24th October - November 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


The advent of Mars in Leo in late May, June and early July gives the career area of your life a well earned boost. Popularity and presence are the keywords. The entrance of Venus into Leo in June brings amalgamation and a give-and -take essence which bodes well following the effort of work or contribution to a main objective. When Venus retrogrades in late July there has to be pause for re-fuelling or for deliberation, and it can mean that you need to take a back seat for a while, or that you need to step out of the main frame and wait for others to catch up with the plan. Plan also equates pace, so if your pace is too fast and furious it shows between then and mid September and allows you to accept and process the expectations and needs of others. It may mean that some long awaited benefit or reward is being allotted, and because of this you must re-assess or reconsider how you wish to proceed along the lines you have set that are high profile and do not concern only yourself. August and September sees the third Mercury retrograde in Virgo. The finer points of your objectives - or those aforementioned ambitious moves - are weighed against other strategies and methods you have since taken on board. Some shedding of responsibilities or tasks is necessary, but perhaps not until October when you can act without seeming to betray your integrity and upset other people. Discretion at that point and out to November is mixed with opportunity to make a personally motivated decision seem like a generous collective policy. Pluto moving back into Capricorn in June forms gradually a back-stop which preserves the past endeavours whilst you beaver on with the future - especially those of you born in the last ten degrees of the sign.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


As Jupiter enters your opposing sign of Taurus in May. It becomes apparent that partnership matters are taking a turn for the better as your closest ones and intimates assume a more generous frame of mind to help life along. If this is not the case then you will soon see that paths are not aligning and make efforts to either discover why or to make your own way. The Mercury retrograde motion in April and May is also in Taurus and tends to deepen these matters or bring to a halt things which cannot proceed unless there is understanding or agreement on what affects who and why and when. Following this sort out, in late May, the division of thinking - and consequent action - may seem imponderable or impossible to solve, but stronger negotiation brings clearer insight into facts which were not available or visible before and June sees a fairer world in your sphere. That is, as long as the go-getting mood is tempered with some sensitivity in early July, and is then open to shared opinion by August in readiness for the third Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo. The transit of Saturn through Pisces is firmly established by mid and June calls for the need for greater clarity in love matters or those which are meant to generate joy and pleasure - if these are not to flounder by October in uncharted currents and render an era of overwhelm. The Saturn/Pisces transit is one of moving through mists which baffle the order of time. Time tends then to make a nonsense of clock-watching or accuracy of events. The measurement of progress soon may be achieved by the clearing of dark areas which have obscured the illumination of ways forward.



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