24th October - November 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


Solid plans around financial planning and effort is made partially of speculation, whatever anyone says, and keeping this in mind is keeping grounded in anyone’s book. So when November’s ideas or tactics seem likely to become firm the Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius motion drags them back for review or further analysis in December. This is probably a formality, but the facts of first week of November have to tally with those of the last week of December before they get moving again. This is all to the good, as Jupiter prepares to move forward once more in Taurus at the very end of the month, going into the new year with greater confidence than was seen in March last. There could seem to be a loop between March and where things are in December, but at least it’s a very tight one. It encapsulates everything needed in understanding with others you are becoming heavily involved with. It is not just a circle of connection and planning but also of light. Illuminating other facets of progress beyond its immediate radius. The adventurous Mercury/Sagittarius moves freely then into January and brings the technicalities and terms you must feel good about into greater relief by the end of January 24. Mercury, Venus and Mars all grace Capricorn together by the end of that month and give cohesion to what the speculation has hoped to achieve. Not exactly set in stone, but as near as damn it, and certainly an undeniably sound bet.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mars in your twelfth solar house of ‘silent preparation and momentum’ is requiring you in the latter half of October to investigate - and then to add to detail or elaborate on in November - things you were perhaps reluctant to reveal earlier in the year. Time comes by November when you need to see your fears around these issues as either invalid or genuine. The choice is your own and only you know how you feel about the subject. The reasons for your suspicions and the investigations, however, are largely unknown as yet, and will become known as mid November arrives. Do not be surprised if these misgivings come to nothing and are shown to be made of little beyond your usual self-doubt or shadows from past negatives. As Jupiter retrogrades in Taurus in September in the area influencing your partnerships and important connections, it takes certain matters back to where they were in July, so that between September and the end of December those matters are enlarged and clarified. It is actually more about the people handling the matters with you, but nothing can proceed without their input. October generally is a month plagued by the return of Saturn to the very beginning of Pisces, where it was in March, and as it floats freely again it allows morbid moods, bouts of anxiety and rents and tears in the fabric of life in places where you are asked to trust or take much on faith. By the end of December Jupiter moves direct and the story moves on once more. Following the final Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius in early January 24 many things are carved in stone. Irrevocable progress is what you want perhaps, but it should only be implemented against a security of fact and strong detail.



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