April 20th - May 20th

September 2018

Now that Uranus is really biting in your sign but soon to retrograde back into Aries in November, you will have an idea of where and how things in your life need to change, or are perhaps changing without your volition or interaction. But the direct motion of Mars in Aquarius once more from the second week of September begins to take the action past the point it was delayed or aborted in late June, Only in October do you begin to see the difference between progress and mere advancement, and as Venus retrogrades in October the reasoning behind this puts the spotlight on partners or others around you who are significant enough to you to be influential in causing deeper mysteries to deepen further. Or it could be that you want to retreat from too much activity so as to be low-key for a while, but unfortunately you are not allowed the privilege as Jupiter heads for its final stages of the transit in Scorpio and to the square it makes to Mars in your tenth solar house. Speed and necessity increase then as this whole area is pushed into a new chapter. See our blog: Moving Heaven & Earth


When Jupiter enters Sagittarius in November changes in climate and attitude are apparent only after the third and final Mercury retrograde motion in Sagittarius ends in the second week of December. As the little planet is aiding and abetting Jupiter in searching out the daring and the optimistic you must sort out which of this is worthwhile and which is a flash in the pan. After the middle of December all becomes clearer, but it also presents its tricky side as Venus is direct in Scorpio and your seventh solar house, until the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter forces the enlargement of minuscule facts and the exposure of hitherto hidden clauses into a lighter place in the field of interaction and shared direction. It becomes then a time of he who dares wins. And for some it is a debut into limelight or higher profile activity. If you don't relish it, or want it, then back away before Christmas, before losing face and respect. It is better to bow out gracefully than to be rejected at the last hurdle. The experience is worth a lot, even if the destination point is an anti climax


The time to re-group and begin a new path is next January and February when solid and obvious results are almost a given in the right circumstances. Taureans are not known for taking stupid gambles, unless they are desperate. 2019 may push you into new ways of doing things in areas where the tried and tested has always been the order of the day. But for now the finalizing of lose ends and the smooth exit from the old order gives you the signs of what all that means in terms of future surety and risk limitation. October and half of November brings the balancing of support and co-operation overall, and this new design is far more favorable to new working ways in both vocational matters and other life loyalties. The green light is on next year and the foundation is more secure for re-building or for putting down roots long awaited.



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