November 23rd - December 22nd



The possibility in June, with the retrograde Mercury/Gemini motion, is that issues and topics for debate with significant others in your life are shredded or distorted and out of sync, affecting shared finances or securities a little further along the line. So try getting some semblance of order or practicality in May before things begin a tumble drying effect in the last three days of May and out to the third week of June. That way you are able, once mid July arrives, to take responsibility for control of things you have thoroughly understood in financial growth matters. Not allowing yourself to be derailed or blind-sided in June or early July. Once Mars enters the other fire sign of Leo - as it will do in July - it is hard to keep false hope out of the picture. Or even the egotistical forward motion of others into railroading you and any proposed undertakings into realms from which it is hard to retract. Jupiter’s entry into Pisces in May is for a short time only, but it is a period - between mid May and August - when you may lose your impetus to steer your own ship, or prevent some of the woolly thinking from permeating the practical everyday. The alignment of lifestyle with the graphic plan is an uphill slog perhaps, until September, but is something which is vital to keep your finances in step with your main aims.





When Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius in mid May it does so in the area of your partnership and close allies, and doing so it lifts the tone and the tempo of such liaisons. It may too lift the stumbling blocks to smoother pathways with those concerned. Although it can also bring a lack of cohesive shared vision for a while, maybe until early October. And as we have pointed out in ‘Abundance’, the problems arising from Mars/Leo in July and August are perhaps about too much optimism without sufficient evidence. Optimism is a great spice but not a main ingredient. The basic ingredient is usually founded on some feeling of certainty or inner guidance and has an invisible cord to realism in most sane people. To expect to break certain traditional routes and enter unfounded ones in the first half of July is to gamble on long odds. You may feel you can conquer mountains with the encouragement of those round about who have the same aim or views, and you might pull it off. But the far more sensible option is to see the summer as a pilot, or an experiment, prior to next January when a lot of what you are pinning your hopes on is closer to reality by means of the unseen factors or agencies involved having a better place to work from. This might refer to schemes which are simply being floated prematurely, or people who need your input to have something work at all. Either way, think carefully before becoming a guinea pig for other people and their projects.



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