November 23rd - December 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


The one true value in the earning of money is in knowing that you achieved something good. Otherwise it is merely a necessary evil driving many forms of stress or tedium. Or both. This year the area of earned money may be freed greatly from the curse of dogged slog, for most of you, but it is not until Jpiter leaves Aries in May that you discover whether the efforts of recent months - even years - have successfully harvested the creative element you need to experience in order to feel ‘comparatively complete or fulfilled. If you have succeeded here then Jupiter’s entrance into Taurus in mid May sees the start of a harvest of all that work which brings an easier ride or a smoother tone; a yielding up of what you rightly deserve. It might take some time to manifest but August to September’s Mercury retrograde in Virgo shows by the end of September that the wait was worthwhile as the value of what you are doing is outlined and viewed by those who can put it to uses you cannot discover or utilize alone. Uranus still in Taurus is determined to break you of old patterns which no longer serve, and of ties to people who bar you from prosperity. Late May and June tear down the remnants of the old and rip open the curtains that may obscure the view to the new vista or the era you have been moving to. When you travel with your focus on what you do, it’s hard often to see how close you are to the pivotal points of success, and May for a lot you is just such a time.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The advent of Saturn into Pisces in March in your solar chart relating to home and personal feelings, set to transit for two years, brings the question of how to balance sensitive or compassionate needs with practicality and not see the result as confusion. Whether the emotional needs are your own or those of others, the feeling of overwhelm is possible at first, and it may be June before you adjust the personal barometer to testing or sensing what is necessary at various levels of day to day understanding. At least the long transit of Mars in Gemini has now given some closure to the conflict points or the divisions around partners and those close which dogged the latter half of 2022 and the first three months of this year. For you it is a question of keeping intact your closer spheres of connection and at the same time keeping control - while maintaining some harmony or happiness. No mean feat. July to September might see you in a quandary about what to accept and how to define your role in relation to certain situations, but there is little doubt that people are looking to you to navigate in these often disconcerting Saturn in Pisces waters of change. The Mercury retrograde in Taurus during April and May will have played about with the demands of others nearby, both formal and vocational perhaps, but the fairness or sustainability of such change can be seen clearly by September, so that balance in the lifestyle at which you are central is attainable, and respect due to you is acknowledged by October. All new terms and agreements must spring from that value.



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