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January 2017

Venus (ruler of Taurus) this year is due to make a long transit of Aries and Pisces through the area of your lifestyle choices and the more hidden or secretive niches of your life.  This also includes those parts which are outside of your control and in which others are influencing your future – with or without your consent.  Although this does not start until March it is good to look at how your are being affected by your desires and personal needs now and how you are driving certain campaigns forward at any cost. So that when you slam on the breaks, or see someone slam on theirs, at the end of February, you will be able to take the precautions or the backwards steps needed out until May, when these very secret matters begin again to be in your control and to seem malleable to how or what you wanted them to be at the beginning of February. Venus is your Sun ruler and the influence she has is subtle but powerful onto the lives of Taureans.


Meantime, the transit of Jupiter through Libra, the other Venus ruled sign, is due to pause for a reflective period at the end of the second week of February, and it isn’t until the second week of June that the most productive part of this generous vibration comes into its own  Until then you may like to walk in faith, or with the map to hand, for although the territory is congenial it is not entirely reliable as a permanent feature until mid summer.  When Jupiter and Libra meet there is always a leap forward in advancement for a lot of individuals, groups and collectives accordingly. Venus in Taurus in March and April will bring the signals and confirmations that you are on the right track.


The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year is happening in January in Capricorn but soon moves into Sagittarius on the 5th of the month, but is short lived, and by the 12th the ever demanding conditions or niggling details which were apparent last January have been dispensed with or have taken on a different shape, under the galvanzing contact with Pluto/Capricorn in December, so that intimidating facts or conditions of the last twelve months transmute into more manageable areas, or are seen as unnecessary in the greater scheme that has developed recently. June to October is one of the more lucrative or enjoyable periods of your working life, and brings the best in co-operative areas with others. Only towards the end of May must you stop and take count of any conflicting issues or impractical plans and arrangements, following the shake-up happening in the second Mercury retrograde span in April when the more volatile rhythms should be organized to prevent divisive influence from bringing things to an impasse in May.  Though this might be felt more by those Taureans born in the last deconate of the sign.  The latter part of the year for Taurus can be judged only by the good organization and foresight of the first half.



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