April 20th - May 20th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The long transit of Mars through Gemini since last August is not set to complete until the end of March. The planet in retrograde at the start of the year forms something of a loop with early September last. Mid January will at least show a better basic picture of your financial life for the future. The retrograde lull has been to highlight your own ambivalence about direction, or spending, and how to best proceed. As Saturn moves out of Aquarius in March and enters Pisces, it begins to define where your lifestyle may be suffering from want of investment or from the need to be more discerning about the distribution of effort and assets.. This may apply especially to Taureans born in the first decanoate of the sign, but all Taureans need to be aware of where they may be due to give away their power unnecessarily this spring. By June the outlook to the immediate future is being reviewed or recounted as Saturn itself retrogrades and urges the need to seek the support or back-up you might have left behind too easily. Lifestyle calls for a more pragmatic attitude. The Mercury retrograde motion carries over from December into early February and offers (or even demands) the overhaul of figures and terms before February to April can be gauged accurately as to what is possible next to what is desired. By mid April, Mercury (tiny but powerful) has turned retrograde in your own sign and between then and mid May could be forcing decision making in matters in which you are not prepared to compromise .. but are not quite ready to confront. Nevertheless, your love of sticking to your guns or not changing your mind is strongly evident. Then and only then will you be able to pledge yourself to new moves, or form intentions that others know you are serious about. Your self integrity is questioned, and it is a case of whether you please your own standards or hope to go to work getting others to change some of theirs.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The summary of abundance may be bleaker than your actual unfolding or potential to experience. Money can buy certain experience but it cannot always ensure its continuation. The re-entry of Jupiier into Aries in January, and your twelfth solar house, depicts what is on the horizon and not wholly manageable or touchable. It introduces a new level of confidence and motivation to the main agenda which was driving you in the spring and summer of 2022. Something of a campaign towards what was required - or thought desirable - was then apparent, but could have been abandoned for various reasons by late summer. The time is now to understand whether that jumping off point was premature. Or whether it was due to lacks of some sort which can now be made good on. Or perhaps deemed as irrelevant in light of how you have discovered you can proceed since last August. A forking of the road or a tangential path is likely as this spring comes nearer. The impetus to succeed is back on you again in January - and you can keep this to yourself, or keep it somewhat marginalized from the main-stream schedule … until June when it is obvious how well it works. Drop your anchor and wait .. but only until June when the Sun moves through your area of money and brings the understanding and opportunity to the right sort of negotiation. The connections then are the ones supplying the missing pieces - if you are to widen the experience into careful but solid achievement.



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