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January 2018

With Jupiter in your own sign and Saturn in Capricorn life is anything but trivial, and matters with which you are concerned are anything but lightweight. As Scoprio Sun people you will be able to deal with the intensity of life more than most, and acknowledge the hidden quantum which plays such a part in developments and happenings. Saturn in Capricorn is perhaps another ball game entirely in its transparency and graphic detail, as it graces your third solar house in the area of everyday living and the immediate environment. It clearly defines the results of the past three years of its transit through Sagittarius, and has perhaps forced restrictions and extremes in the matter of finances. It’s obvious by the end of the first week of March when Jupiter retrogrades what the current pressing needs are - your desires and your urges and your must-haves. Jupiter in Scorpio is nothing if not passionate about getting to the truth and the core of the being. See our blog: ‘Jupiter in Scoprio …. evoking the drama’…View. And by the middle of April Saturn has shown you the common senses of getting rid of what isn’t working in order to comply with said needs. The old for the new is a maxim which fits Saturn almost perfectly. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is also a planet fond of recycling, rekindling and salvaging what cannot be disposed easily. So between the middle of April and the first few days of September a picture builds of the before and after, thereby the results of not showing common sense are all to obvious.


Mars transiting Capricorn in March and April make you hard-line and efficient, as Mars meeting Saturn at the end of March brings the necessity to confront and overturn that which is stopping progress. Those of you most affected are born in the first deconate of Scoprio perhaps but the reverberations to the second deconate are felt also. Mars plays Devil’s Advocate in April until decisions are made, whilst Mercury on its first retrograde motion of the year in Aries and your sixth solar house plays the fool with the facts and characters you thought you knew down to the last inch. But it is not until early May when the temperamental, the unreliable and the downright reckless show you what’s what. This happens as Mercury closes with Uranus in Aries and brings tensions which prove either bearable and speed up the pace of life, or break the agenda - giving the necessity for a fresh start. When Uranus enters Taurus in May after its seven year stint in Aries there is a more sedate or temperate pace, and many heave a sigh of relief.


If you are unsure about what you real needs and desires are then the first days of January when Mars conjuncts Jupiter should give you the clues, unless you ignore the vital signs, changes and warnings signs of the inner self mirrored in the outer environment. When Mars enters your second solar house of finance in the last days of the month it may be necessary to stake your claim, pledge allegiance and just go for it through February. But the chances are also that you see the favorable responses approaching even before that period. It is a calculated risk then rather than an all out gamble, it is something you have been preparing for over the recent years. But unless it is to remain a work in progress, being pushed ahead of you instead of aligned with your here and now, it’s best to see that the time is right and the time in is now.



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