21th April - 20th May

‘Abundantly Clear’


It’s true that Jupiter is moving out of your sign in the last days of May and entering Gemini, but the grace and favour of that planet is now waiting to garner what you have understood, sewn or realized about your financial outlook. The by-word may be diversification, but it may also be deeper connection with what or who is already present in your history or experience of potential where earning and increment lie. Also In May, the presence of Mars in the area of your solar chart governing preparation and silent opportunity is showing the need for some opening of doors or breaking of previous taboos, to allow glimpses into where you overlooked advancement or potential before. In the start of June look closely at what might seem too obvious - or even far fetched - and understand that the way something is described is not always the way it really is; that is often human (or marketing) error. By mid August there are more practical ways available into areas which before deterred or repelled you: we often turn away from things when appearances do not sit well with us. The Mercury retrograde motion in April might have sorted details, or made them relevant, without your knowledge. Changed terms alter the picture considerably. Go back and have a second, or third, look. Your best options financially and security-wise lie in keeping an open mind. Or not making a direct decision between two seemingly opposing directions or forces - just yet. August will see these come together, or split them in ways that define them more accurately for you, enabling more comfortable decisions to be reached.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


In the latter half of June you might be urged towards the meeting of minds, or hands, of people who make up an important part of your personal life. Or perhaps those who don’t currently, but are hoping to, or are meant to in the near future. Mercury over Jupiter in the first few days of June evokes strong inclinations to friendship, or maybe the sort of associations which before have not seemed worthwhile. Some of these might then not have been to your liking. Either because they involved people with personalities alien to your own, or because the circumstances in which they were set were fraught with the kind of risks which appeared too difficult to make things worthwhile. A better way of putting it is: the game might not have seemed worth the candle! But this can change as June progresses into the higher summer and more mutual empathy is achieved, or greater rewards outweigh limitations. One of the greatest sort-outs in human spirituality is underway presently. And we may find ourselves - all of us no matter what sign - in connection with others who are necessary to future situations but not necessarily a fit with what we deem applicable now. Where you need to be heading is signposted by the end of July, sorted by the start of October, and a lot of those people you thought surplus to requirement before June this year are then firmly in your team.



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