24th October - November 22nd

September 2018

Now that Jupiter is on its last leg of your sign, having gone direct in early August, the main points of any dramas or deep problems difficult to solve are coming to a head for the last time. As Mars in Aquarius makes a brief square to Jupiter in the first seven days of November it wrenches you free of fixed situations or peculiar states of self introspection on matters personal and possibly historic. This may leave you wondering what the last twelve months was about and feeling as if you have lost time to imponderable mysteries or illusory and self-inflicted torment, but the advent of Jupiter into Sagittarius in November widens the access to fields new which will make up for the lapses of confidence and self doubt as the twelve month period ahead begins to cast a brighter light on the area of self improvement through earned opportunity and income. For some Scorpios this may be something expected or worked for, and for others it will come as a complete surprise.


Saturn direct in Capricorn since September has allowed for the 'stuck' feeling or the restriction of environmental matters to move on while giving you the grip needed to choose a basis for security in whatever compartment of life requires refurbishment. And you may have done the research on this in October and the first half of November whilst Venus was retrograde in Scorpio. Or you may suddenly come into contact with a silent ally who reveal themselves as more than useful as December gets underway. The bridge they provide between the old guard and the new in late November is one which you don't see unfolding perhaps, until that last four weeks of the year. As Uranus moves back into the late stages of Aries again from November to March you must close some old ways of viewing loyalties and work obligations, but as Uranus takes hold finally and thoroughly of Taurus in March next you can see where the blossoming of alliance and strong bonds will lead if you are prepared to commit – or at least give one hundred percent effort to issues that are probably more binding or profound than those you have been accustomed to. See our blog: Uranus into Taurus – Moving Heaven & Earth. It will be a matter of degree, for people see commitment issues differently, but the longevity of some of these bonds is something needing to be taken into account before embarking on the middle stages of the path. You saw some of what was needed between May and September, even if the view then was obscured by your own doubts coming from past errors or disappointments.


The third and final retrograde motion of Mercury is in Sagittarius in November to December and gives the financial areas mentioned in the first paragraph a twist or two, so that you then see the need to sort the wheat from the chaff or the truth from error as December leads to Christmas. In the first twelve days of December there is a need to go back to information from the last week of October and view it in a different context or stronger light before you can say you have the missing facts and the more obscure meanings which may have eluded you in autumn. A lot of this year has been about closing down outworn paths or finishing with unproductive avenues of endeavor. The last three months is for personal alignment to upcoming horizons and saying goodbye to painful circumstances.



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