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January 2017

Mars is in Pisces in January as this watery trine with your Sun evokes the kind of intense feelings around matters private or emotional which you love to indulge in – even though some of you deny it. The fact that there is an opposition from Mars to Neptune (ruler of Pisces) in the second week of the month demands there must be serious consideration or furthering of some of the developments with which you have played, or in which you have dallied, unless there is to be a loss of confidence in developments or people. It is hard to know often where these energy gaps begin, but be assured they are easily avoided by your being present in terms of communication or participation at vital times. Venus is also in Pisces for a lot of January and joins Mars to make the perfect idealistic duo, until such time as balloons are pricked carelessly, or too much accent is placed on future events which need to be left open to natural development.


The first of the Mercury retrograde motions is in Capricorn, again, in January, lingering from the previous December and bringing about the sort of cynicism or unwelcome intervention of too much strategy where there should be subtlety.  This alone can be the cause of what we have just described in the above paragraph, or can make the agenda seem too daunting - when every angle is photographed and every detail is documented.  Jupiter is still trawling Libra, your twelfth solar house, dealing with things unseen and things in potential, and this may betoken a great deal of optimism for the plans that have been on the go since last October. If you will leave alone that which doesn’t need to be fixed.  The Scorpio love of jumping ahead and obsessing over control is to be guarded  against whilst Jupiter transits this most gracious of vibrations and brings support or benefit and pleasure of purpose, if left to do so, in the style of each individual concerned. Leave aside the methods of others and allow them space to do what they do best. The outcome will be as it needed to be when you gave them permission to be in your team in the first place.


By June the last part of matters which are something of a gamble is ready to take shape.  Between then and October you will see that the wrinkles of the latter part of 2016 are smoothing out and supplying a foundation for better growth than was possible prior to February.  Meanwhile, Mars in Aries in February will carry forward the contracts and the credentials and do so in ways which are totally different to January. These may not be the way you would prefer things to be done, but as the pretenses are down, there is very little leeway.  It remains to be seen who is really suited to the roles you have cast them in, and who is not at all what they appeared on first contact.  A sharp conjunction between Uranus and Mars in Aries in late February will bring clashes of temperament, if not actual breaks in liaison.  The trine between Saturn/Sagittarius and Uranus has been a force to be reckoned with since last autumn and will continue to have an effect until July  See our blog ‘Prepare to be Amazed : The Saturn/Sagittarius to Uranus/Aries trine peaks in late December … at cartouche-perceptivityblogspot.co.uk.  The retrograde motion of Venus in Pisces and Aries in March and April may be subtle but is something which defines friendship and outlines loyalties that then enable those issues simmering in the background - or in the more secretive places of your life - to be sorted without the glare of attention which so worries you. Mercury joins with Venus briefly in April and clarifies the reality of promises, or forces discussion to the contrary.



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