24th October - November 22nd

May 2018

The long transit of Mars in Aquarius during May to November begs questions of your innermost choices on personal or domestic life. These choices are not the sort of choices you use to make firm decisions.They are more the kind of innate realizations you have about fears or hopes that are sacred and known only to you.Often we confuse choices with decisions, but they are not the same thing, and between May and the end of the year you will come to know the difference very starkly. Whether to stay or whether to leave! That is the question for a lot of Scorpios.In August when Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn for a brief window until mid September you will have chance to review or examine the facts of early May which need a little more depth or padding before they are crystal.When Mars goes forward again in mid September, Venus enters your sign and aids transiting Jupiter with the benefits to be had from spreading the net farther afield. It is true that some depth has to be acquired in new territory or experience but Jupiter''s searching gaze and the exploratory power of Mars enables the research to be completed by mid November.


Saturn still in Capricorn and your third solar house of immediate life and environment has shown where the lacks and deprivations lie.You may have allowed them yourself, or even chosen some of them, but the time is now to change them as things move on.Your requirements these days are not what they were a few years ago, and sufficient then is not enough now, and you should be able to feel within those gaps the sap rising on new desires and temptations to reach farther than you have done before.The entrance of Uranus into Taurus in May gives a more unique angle to partnership possibilities, or even to partners themselves, and the patterns and habits of the past seven years are something you look back on with bewilderment as you wonder why you allowed certain events or people to enter the scene at all. Never mind! Experience of all kinds is necessary to growth. Venus in Leo, and Mercury in Cancer, in June bring some very interesting or generous influences to bear from far afield, and from people who have much to offer or talk about that fill gaps in your agenda and your knowledge.


Whilst your Sun ruler, Pluto, is in Capricorn and the area of everyday schedule or thought, you may feel far heavier or more serious at times than is necessary, especially as Saturn graces the vibration too. So lightening up, after some strange or gloomy scenarios, is of paramount importance.Your mood is under your own command when outside forces seem not to be.Only you can change the rhythm here, only you can create the sort of atmosphere in which better or even glorious things can transpire. The second Mercury retrograde motion in Leo in July to August gives you the heads up about who it is you need to stay in close contact with and who it is wants to help you as they help themselves. Intriguing associations loom up in your world during this short period, and for some Scorpios the opportunity to break into areas of long-held or cherished objectives and to make these permanent as the Sun leaves Leo and moves to Virgo in September, with the kind of steadfast people carrying the clearer visions or moves which may have been lacking in the spring of the year.



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