24th October - November 22nd



In November the passions or pleasures of October may lure you into deeper waters. However, these must be funded in the new year, if not before, and the need to take a punt, as it were, may not be fully reconciled until January. In short, if we never take a risk because of financial hazards we may never do anything. But here the risks are fairly obvious perhaps, and as mid October arrives, fairly easy to calculate. October is the time to know how comfortable you are with expenditure, as Venus trawls Sagittarius. If you feel comfortable, then November reveals the careful strategy required - plus the hard core approach or policies that protect it. When the third Mercury retrograde in Libra is finished in late October you will know the more obscure facts and connections to discard or keep, and if you have read any of them incorrectly then the November and early December period will give you the heads up. When Venus turns retrograde in the middle of December there will be some mellowing of previous attitude, both yours and that of others, and some retracing of steps not accessible to you before, due to the nature of where things were out of your hands. A creatively prosperous time awaits in 2022 for those Scorpios who know how to flex and flow - and to trust, perhaps, what was given without guarantees in May and June - these insights may have had to wait, but if you are to use them then October/November is the time to start.





Retrograde Mercury in LIbra in your twelfth solar house in the last few days of September and first half of October tends to make you undecided or disconcerted in ways which would advise the study (but not yer the commitment) to all important matters or decisions until the second week of November. By then the little planet of connectivity enters your own sign and gives a clarity to not only your thought process, but to the way to go about arranging or fixing things that have gone awry. Mars also enters Scorpio in November, pushing the issues which Mercury has weeded out of obscurity, or the tangled designs which tended to distort ‘cause and aim’. In the first days of November, Mars - making a wide square to Saturn direct again in Aquarius - can render your attitudes strange for others to fathom, and vice versa. But the overall need to make progress in home, personal or intimate life, is not going to be easily overlooked, at least not by yourself. The way things appeared in February last and the way they have resulted by November is either a pleasing spiral of deep and abiding pathway of trust and incentive to do more of the same. Or things need to be seen as dysfunctional and unacceptable to what you intended at the start of 2021.



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