November 23rd - December 22nd

May 2017

Saturn is due to leave your sign at the end of this year, and the curtailment on what you can and can’t do begins to lift. But with it comes the appraisal of what you have lost or had to leave behind. Sometimes Sagittarius needs to prune, or to look at what is not just unwanted but unwise in the way of indulgence - or responsibility posing as asset. This past two or so years has been such as time, and January next year sees you freer but with a strong knowledge of what you cherish. It may be best to look now at what you value, rather than have it underlined by its absence when it is gone.


The Mercury retrograde motion in Taurus which began in April and ends in the first few days of May has taken your vocational and working life and worried it like a dog, until it is down to its original fibers and devoid of what was not sound. The result is that you know what you are best at and where to pitch it for the best result. If not, you must wait until the next Mercury retrograde stint in Virgo and Leo in August and September which deals more with a professional take on your skills and reveals the career path which is the most convenient - if you have left your choices over long until they have dwindled to nothing. Inclination to choose is a great thing, but if missing then the decisions will come from directions you have not been alert to until the eleventh hour. Such is possibly the start of September, and if you are someone who took advantage of the April to May detail then you will be looking - as autumn comes in - for the road which leads to a highway and brings you off a narrow track. Either way, the future is brighter. And for those Sagittarians who have no need of work, business or self earned security, or are retired, then there is still that venturesome side to be considered and to which the universe appeals as we turn the corner away from summer.


As your ruler Jupiter starts its last phase through Libra in June, it may begin to dawn on you that you have been trying to build an unsustainable infrastructure to a lifestyle, and that the more you want to attain ease the easier you see the ways to do it. Let yourself off the hook now, Sagittarius; you might have made a few mistakes along the way in recent times, but you have more than made up for it in terms of increased insight into self. When Jupiter enters your twelfth solar house of Scorpio in October the deeper truth of what and who you have become is apparent as significant opportunities present themselves from seemingly nowhere. Nothing is without cause, and nothing happens for just one reason. The greater benefit of your trials recently is to bring out the latent talents you possess, and to make you believe in them as potential for investment. Like Gemini, your sign can be jack of all trades, but unlike Gemini, you prefer to pursue one speciality over the rest. Believing in the ability to do so is another matter perhaps and something that needs to be examined closely between May and August when choices and decisions can be confused as the same thing. They are not; often we make decisions that are not of our choosing, having left the matter of choice undone at some prior juncture. May to August needs careful but confident consideration.



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