August 24th - September 22nd



Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius in January all play into the vocational or workaday side of your life. If you are feeling remote or removed from the action those planets are responsible, but that will change. On the plus side, the connections from previously unknown or unlikely sources are liable to prove worthy, if you can get it all to sync. And the time for that may not be until after the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in February. Falling as it does in Aquarius it suggests that the details of all that need thinking through properly; not necessarily on your part alone, it could be that others concerned are missing vital details. By the time March is in the choices in how things can be done have widened, and opportunities then move to the solid bases indicated perhaps in January. Those with aspirations to increasing their expertise, or their working life, see more of the finished plan, and belief quickly follows in what before was sketchy or too risky. Jupiter/Aquarius likes to fly in the face of improbability, but VIrgo hates doing anything so fallible. When the improbable becomes more than just probable and actually do-able, there is a feeling of heightened self worth moving into self esteem. This is the year to try something uncharted and authentic to you, but not necessarily to rely on it just yet. From little acorns etc....The March time can see whimsy, or elusive horizons which might be out there but need a reccy of sorts to test whether they are a permanent feature. Money is tight for a lot of people, from perhaps no fault of their own, and the agenda behind this is nuanced and unfathomable. More self reliance will bring access routes to solution, and although Neptune/Pisces opposes some mid Virgo Sun strongly, causing cross purposes and confusion, the trick is not to rely on anyone but to watch how their progress affects your own in what they say they need, and what they promise to deliver and then do not. Mercury, in the first half of April, reveals silent allies or contacts applying to you alone and needing to be treated as selective or private, rather than options shared with anyone else.





Mars transiting your solar house of future destination or aspirational belonging is good for material advancement, and is heartening. The foundations of what you have been co-opted to learn, or forced to endure, since the summer of last year, are now underneath your feet as you move. For some Virgoans the better part of last year was about fitting in with others on whom you depended, or gratefully receiving what was left over from some joint pot. This January what begins to grow is the cultivated ground and its intended yield, getting you back into the world or onto a newer world path which benefits who you are and what you want to represent. Many people have had the rug pulled from beneath them, not by any fault of their own, but because the world is and always will be an unpredictable place, full of dubious schemes to which the larger population do not subscribe. Even so there is a default mechanism at work; call it universal law, or karmic streaming, but in the end it means that what you have believed about yourself and your talents can be relied upon to present openings or opportunities. Bridges may have appeared last March that could not be fully utilised then but gave hints to further points of connection or loyalties to be given and received. It means in short that you saw either what you should have done in the past and did not, or what you wanted to do and could not. These access points attainable in the early new year are the way you need to be looking, if not heading, and they open fully the more you investigate and understand them 2021 closes. Jupiter with Saturn in Aquarius may render an inhibitive period in January 2021 but February and March reveal clearer and closer detail giving confidence or clarity.



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