August 24th - September 22nd

January 2017

Venus in Pisces - your opposing sign - in January, is closely following Mars and bringing the sort of romantic or sentimental tone to partnerships or affairs close that will either make you very sensitive and self conscious and slightly uncomfortable, or will do one or all of these things as you enjoy the sensations and the experiences amid the strangeness of your own emotional repertoire. We often think we know ourselves until we find ourselves in strange territory where we don’t have a clue. By February the heat and responsibility of correct response is off you, as you allow the more adventurous side of things to take over and you begin to feel the need for further action, and less emotion, and you or your partner are set to blaze trails into what it was you talked of in the first weeks of the year – those exciting plans that put a fire in your belly. It may be that you need some grit and daring to go the extra mile or the last few hurdles, particularly at the end of February as Mars and Uranus conjunct snd square Pluto in Capricorn and demand of your plans the gravitas and the funding to make them realistic.


This is a year of swings and roundabouts in your financial life, Virgo, as you see the first phase of some smoother paths laid by the middle of February and await further trails of that kind once June arrives.  But it begs the need for the balancing of the books between that period, or even a balancing of the requirements over which you and someone else can not quite agree. Tempers could flare in March as issues go back to square one or somebody puts their own interests before the main point of concern and gives the impression of being out in front on their own behalf instead of equalizing with the rest of the team. Balance is key now as matters financial take central stage in the development of your life scenarios planned so meticulously from the start of the year. Swings and roundabouts as we have said. But also the need to liaise with others and sweeten the mix with a bit of charm, even if you don’t mean everything you say.  A few embellishments are neither here nor there and do not amount to untruths.  Virgo is scrupulous about telling the truth, even in the face of the folly of doing so. Avoid such excessive virtues in March and April, unless you can follow up with action that soothes the results and gives greater reassurance than the lack of the facts you are so anxious to put forth.


Saturn in your seventh solar house of partnership is requiring you to be steady and sure in the way you guide things forward, after the extremes of last year, and to make sure you know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with before you make long term promises that you may not want to keep. Many of you born in the latter half of Virgo experience turbulence as Saturn squares your Sun from Sagittarius over the 2017 period, or perhaps experience restriction as to what it is you wish to do because of the lack of real understanding of who you are  and what you are about on the part of partners or others close by.  This lack is something you may need to take responsibility for – it is for you to explain and to expose your deepest secrets or desires, not for the other to go on a fishing expedition or to probe too deeply into places that might not be so accessible.  By May the choices have widened if you let yourself be honest – with yourself as well as others – and the straight and narrow offers more curves and twists than previously believed.



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