November 23rd - December 22nd

September 2017

Well the big news is of course that Saturn leaves your sign after almost three years this January, and makes for its own sign of Capricorn, where it feels perfectly at ease. Whereas you may feel that the curbs and restrictions wrought by the presence of that planet through your own vibration have left indelible marks on your life - and perhaps your personality. The more extravagant and impulsive of Sagittarians will be most aware of this, as the consequences of over-stepping the mark or going a step too far in audacious living are not to be easily shaken off yet. The Saturn/Capricorn vibration is perhaps much maligned – it is noted for its draconian and austere qualities leading to harsh judgements, lesser privilege and an altogether tougher regime in many quarters. But the more philosophical side of Saturn is not to be under-estimated. It loves the wise and the astute and those who take the trouble to have foresight before making moves. During the third Mercury retrograde motion this year in Virgo in August and September and just after the event, you should have seen where the mistakes are likely to occur in issues affecting greatly your private life and the lives of others by your proposed actions and words, which can be changed in the latter half of December, following revelations and surprises, to forestall calamitous errors of thinking and planning in the first part of November, caused in part by over-sights or over-enthusiasm. Caution is not signaled maybe until the late December point, but when flagged should be acted upon.


It is sometimes good to almost sail into wrong waters, pulling back just in time, because it teaches and alerts us and makes possible some insights otherwise not available. But to hope for the best and continue armed with just positive thinking and courage is not enough at this period mentioned. The repercussions and measures of long-term ventures touching on security or financial issues should be examined thoroughly for clauses preventing opt-out or branch roads from being accessible. At the same time the omens are that you will if you have been savvy enter some very productive territory and those of you born in the last deconate of Sagittarius will be assisted by a strong trine to Uranus as it leaves Aries, giving your passions or pleasures a significant spotlight out to May.


The entrance of Jupiter into Scorpio and your twelfth solar house in October is to be noted too. Signifying as it does the area of your unconscious motives and movements, your innermost secrets and perhaps the areas in your closet where you do not want skeletons to rattle. The best of Jupiter in this portion of your solar chart is the help or sudden aid coming out of the blue or the breaks you never expected. Just look for the darker snags or the clauses and weigh up the deal. Nothing comes without a price, and if we don’t pay up-front we find we pay later; but if we’re prepared we can make preparation for it in our own time. So the second week of November is the most powerful and interesting time, giving the kind of secretive ambience described a moment ago, in various ways depending on your individual chart, possibly in matters of romance, increased status or pure pleasure upgrades. Opportunity comes swiftly then and passes just as swiftly, but to recognize it is to claim it and make it count. Most of December allows it to be tailored to your needs, while Christmas and the first month of 2018 solidifies it into something that can be taken forward.



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