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January 2018

Mars begins the year in Scorpio, your polar opposite sign and seventh solar house of partnership and significant others, and as it conjuncts with Jupiter (also in Scorpio) this brings to light any jealousies and resentments firstly seen in November and December last - when Mercury was retrograde in Sagittarius. At that time they may have been unclear or got pushed under the carpet in favour of more optimistic views of future and change. These can no longer be denied as they begin to set their own scene for the dramas that can unfold from them. See our blog: ‘Jupiter in Scoprio'... View. The fact that Saturn has entered Capricorn as of New Year also begs the need for more clarity and practicality. Falling as it does in your ninth solar house of future planning or location or just the sense of belonging generally, either financial or emotional. It can see ivory towers shaken and illusions dissolve as the year unfolds. And Mercury making a conjunction with Saturn towards the middle of January calls for strong communication in the face of conflict or awkwardness and for a setting of intentions to be documented so that everyone involved knows where they stand.


The transit of Venus in both Aquarius and then Pisces in January and February brings firstly a distanced view of what is needed, where the possibilities are remote, and then suddenly a more mellowed atmosphere, and in the last ten days of February. This could be a surreal sort of turning point to hopes and ambitions and may see you wanting to linger on the pathway to these objectives, or unable to handle the vagaries of it all. Lingering may be tempting but all the while the destination point can be getting farther removed – nothing in the universe stands still - so it may be best to get a grip of your more romantic side in favour of risking a leap of faith or a leap in the dark to what you know is firmer footing and a solid base. It might be tempting to leave all to chance and to not have to enter the responsible stages of what was once a dream or vision for the future, but the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Aries in late March to mid April, can bring surprises and irritating bouts of temperament from others that force your hand or demand your attention, away from the day-dreaming and the cogitations which are a prelude to what you think of as your first major move this year.


When Uranus leaves Aries in mid May it does so with the aid of the little planet Mercury in tow, and some interesting new beginnings require explosive endings somewhere else. Its entrance then into your own sign ofTaurus, a milder and more sedate vibration, will even so herald for you some changing of patterns, routines and habits which have become your mainstay throughout the past seven years and you will be required to take a more unique view of your life vista and a wider frame of reference if you are not to be left behind in the fast moving tide of evolution. You may experience this in your environment, your private affairs, or your career, but as most Taureans do not like sudden change you will feel that things somewhere are slipping away from your control and your comfort zone. You cannot have the cake and the halfpenny – you must decide earlier on this year where your values lie, and if these are in opposition to your cherished desires then you must find a compromise or make a choice. No planet is more noted for opening and closing chapters and for transformational breakthroughs than Uranus, so for many Taureans there is a whole new chapter in one area of life beckoning as 2018 plays out.



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