April 20th - May 20th



The Mercury retrograde period in Gemini in June perhaps caused some confusion and vagueness in the area of your earnings or monetary life, but these should ease with the last of the Mercury retrogrades in late September and the first half of October. Then the influential people - who might be proving difficult at that time before straightening out their own dilemmas or confusions - begin to be more flexible in your favour. Your ruler, Venus, is also the ruler of Libra and the shade of her grace is often towards sorting the mistrust underneath so that harmony might be gained in some long-standing wrangle, or some upset from Spring which could not be held off any longer. The direct motion of Jupiter once the planet gains speed in late October, tends to bring a greater freedom and connection to the world of your career or outer paths - bearing in mind that what we mean by ‘abundance’ does not always come in financial packages. Next year is a fresh chapter of either following the steps of people you think have it right, or the authentic creating of what suits you individually. Abundance comes when you can appreciate and claim integrity, not when you imagine the dollar or pound signs to be in the right places.





No-one is happy if they cannot understand why things keep coming apart or fracturing in unlikely places - least of all a methodical Taurean - but the presence of Saturn in Aquarius and your tenth solar house is responsible for many of the current frustrations in your outer world or more public life. Or the view you take of that life (the life where you need others to help make things revolve). It is these awkward characters who are not making sense, or they are causing things to be more complicated than they need be - often without you realizing it. When Saturn goes direct in mid October you can begin to confront or challenge many of those problems, and there will be a tangible outcome and not just loose threads left dangling to be picked up by anyone who will choose to take the task, as Jupiter begins to assist in the job of repairing, and to some extent, appeasing, the more awkward of people around you. By the end of October, when Mercury has finished its third retrograde in LIbra, there is a harmony based on shared intention or objective. Union is something which is better based on necessity, very often, rather than fickle indulgent whim. If you get this, then the revelations of November and the first ten days of December, when Mars transits your house of partnerships, may have consequences you have to wait for until the middle December, but be prepared to enter more deeply into connection by the end of the year. And if you find you are out of your comfort zone then stand back until late January to see another angle or the same people in a different light.



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