April 20th - May 20th

September 2017

With Mercury in the other Venusian ruled sign of Libra in the middle of October, and Venus herself entering the sign from the middle of the month, things ought to become somewhat smoother where certain loyalties or prior arrangements are concerned. And this is crucial to the deeper waters you find yourself immersed in as Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, leaving the more peace-loving Libra and taking partnerships into an edgier or riskier terrain. It’s only risky if you have not taken heed these last twelve months of what has been forming around personal matters. The truth-fest that happened in September should have made bonding easier once certain discrepancies had been named and weighed in the balance. Balance being the operative word for all things Libran, but this can only have taken place with your consent. If you have been resisting that accounting period then you may feel like you are catapulted down a water slide as October gallops into December: the ride is either exhilarating or traumatic, depending where you stand on the scale of your own perceptions.


The third Mercury retrograde motion in August and September tends to deal with the fallacies or the false notions you have held onto, from your own perspective first, before influencing what you express to others. From the second week of September the tendency to become impatient with anything except the bare truth is one which surprises some around you but begins to feel absolutely natural to you, changing aspects of your nature for all time. Some Taureans have been on such a fact-finding and soul searching expedition in the last couple of years that they can only justify the sacrifices and u-turns by being faithful to ideals and values they have won at the highest price along the way. You may only now see the real value of these as Pluto makes initial contact with Jupiter in the final weeks of 2017, expanding dialogue throughout the new year which makes that whole period of life count for something more than just a tough chapter.


As this year ends it becomes impossible to make false claims to future enhancement or to mislead others into believing that you don’t care about habits or inclinations that once upon a time you were able to turn a blind eye to. The truth is relative not absolute, and that is for sure, but what is relative to you now matters - or you look back and see vast swathes of time wasted and amounting to nothing; unless you put a higher value on precious insight through experience. If that is possible, then the last few days of October to the middle of November reveal where your next advantages lie, and they are ones which brook deeper fulfillment and enrichment by courtesy of what you are able to appreciate as well as what you are able to take on board. We cannot waste anything is this life, we cannot achieve a certain level of resonance and not expect to have it attract to us what is relevant to our current needs. The grasp has to support the reach or nothing is maintained of any worth.



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