November 23rd - December 22nd

September 2018

Now that Jupiter is set to enter your sign in November you can begin to look forward to a more optimistic outlook for the most part – Jupiter as ruler of your sign will want to enlarge your scope in ways which only Sagittarian people crave and appreciate. Not ones for sticking in the mud, you need to have access to stimulus and knowledge leading to wider life experience. Some of you will have felt the cramping or restriction that Jupiter/Scorpio brought over the past ten months or so, due mainly to either juddering progress in plans pending launch, or complex tensions over which you had little control . Until a small window at the end of the first week of November gives a push to eliminating such matters, or to finding support with them that changes the outlook considerably.


The frustrations of the past year have been worsened by the long transit of Mars through Aquarius, retrograding back into Capricorn briefly in the latter half of August. These have caused delays and perhaps sheer lack of progress in pushing forward the need you have for widening areas of activity in the otherwise mundane everyday existence. In the last few days of August and the first ten days of September you should be able to leave some of the harder conditions or stumbling blocks that were immovable in May behind. September as it moves through presents the path without pitfalls and you are able to tread into the autumn and winter with a lighter step.


The retrograde motion of Uranus into the last degrees of Aries in November does, however, warn of being pulled back to old habits or temptations to waste effort on non-productive efforts. They may have at one time yielded some fruit, but now need to be put into new ventures which began to show promise between May and September. When you figure out a way to salvage what was good from the old and merge it with the potential of the new, you can stop looking back over your shoulder and wishing for what might have been. Many of the troubles or futile struggles of the past couple of years have taught you much, especially if you see that a mistake can save you a fortune in the long run when planning in a different way. As Uranus grips Taurus fully next spring the former ways of working or seeing vocational reward fall completely by the wayside. The structures you once put store by are not only wrong for you personally, but are dissolving generally and becoming extinct. This may take some time to be apparent, but for your own vista it has been plain since the spring of 2018, and a little before. The third and final Mercury retrograde movement is in your sign in November to December, and it calls for the practical side of your nature to separate from the whimsical or idealistic side and add the logic into the mix. This is best done when Mercury is direct again in the first few days of December, going into your sign once more on the 13th and it is then and the rest of the month that you can place trust in associates and know that they will trust you in return. Some wild or inaccurate information has to be sorted from the previous few weeks, and steer clear of rumour or gossip before the 13th.. It may be that a lot of the speculation of October through to December is hot air, or false, but you will not know for certain until after Mercury has gone direct on the 6th December. Mercury in Sagittarius always brings excitement, but it brings too exaggeration or hype, which needs to be carefully controlled.



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