24th October - November 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


As Mars continues on its long transit of Gemini in your eighth solar house of shared or joint finances and merging of effort and energy with others, it signified during its retrograde phase - October 22 to January 23 - the need to delve deeper into motives or reasons for why expenditure needs to happen, or if it needs to happen. And why any pooling of resources is necessary. The second week of January not only sees the direct motion of Mars/Gemini once more, but the re-entry of Jupiter into Aries; the spotlight is on your vocational life, your loyalties and possibly those others mentioned previously. So that by March the seams are together making a whole fabric. The gulf you saw between theory and practice in November and December was underlined by certain responses or reactions to past effort and developments needing to be threaded into future designs before the whole can be smoothly taken forward in March. Divisions of one sort or another have cut clefts in what might otherwise be a prosperous diversity, But these might in the long run prove all to the good, as you see where you could have rushed fences or overlooked details on which successful joint enterprise hangs. These will be various, dependent on the individuals concerned, and the Mercury retrograde motion in Aquarius in April in Taurus leads - after delays or awkward snags - to the sealing of agreements with others close by in mid May. If the devil is in the detail then June is the time to iron these out.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Both Saturn and Pluto are due to change signs in March. Pluto, your Sun ruler, moves into Aquarius and Saturn moves into Pisces for almost three years. Thus, the accent is on change in your personal and domestic life and your enjoyment zone. The two can go hand-in-hand, but not necessarily. Pluto’s full transit in Aquarius will take twenty one years, but it is at nought degrees Aquarius until June, telling of an indecisiveness or lack of rightful access. June sees the mighty planet (small but fierce of intention) back in Capricorn until January 2024 - which is perhaps when you finally get a grip on your personal radar in terms of direction, although time spent in contemplation or discovery before then is not wasted. Saturn in watery Pisces can warn against a powerlessness or indifference to what has previously brought you joy or been seen as an imperative in your expectations. The world state does not help, there is much despondency and fear, which cannot be easily changed, but to know what you do not want is a great thing. And to avoid the pitfall of agreeing to the agenda of others - or not caring enough about your cherished hopes and ideals - is an even better strategy. The re-entry of Jupiter into Aries in January until May gives a better momentum to things already begun, and calls for a reappraisal of the campaign of last summer before going ahead with what has been left incomplete. Your experience is one of dogged determination, spearheaded by illuminated paths, and the resistance to self-doubt causing apathy or defeatism. May onwards bring the chance of satisfaction via the presence of others with whom you can build a deep rapport.


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