April 20th - May 20th



Any advancement in prosperity is liable to come from increased personal popularity in June as Mars gets busy in Leo, and Mercury retrogrades in Gemini and aims to straighten out anomalies or hold-ups in finances or the means of understanding how these can be bettered. It means the editing or defining of the the options presented by the transit of Mars in March and April through Gemini. It may not be until the second week of July when you are clearer, but as Venus then follows Mars into Leo you can not really doubt where your allies and supporters are. The sincerity and durability angle of projects is highlighted by late July and through August so that the middle of September sees balance in areas requiring your synthesis with others and the benefits you sought in March this year. So a time of careful scrutiny or effort in all worldly matters concerning new endeavours, by courtesy of Saturn/Aquarius, until the middle of October.





Venus in your sign in the early days of May guarantees you a ‘feel good’ factor from somewhere which has possibly been fostered in part by Mars in Cancer in the area of everyday living. Although the transit of Mercury through your solar house of finance and wealth is due to go retrograde in June - signifying a turn around or some confusion over wording, communication or connecting the dots - until the end of June, when a more certain picture emerges and demands more personal time and input. Less woolly dabbling about at the water’s edge, maybe. You need to get a better grip on your position in the first week of May as Venus opposes Saturn (retrograde) in the area of either private life development or worldly aspiration. One seems to threaten the other unless a balance is achieved, and this may not be possible until Jupiter goes back into Aquarius in August and lends some fairness to proceedings, or helps you make a decision on priorities between these two said worlds. They can conjoin, but one needs to acquiesce to the other for a little time longer, perhaps until January next when life seems to be more tranquil. Meanwhile there is the need to combine two processes of thought - one factual and one inspirational - so that the fundamentals are taken care of and the more exotic ideals can stream without interference. You now need to understand how to distinguish between notions that can be earthed and cultivated, and mere whimsy which might be enjoyable but can take you into flights of fancy from which you derive little but ‘massage for the mind’. Both are valuable but only in the right proportions.



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