November 23rd - December 22nd



Important back-stops, contingency plans or deadlines should be in place by the first few days of November, when Mercury has done its last retrograde motion of this year in LIbra and then has easy aspect with Pluto/Capricorn in your second solar house of earned money in the first week of November. Mars enters your twelfth solar house of Scorpio then also, denoting the need for focused and one pointed drive - not being deterred or swayed from your intentions until the safe ground of Mars entering Sagittarius itself in the second week of December. Then you should come into your own as far as confidence, instinct and the ability to know your allies from your opponents has shown itself clearly. Especially since the digging or probling you may have done during November. Jupiter entering Pisces in January can either aid your ability to take chances, giving them more than a slice of intuitive support, or make you careless with facts that need to be tighter. This is where the period between mid May and August will have perhaps come in useful - provided you followed the more obscured markers and guidelines. The combination of thorough graphics and practical planning with your finer instinct or more personal knowledge can make 2022 a year of your personal best. Or at the very least, an escape from the too dogged routine or parameters you were obliged to follow for some years prior to this one.





The retrograde motion of Mercury in LIbra in late September and most of October may play havoc with some of your familiar lifestyle habits, those which make everyday living comfortable or uplifting, as the people involved - and possibly their related habits - are somewhat chaotic. It becomes difficult to tell which is which perhaps, but after the third week of October both Saturn and Jupiter help begin to reinstate the benefits which seem to have been taken away, although maybe in a new format. Mars entering your twelfth solar house in late September gives the power to swerve carefully away from troublesome or intimidating circumstances which came under the spotlight in October. Once Mars is in Scorpio by the start of November your stronger negative emotion may fuel the action needed to kick-start a whole programme of reinvention in subtle manoeuvre. And the brink of a renewed set of aims (and more than just hopes) rises from the ashes in December. Try to stay focused when looking outwards to the future, so that things don’t dissolve or deflate once January dawns. The strong aspect Jupiter will make from Pisces and your fourth solar house to Mars/Sagittarius and your first house can lend itself to getting carried away and ignoring due diligence. So approach the planning with a strictly objective or detached frame of mind, aimed as much at impartial research as enthusiastic determination. The determination to plunge ahead needs to be kept in train until Mercury has trawled your sign in late November and early December and entered Capricorn from the 14th December, anchoring the facts and disclosing the weaknesses in numbers or contacts.



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