21th April - 20th May

‘Abundantly Clear’


Jupiter begins its second lap through your sign in early January, and therefore loops back somewhat to matters happening from last June. This may mean a reprisal of where you want things to go now, or where they have been leading in the interim from where they might need redirecting. The recent Mercury retrograde motion in Sagittarius and Capricorn - ending on the 2nd January - has perhaps caused you to think again about anything requiring resources to joint plans or finances. But this is all to the good; more solid ground or security is required, where before it looked a little ropey, especially in December. If you think you are none the wiser or any farther forward in this respect then delaying serious decisions or moves until April is a wise decision, By then you have a clearer path to asserting your own ways or methods. Or even delaying until May, when you can see the end result of what you want clearly in sight. It could be that pre-planning was necessary, or it may have been a gambit taken in the early weeks of the year, and if it is not backed up or underpinned by research then it should be approached on a day-to-day or weekly basis to give the assurance of you being in control or able to change direction when desired. Mars in Capricorn in January and the first half of February calls for good calculation (if not recorded facts offering precedent) before you assume responsibility and overall control of things which are set to become easier and smoother as they progress. Not more and more hard work.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The flow these first four months is down to how well you understood the drift or the context of where to mend sails last year - where to fix the old problems and to renew the outworn parts of a tired framework. When Jupiter moves into Gemini in late May, and the second Mercury retrograde has taken place in Aries, your solar twelfth house in April, ideas for diversifying or expansion will demand some action if they are to take place at all. The entrance proper of Pluto into Aquarius, has begun, and is set for many years to be a helpful anchor or basis to a widening area of outer life. This is either your choice or your designated path to a firmer hold on these matters. Some things are possible only with the co-operation of the world, and it is these that Pluto (ruler of Scorpio and the eighth house) is concerned with. Silent power or incremental and natural growth. Meaning that where you lay your hat or sew your seeds is where you can expect to have your greatest input and the largest amount of energy expended. This takes some thinking about - it is not a case of where the wind blows your ship, or where the path takes you, but of where you have seen your rock of salvation to be. You may have misread the signs last March and put faith in the wrong part of the plan. Or you may have seen that you could not quite reach the rightful part at that time. Right or wrong, the cornerstone of where you find most reward, yield or satisfaction is now. Climb in February and March if you need to, rest in April and be ready to lead out and lay claim in May. You will be stable in June - or you will feel inclined to rest and take stock before moving on, because where you have landed does not quite cut it and is not quite what you had in mind.



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