.



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