April 20th - May 20th

May 2017

After the slow progress of Venus/Aries in your twelfth solar house since March a lot of Taureans will feel that they have been mislead by their own desires, or by the desires others have once shown. As a result, your desires and those of someone else may be indistinguishable; the melting pot of dynamic passion upon personal interaction has struck long and hard for some of you. Resulting in a need to re-define what you want in areas that are hard to disclose, describe or admit to. When Mars enters GeminiI in May the choices are widened and you are helped by seeing the potential result of certain moves before you have to commit to them totally. Although you do not realize it a lot of the proving or research is done in April and the first couple of days of May during the second Mercury retrograde motion, again in your twelfth, which brought forth unconscious information in sync with the sort of new connections which remain at first invisible – that is until May. Then the solidarity of friendship or support is unmistakeable, or it is stark by its absence. In short, you know who your friends are, and they are different than mere sympathizers. It is tangible outcome you need then, not merely nice sentiments.


Jupiter is direct again in Libra in June second week, and loops time back to November when matters of duty, obligation or service needed to be separated from those of more cheerful loyalty. Often the obedience of Taurus ties you to outworn duties, when things should have moved on. Jupiter currently in the other air sign of Libra is seeking to lift the harmony of connection and allow for breathing space to see what else can be achieved within the partnering of people joining up for reasons of greater pleasure or development than mere routine or habit. Knowing the routine from the heart-felt plan is vital now as the next six months elapse, because when Jupiter - planet of expansion and learning experience - enters Scorpio and your seventh solar house, your partnerships or close connections will need to be understood at a deeper or different level than previously thought necessary.


Whilst Mars in Gemini in May highlights diversity within earnings or potential investment and the ability to claim choices whilst they are available, the progress of Mars through Cancer and your third solar house in June brings the need to listen to responses or be more open to outside opinion before breaking existing alliance or forging new ones in July based on ‘exotic’ intelligence (or sudden negative opposition from existing arrangements) which point to more interesting openings elsewhere. Mars through Leo and your fourth solar house in July out to early September will make you eager to establish ground in matters personal or make you want to save your pride from any brushes with conflict which you consider can be better saved until further evidence of reliability or integrity of purpose has been shown (see again the second paragraph) as the month ends and takes you farther away from self defeating situations and shows evidence of better basis and fairness in previously unstable and unfair situations. The Sun/Libra makes a square to Pluto/Capricorn in early October which in turn brings dignity and balance to questions needing formal or more conventional kinds of authentication. Some verbal agreements or promises are binding in ways which defy man-made law.



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