April 20th - May 20th

May 2018

The long transit of Mars through Capricorn and Aquarius, May to November, falling in your tenth solar house, calls for reviews of professional or similar matters. Some struggles are intensified  by the presence of Saturn when Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn in August and September and tries to strengthen or shore up the developments of March or April by calling for validation and extra support onto what it was you took for granted, or at face value. This may be necessary but whether it's strategic is another question. It comes a little way before Jupiter enters Sagittarius in November and increases your chance of that support from sympathetic quarters, happening any time over the next twelve months, and where you cannot help but look to interaction with others or regenerative input from some of those perhaps unlikely sources. May and June might have given the glimpses into wider connection from a distance, but it is not until mid October that they offer entrance to fuller potential.


As Jupiter still continues to trawl your opposite solar house of Scorpio and make complex the partnership issues that should be more straightforward, it then lightens its dramatic concealments or hold ups only when going direct again in the second week of July, and offers the chance to listen to or observe the greater sincerity apparent from those who would seek to show you more abundance, or at the very least respect. Venus through Virgo then is either aided or hampered by Mercury retrograding in Leo and throwing up truths which may be taken for what they are or as indication of  good intent. Sort out which it is between the 6th and 21st September when the little planet is sailing directly through Virgo and pruning facts or weeding the garden of elaborate charade to leave the clear pattern of who means what and where they are coming from. Not all fabrications are dishonest; some come with the intention of planting the seeds of trust into future scenarios which all parties wish to see materialize.


Venus, planet of benefit and personal harmony, enters Scoprio in September but retrogrades in October, putting question marks over the deepening of some bonds until it has equalized the score or given a better and more balanced assessment of how things can be built by November. November seems to be something of a climax or an end point to certain matters where loyalties are not understood. If things you require to be clearer are to not fog the picture, you must wait until December before you feel the instinct connect with the logic and offer the evidence of what it was you sought back in July. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve, to say the very least, and sometimes the sleeve is detachable.The need to be vigilant and philosophical is not the same as being cynical. Souring what could be real with cynicism too early on is to choke the garden rather than prune the growth. Taureans are readily open to affection and fellowship, it is well known, but are often too keen to have the final chapter secured before the story can be properly unfolded.The brunt of this year is about just that thing for Taurus, and whether it is in matters romance, or whether it is genial, the issues are the same. When Uranus enters your sign in May it does so with the intent of breaking rhythms which are outdated or prohibitive now, but these may not be so easily shrugged off until you have understood what it is you are leaving behind by seeing it from a different vantage point and acting according to your truth by January 2019.



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