November 23rd - December 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


Mercury sailing through Virgo since late July summons the characters (and various problems they bring) in the area of your career or profession into stark relief. Its retrograde motion from the third week of August to mid September is set to scramble and sort through the facts and figures involved here in order to have clearer or more reliable guidelines in place by the end of September. Some of the previous gray areas or unstable pieces will be shown up for the weak links they are - or could become - by early October. This is unsettling perhaps, but it is a necessary stage in a process leading the way to a more even or balanced groundwork facilitating new enterprise or unique opportunity in which you start to feel comfortable by the middle of October. It may be that you cannot make any more progress in your chosen financial or service paths now, and must look to collaboration of effort or joining forces. This doesn’t mean losing independence but probably gaining more support for that quality where before there was none. Money now is to be mined. In short, it has to be extracted from intentions or made safe for future use. This may sound like investment, but the defining difference is at which stage you make it pivotal to how you proceed. Allow November to elapse before making final judgements. You can hoist your flag (and your profile) higher once December is underway, and the Mars transit through your sign brings that stretch to the unknown that Sagittarius either loves or fears, but needs to understand more about on its natural physical life journey.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Unfortunately for us all, (all zodiac signs) in October Saturn (that old curmudgeon) is back at the start of Pisces. Nought degrees of any sign doesn’t lend itself to grip. So, Sagittarius! Don’t rule out that feeling of overwhelm that was around in March, with the better break this time of being able to dodge bullets and avoid pitfalls. Boggy areas and damp squibs are very much the prerogative of Saturn/Pisces and you will not be able to see past some of these until early next year. However, they do exist for a reason and if you are ankle deep in mud then stop wading forward and allow it to dry. The respite this gives between September and Christmas not only allows the firming of things which can actually be made with success, but allows you to rest your nerves or over-worked emotions, and take stock of what you have said you want to complete to full achievement. Life does not start to shed its darker or trickier corners until both Mars and the Sun are in your own sign from the last week of November. November and December as we know are the darkest months of the year, but they are also the richest in terms of bringing from the silence the unconscious riches. Like mushrooms, some of the tastier bites of opportunities grow then without interference, emerging as surprises or more manageable issues. The result is ‘choice and selection’ - ‘nurture or discard’ - but wait until the time and the produce is ripe enough to be judged at its best.



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