November 23rd - December 22nd

May 2018

Jupiter is set to enter your sign later this year, but for now still graces your twelfth house of hidden issues and unconscious awareness. Although the planet is resting until July, it gives pause for thought on issues that have been sponsored around you by others, or ones in which you play a silent or supportive role. The long transit of Mars through Aquarius between May and November widens your scope of immediate activity until June, when it suddenly halts, going back into Capricorn in mid August to early September and giving opportunity to reassess the figures or facts you thought you had nailed in early May. These become important to the point where Mars again enters your third solar house in September and allows the picture you painted from the start of the year to take on better colour and shape. The widening of horizons now relies upon you understanding the limitations of plans entered into, and not just seeing them as mere hot air or unimportant small print. Where Mars graced your sign in February and began the movement to greater things, so Jupiter enters in November to bring the relevant information but it is not valuable without the prime calculations. And any ground or losses of ground or finance in November are incurred by having to go back to see to detail which should have been better sorted in February or May. The future looks rosy and to your liking, but your impetuous side must be reigned in to make the best of it, or even to bring it to full maturity.


The second Mercury retrograde motion in July in Leo falls in your seventh solar house of partnerships, of any description, and all form of significant bondings etc. This period is short - mid July to mid August - and allows you to know the sincerity of those you're involved with before you continue to committed action in early September. It would be useful to keep in mind that confidence is one thing and bravado quite another. When Uranus enters Taurus in May it reveals people whose self worth is high, but their ego must be born in mind too. They may show you how to break the patterns of struggle or erratic service connection, and it is a good thing, but it needs the test of time before new patterns are put in place or at least methods that can be relied upon. November again is figured as a pivotal time, when Uranus goes back into Aries until March 2019, and you may then feel you have left certain things behind too hastily, or without settling some scores.


The presence of Saturn in Capricorn in your solar second house still looms large, and the need to establish and make good impression before you gain long lasting financial or security bases is of crucial importance if new horizons are to last. For those of you with presently bleak outlooks n the financial or money sense the summer months bring welcome change in the form of reassessment or relief from previous restriction via transformation of policy or procedure which before sat heavily on any means of prospering. Nothing is for nothing, and there are very few free rides in the long run. But sometimes people have earned the right to skip a few rules or clauses. It is July when this is apparent, if it applies to your situation. 2019 is a year of increased possibilities for most Sagittarians, but the need to be cautious, circumspect or keep your cards close to your chest is still key for this year. Until then the accent is on loyalty, endurance and the ability to see more than meets the eye in everyday encounters.



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