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January 2019

Mars entering your sign in February clears the way for Uranus to make its second and final entrance into Taurus in March. So that the scenes set last May to August can at last be invested with some kind of permanence, and the old regimes given by Uranus/Aries designated to the annals of history. If the last few weeks prior to January were fraught or harrowing it is because the indecision on what to bring from the past into the present and future regime were not clear cut but awaited the direct motion of Uranus in the second week of the year to indicate what fits where and whether the tweaking and faffing is worth it. But certain ideas and methods prove too valuable to be assigned to the waste bin and need to be weighed in terms of replacement costs before being so. Whether this is to do with finance, infrastructure or people, the principle is the same; if it's not broken don't try to fix it.


Now that Jupiter is at home in its own sign of Sagittarius and has left the realms of Scorpio the accent is on optimism and advancement, and the buoyancy of Sagittarius is something that is never low key once its ruler has entered the vibe. (see our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. The warning note here being that Jupiter through the sign tends to raise hope, expectation, opportunity and all things praiseworthy, but needs to be strongly allied with substance if all that is produced is to reach the harvest, and not disappear without trace once the planet exits. So the uneasy aspect Jupiter makes to Saturn between Christmas and New Year and out to the second week of January tends to show where the weaker potential lies, and this needs testing as the first few weeks of 19 elapse. Mars into Taurus as we have said above, will bring substance if things are handled well, but the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Pisces in March will test the illusions or the vaguer areas. Some subtle and silent support can become quite vocal as spring progresses and then lead to diverse or greater choice of resource once Mars challenges retrograde Jupiter in early May. Your financial area then might bring a conflict of interest but if this can be managed skillfully the substance talked of in the first paragraph is really established in things that otherwise might not stand the test of time beyond this year.


No major shifts in larger planets this year, except for Uranus quietly entering Taurus, the fanfare already having taken place last May. Saturn is backing off from a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn in late April, avoiding the full-on judgements, assessments or power valuations until the end of the year when the conjunction finally strengthens. More about that in later overviews. But the loyalty of Saturn/Capricorn which has been establishing itself in small and large ways since the start of 2018 will be known to people now from their own individual lives and developments in assorted areas of concern, and by the end of this year some of these must be galvanized or upgraded into more permanent or formal modes of conduct. For Taureans the interaction and merging of resources, support and shared knowledge is key to greater co-operation and advancement with others who are either dear to you or indispensable to your plans. Their value must be weighed and acknowledged in ways which distinguish them from the average. Alliances are not always named but they have to be recognized if they are to be maintained and secured. Good fortune has to be appreciated in particular parts to be encouraged to visit twice. Look carefully at the guest list.



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