23rd August - 22nd September

‘Abundantly Clear’


Jupiter is about to begin its last lap of Taurus in direct movement, and favouring your solar house of profession. It augurs well for any missing pieces or flat areas which were left over from last September. These may now be irrelevant or unnecessary, though the whole of the substance relies on the fuller knowledge and balance, with details intact. If you are not planning developments in this area of life and are content to let things ride, the time between now and the end of May provides the insight into whether you wish to leave your position and status where it is. Or whether you wish to use it as a springboard for other things. The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in April in Aries and the area of your life concerning shared financial efforts with others. Usually these are people close to you, but in this vibration of Aries it can signify the start of new plans with others who are not. If they are strangers then the second half of May requires firmer knowledge which brings them closer, and the new momentum in May as Mars enters the sign brings matters to more conclusive arrangements, for now.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


We have already mentioned the first retrograde Mercury transit in April as being pertinent to you - not the least of it, that Mercury is your Sun ruler and lends to your nature the deliberating and critical qualities for which you are famed. This time in Aries it brings a changing perspective - or even a changed value system. And though it may seem you are not supported, the little planet is working beneath to change the nature of causes so that new effects can spring from traditional roots. It may for a while confuse things or give a lie to what you have previously believed. No small deal then! But by May any confusion and apathy give way to clearer means of communication on matters which seemed to forbid transparent speech or dialogue. The meeting of minds has a sounder basis by May and a comprehensive language by June - which neither party wishes to lose. The gentler or more mellowed phase of Mercury and Venus in Cancer in that month is what you have waited for - or tried to acquire. But sometimes we just cannot force the pace at which we travel. And that has to be accepted, even by overly anxious Virgoans in their quest for perfection of life. It becomes vital then to remember why you wanted this sort of energy to descend in the first place. Otherwise openings and opportunities are ignored and missed.



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