24th October - November 22nd

September 2017

Saturn is at home in its own sign of Capricorn in January, so the gloves are off as it gains absolute advantage of matters previously not responsive to its more autocratic ways and makes a firm sextile to Scorpio Sun placements at various times of the year. Saturn is often thought to bring nothing but restriction and problem. It can signal the solidity or completion of certain chapters of your life. Mars transits Virgo and your solar ninth house in September and for most of October - before going into the more confident vibration of Libra and your tenth house of career and other worldly paths - it behoves Scorpio to become very aware of what they are making public or putting out into the field of transmission, either visibly or invisibly. What has been laid as a runway cannot easily be removed, even after the plane has taken off. This is where Saturn gets in the scenes roundabout you in NewYear, either solidifying and stabilizing or restricting and censoring. Depending on a lot of the actions you take in September and October when attention to integrity and transparency of purpose are key.


The entrance of Jupiter into Scorpio in October of course, is one big deal for you all. At certain times over the next twelve months all Scorpios will experience the presence of that benefic planet close with your Sun. Jupiter expands and magnifies everything it touches, so here again it depends what you are doing with your opportunities, your challenges and your mind-set. There is inevitably power-play somewhere attached to the Scorpio vibe, and if it is not your own or of your own making it is because you are integral in that sense in the lives of others who want your personal magnetism or unusual perception on their side for reasons of their own. Venus with Jupiter in the first half of November gives the gentle persuasion of the Lesser Benefic (which is what Venus is) to the Greater Benefic which is Jupiter. So you use your imagination as to what kind of scenarios or people will be gracing the stage at that time, and perhaps you have only to wait for the fourth and final Mercury retrograde motion of the year in December, also in Sagittarius, as the planet conjuncts Saturn and Saturn itself exits the excitable vibration. This time tends to render the facts and motivations clearer in the mesh of exaggerations or aspiration which require that January point for both Mercury and Saturn to work the grounding process that refines and exposes.


Best to be a little bit savvy before then; weigh the potential odds in November and err a little bit on the side of discretionary measures - they can be changed and modified if necessary after December. Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio are both quite dramatic resonances, so things cannot be taken too lightly. Neither do they guarantee the saga which some people will try to make of things around you: drama queens and attention loving types entering stage-left. The sweeping planetary influence may simply get to the most profound points of disclosure and impact with the minimum of time wasting and fuss For Scorpios this is not a period to be reluctant at coming forward and claiming the right to a strong voice. Uranus/Aries is also preparing for a dramatic finale next spring and is already rounding up the support and clearing the dead weight from your area of obligations and loyalties, so that only the best contacts stay the course into the middle of 2018. The time to be vigilant of how this is being done is from October onwards so that you can have a greater input into future things which are central to you.



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