August 24th - September 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


As Mars moves direct again in January on its long transit of Gemini since last August it begins to seal or heal divisions of thought or action in the area of your pursuits and advancements. Gemini is the other sign ruled by Mercury, your own Sun ruler, and compliments Virgo by managing the stuff which Virgo loves to collate or preserve - loosely speaking. This long haul transit finishes in March, and urges Virgo people to look further afield and move in wider arcs, assessing the farther off potential. In this way, Mercury brings Gemini and Virgo together in the forward flow it seeks to bring. The theory and the practice! Between last October and mid January you will have contemplated, considered or shied away from bolder moves, perhaps awaiting stronger cues or fuller information. The time for these will come and go, and you should move with what you saw as expedient last spring and summer, and do so by mid February when Jupier passes the point where it paused at the end of last July. It signifies a fuller circle, or indeed a base circle, from which a second loop of containment and ingredient may be created by March third week. The promising outlook last May to August has to be built upon now, if it is to bring in and keep in the wider associations or alliances which make any venture achievable in entirety. The ventures will differ with each individual Virgoan but they will be concerned in some manner with greater security, firmer commercial dealings or heightened potential to fresher fields of gratification.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The change of sign of Saturn this year - after two years in Aquarius - sees it entering Pisces, your polar opposite sign responsible for partnerships matters. It at least reveals where the gray areas or the anomalies in understanding and interaction lie. It can create a sense of powerlessness if difficult matters from autumn of last year to March of this are not resolved or addressed. It can be detrimental to leave fundamental choices to others, even if they are closely allied to you, because these choices are personal now, and not just about joint agreement. The entrance of Pluto into Aquarius - also in March - has an effect too. Pluto changes sign about every seventeen to twenty years, and its slow plod through the zodiac is thorough and intense and often silent - but not to be under-estimated. It is responsible for the overseeing and the purging within areas that are deeply connected to sources of energy and power, personal and transpersonal. For this reason the habits and arrangements affecting your responsibilities or obligations are much under review. The entrance of Mars into Cancer in April in your solar house relating to lifestyle objectives and looser friendship should see a more harmonious atmosphere descend after much soul-searching or change in your perception of how time and energy can be delegated or divided so that narrow schedules and restrictive agendas can be made more acceptable. It could be May before you see the future become brighter and your understanding of where it’s leading, or where you want to assist in leading it, is freer to your own will.



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