24th October - November 22nd



This November is your time for examining serious long term benefits, rather than short-term fixes. The depth and breadth of what you are prepared to do, research - and therefore achieve eventually - can not be bettered at that time. But the period from May to September sees the meat of what can be acquired. May in particular is indicating the places and locations (another way of saying resonant spaces) where security can be anchored. This needs some close up encounters, not the wishy-washy sort of connection passing for strong association which some people have acquiesced to recently. The eyeball-to-eyeball approach in May heightens the bonds available as June lapses and moves into a capacity for longevity of purpose as August arrives, The style of everything is important in August, the way the graph fits the intent and the way the surrounding players have the gist or the grasp of the information vital to providing the full back-up and the prevalent set-up. By September you will know whether you feel you can feel powerful in what has transpired, in a way which is subtle and still effective to financial unfoldment. Rearrange the seating plan in late October if this isn’t happening. There is something or someone crucial you may be overlooking, holding the trump card.





Mars through Cancer in May in your ninth solar house of profound progress and communication (sometimes referred to as the house of spirituality) is in trine to the Sun for Scorpio people throughout May and the first twelve days of June, depending on your exact date. This ramps up the energy on long-term effects associated with those categories mentioned and should make you feel more optimistic - in part because of the increased and more personal responses you get from people who matter to you and to your welfare. This also coincides with Jupiter entering Pisces, the third water sign, and however brief that transit is (actually from mid May to August but half of it spent retrograde) it reveals what can be expected if you trust the more instinctive or creative side of your psyche to bring in what you desire rather than what you thought you should have. Or what you have been missing rather than what you have been seeking. It shows the mellow, gentler and wholly more sensitive side of your life as being just behind a gossamer veil, if you step behind it - again however briefly - and relax with what you see and feel. The ability to make this a permanent feature depends on how you arrange or rearrange the basics or the demographic of your private life to accomodate what could be described as a considerable extension and upgrade to the usual status quo.



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