24th October - November 22nd



Mercury transiting your second solar house of money and earnings last December might have proved ‘imaginative’ in that certain possibilities for new or creative activities looked promising, or unique. Possibility is not Probability of course, but in these times of economic squeeze there is, paradoxically, much room for untried ventures or avenues of revenue not before considered, simply because problems appear in different form, or needs require different routes to fulfillment. And so the Mercury retrograde motion through Aquarius in February is the thing to highlight the unique and eliminate the impractical. March will bring the need to sort options within what is already there. These may have appeared from nowhere at the time of the Full Moon/Gemini in late November and early December last year. To glimpse them again seems like a fluke but is in fact a carry over from what lingered in a covert or obscure manner since that time. Go for it, as Jupiter in Aquarius heads towards the track Mercury covers during the first half of March this year. Your earnings are now more eclectic than in the past three or so years, if you let them be, and less restricted to territory or traditional methods. Or you have perhaps found a way of making passive income. Your planning is maybe wider than home turf but limited to envisioning things from a distance, but this changes as Jupiter goes temporarily into Pisces in May, June and July and allows the tempo to be more fluid. What you see then must be combined with personal changes or modifications until mid October to gain the best of past and present opportunity which needs blending or merging for better growth.





The fast transit of Jupiter through Aquarius from last December until mid May this year is one which can give a whirlwind tour of how to change your private vista or home surroundings, perhaps stemming from what you have investigated or considered - as the heavy and often ridiculous restrictions imposed by authority onto many force you to look at means of getting satisfied or more focused on overcoming lack or limitation. The movement of Jupiter to Pisces in May, June and July gives an optimistic or perhaps improbable flavour to your romantic or personal passions - depending on your outlook. But these could creatively engineer the access points for greater fulfilment, in that imagination is the sacred key to the Law of Attraction. What is visualised and held in view is either transformed to the real deal or brings forth exactly the right details in the way they have been mentally scripted. Both are means to an end here; to stay under the ‘fear and control’ mechanism at work in the third dimensional environment is not conducive to those who would be free to progress. Your love life and your fulfillment factors are both served by not believing totally in the status quo being the only possibility. The future is now, if time is seen as a construct, and it often begins with the vision and the feeling and then fills out the picture as we move. Inspired and divine guidance does not just come to the religious, it manifests in many ways, as insight for instance via the right mind-set. The substance gained in relationships with those of significant importance to your life in January and February is the basis of things needing to be fully formed in spring and early summer. Much like securing a plot of land, then designing the structure for building as time proceeds.


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