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January 2019

The year begins with Mars in Aries in your sixth solar house concerning service, vocation, health and the side of life which points to responsibility. to self and others. It is often thought that responsibility and duty are the same thing – they are not. The first overtakes the second, in that duties are often responsibilities passed there sell by date. A responsibility will always feel current and of the moment if you stand back and appraise it objectively, whilst a duty will not. Look now as 2019 begins at your responsibilities and see which are masking outworn duties – and do this in time for March when Uranus enters Taurus for the final time and goes the full six year journey through the sign. Then there will be no time to spare for dead weight or outworn obligations that might have been ditched some time ago had you felt brave enough to look at what could be put in place of them. The area of partnership, close agreements and other necessary bonds is to be revitalized and transformed by Uranus now and although it is April when the planet really starts to bite in the sign, it is still clearly indicating in March strong decisions about stability and acknowledging these or claiming them and honoring the facts. If old stuff is in the way of new formal agreements and potential the initiating and launching may have to be started over again in January 2020.


This is a pivotal period new for old chapters to morph into new, and what we have said about old duties notwithstanding, it is good to look at how the more solid parts of history can be given a fresh patina within a new regime. To waste what has been well preserved in the face of unknown expansion is folly if the two can marry well and sync into a fast evolving plan of action for the near future. Jupiter in Sagittarius now is in your second solar house of money and personal security, so the year is full of promise and brave offers ... and also illusion. Jupiter in Sagittarius is nothing if not bold in its statements and outlines.(see our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. Much of what is done in the first part of the year out to the second week of April is done in a spirit of quest or discovery. April to August is for defining what has come out of it that can be actually used and is fit for purpose.


The first |Mercury retrograde motion is in Pisces in March for most of that month. It reveals the folly or wasted effort inherent in some of the ideas of developments on the go since last November. It is not that these are insurmountable, but that they are invisible until the obvious is shown to be the elephant in the room during March. To keep uncertainties and doubts under the radar is useless if the rest of the plan is to work smoothly. There are no major planetary shifts this year, except the Uranus into Taurus move, and so 2019 should go more smoothy in general than 2018. Things begun last year and taken forward into this year can be seen as having stood some test of durability, and needing now more nurture …. but not to be rushed into later stages prematurely. It is easy to do this under the gung-ho influence of Jupiter, but the warning remains; many seeds may be sewn but only so many burst into bloom. By August you can push the boat out somewhat, you can see what is sound in the way of a vessel and what has to be left behind as the second high tide of the year takes you forward if you are onboard - and goes without you if you are not.



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