24th October - November 22nd

May 2017

The effects of Saturn in your second solar house of earnings and finance are probably well known to you now, but by the time the transit finishes at the end of this year, you will need to look at what it is you have established for the long term, rather than just the struggle you had with other less successful parts of the monetary scheme. Pluto in your third solar house and loosening up from the recent long square to Uranus/Aries is giving you the access codes to new and untried areas of the vocational world, but this is something you need to have studied inside out before it works well. The second Mercury retrograde aspect of the year, ending in the first few days of May in Aries, quickly heads for Taurus in the middle of the month – where it began in early April. You can expect some repeats of issues with partnerships which you thought you may have put to bed in April but actually need more tolerance, or effort, before they are clarified. It will be for people who have been evasive or managed disappearing acts during April to show up with truer colours in May and evidence of the worth of where they have been and what they were actually doing. In a perfect world there would have been communication, but as we don’t live in one of those you will have to make do with some added pleasure or luxury bestowed on you in June. This is definitely a boost to morale after what has been a trying time, and as July arrives you will wonder whether to retain it on an as and when basis or to claim it in a more secure way as fully your own.


The entrance of Jupiter into your sign in October will be of some interest to you naturally, and cause a commotion for those of you born in the first ten days of the sign. Mars in your solar ninth house in June is not exactly an epiphany, but rather a sentient surprise jolting you emotionally into where and who it is you may miss the most or want to keep closer connection with in the future. The way we receive revolutionary waves of awareness or evolvement is through others, and even if they are indirectly messengers of some kind it is human nature to see the importance of personal involvement and to want to know more of it. As Jupiter begins the last phase of its transit through Libra and your twelfth solar house by the middle of June, you see how the first phase of September last to the current time has enriched you. This may be because your struggles and effort were removed from the real essence of what was happening, but it is true to say that experience is what we get when we are looking for something else.


Capitalizing then on the June month, you will need to talk, and although someone watches you move without demanding anything else, they need to hear what you have to say now – on specific subjects relating to them, or to you both. The latter part of the year is a time of quiet pleasure for Scorpio, as you see the kind of return on your loyalties that only you can value at such a high price. If it is not in monetary worth it equates the ability to improve on financial areas as time goes by. It is consistent with the support that your life needs, and what the privileges of life are based on. whether close up or more distantly placed. After a difficult few years, the tide is turning for a lot of you, and it is directing you to other shores and better kinds of interaction. The third Mercury retrograde motion in August/September in Virgo brings you back to previous partnerships or worldly connections of two or so years ago. Their significance needs to be configured and realized before you move into a new era of heightened potential which needs to be managed before it is of positive value.



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