April 20th - May 20th

‘Abundantly Clear’


If the past few months - for those of you born in the last ten days of Taurus - have been fraught with tension or uncertainty, it’s mainly because the planet of change - Uranus - has been moving over your Sun. The emphasis will have been on finance or security or the grounding of life’s essentials. The rest of Taurus folk may have already seen these kinds of changes and shifts happen and be at the other side of them, or in fresh chapters which feel well defined from past chapters. The presence of Jupiter in your sign since May has expanded your horizons, if only mentally, and a better sense of assurance comes from these past upgrades or opportunities once Jupiter is direct again in early September. For many the transit of Venus through Leo in your house of personal and domestic affairs made a square to Jupiter between June and September, giving pause to some personal desires or pleasures. Either because these were too risky or too premature - or even too dependent on the influence of others - and it’s only in the second week of October that you see the growth of these areas, if they are to take root at all. That dour old man, Saturn, is still preceding over lifestyle ambitions and might curtail things which do not have a clear enough or definitive end result. In November a rehash of the original blueprint may be required. And the third Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Virgo in August and September, together with Venus, takes the details and facts into account along with your personal comfort, so that by December you may want to commit to what previously was not stable or steady enough to offer a good return on investment, both energetically or practically.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Venus (following on from Mercury after its retrograde stint through Virgo) in October demands that you clearly outline and state your preferences and needs to loved ones, or those with whom you share close alignment. The feminine planet’s transit through Leo since June gave you the opportunity to know what you really want (what you really, really want) and so to not then claim it as it surfaces or appears is simply rude. Flying in the face of appreciation and gratitude! Mars in Scorpio in October and November in the area of your partnerships brings a profound flavour and an intensity to all things and all people meaning much to you. Trying not to become obsessive is a factor, and even so there may be feats of endurance needed whilst you fathom the minds of others involved, and second guess their intentions. But the balance required depends on your diplomacy as much as your ability to go with ideas and plans which for you may be unknown or untried. It is December when you can take a more desirable position and begin making your own requests (or modifications to their proposals, posed as new suggestions). Until then see it as expedient to allow them to take the lead. Whoever they are and whatever they mean to you, if you don’t trust them by then you might never do so. The powerful Pluto back into Capricorn can mean that some promises or proposals are on the back burner, so the future is being weighed against the past. But change must come, and will come in different forms, and the faith has to be kept while provision is made for it up until January/February next.



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