April 20th - May 20th



The presence of Mars in your sign in January is bringing to fruition some of the ventures or plans you may have worked on for the last six months - either to show a stopping point or to tell you that there is fruitful completion. The difference will lie in your individual chart and where other natal planets reside. Nevertheless, essentially there is the feeling that where you launch next will be supported by a stronger backing or a greater feeling of strength within your own experience. You can expect to prevail or sustain now, even if progress is limited by world events, and if we are honest the presence of both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius - making a square to Uranus and to the Sun of Taureans born in the first half of the sign - shows that you are on a rocky edge between moving with a greater picture or believing in your own unique take to the point where you stick with that. Shall I stay or shall I go! The dilemma is only conflicting if you have not harboured a plan b. In the event of the latter experience, then move to one before February if possible. The first Mercury retrograde motion is in Aquarius in February and will demand that revolutionary action is called for; either in terms of learning how to synchronise with a unit, or how to polish up an existing pattern.





Experience tells us what we want more of and what we need to understand better before moving forward. That is the simplistic interpretation, but in these overviews we are concerned with how the outer world is impacting you and your plans. We see that Saturn, settled in your career or world path, is asking for greater faith in new surroundings or a lessening of the fear of wider horizons. The entrance of Mars into Gemini in March will give your choices of contacts a push - so you can no longer fence-sit. The middle of March will see Mars trining Jupiter, and the widening of the gaps between what you need to do and what you would like to do is bridged only by the sense of who you are. In other words, it’s a question of your self esteem, (perhaps even your self worth, for the two are different). The more Jupiter moves through the area of your outer life the more you see that the circles you move in can widen and then decrease as necessary. They no longer have to be static, they are fluid to what you need and perhaps to who needs you; our contribution to life is paramount in respect of how we progress and how we fit in. This third dimension in which we live has changed, the shift begun at the start of 2020 is complete. You know your worth, not just your place. You know your values, not just your credit score. You can change without fear of loss and you can run parallel paths, expansive as well as well trodden.



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