April 20th - May 20th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The second Mercury retrograde motion of the year in mid April to mid May falls in your sign, and has tinkered or played with aspects of your plans, and possibly the opinion you hold of others whose lives impact your own. By the end of May it will be perhaps necessary to look at what exact effect this has had, as Mercury passes over Uranus, to discover what has disappeared from the immediate scene and how that alters the view of the horizon. What might have become toxic can be dissolved or diluted. If this concerns financial matters then late June will see issues made clearer. It is good news in May for Taureans with the entrance of Jupiter into your sign, signaling fruition, productivity or substance brought about by your own efforts or research over the last twelve months. Since late March your area of security or money enters something of a ‘personal settling’, especially from May to June. With a possible splurging of generosity on your part which needs reconsideration in August (should it be continuing then) in order that some frugality can restore common sense or balance to the accounts. The retrograde motion of Mercury between November last and mid January may have thrown a few curved balls, or seen some conflict in the area of finance, but a bridge should now have been forged between the necessary and the absolute impossible.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mercury once again in retrograde in Virgo in late August and the first half of September throws the spotlight onto matters of sincerity - your own as well as that of others - and resultant effects make integrity the key quality, as people and endeavors of recent times demand a taking stock of what has been achieved, before the balance is addressed and deeper involvement is considered. If you are feeling overwhelmed by matters of social or worldly objectives, it is due mainly to the new transit of Saturn in Pisces which began in March and is due to slow in June, having revealed some of the choices or challenges which changes have brought. Mars in Virgo in July and August will make you keener to take a position or commit to seeing a love matter or a joyful undertaking through to a suitable climax from where all can spring to a better and higher position within the priorities, or within the must-haves which make life a worthwhile pursuit and not a routine plod. A workable regime can be found in September, though it may mean the involvement of others, or the compromise with other factors demanding time and energy. The picture has unfolded as far as it can by early September; it then requires the pause for deliberation and amendment which all major issues need to enhance abilities and teach real meaning of what we have embarked upon. In October the plot thickens and the woods become denser - if you follow what you have started to the point previously mentioned. Or possibly to the initiation into level two of the process.. For Taureans born in the first ten days of the sign, the world this year jogs you to be sure of pledges and agreements from which there is no turning back once October has elapsed. For the rest of the Taurean family, the signs and traces of similarity are glimpsed or sensed but are not pressing until the start of 2024.



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