November 23rd - December 22nd

January 2017

By February Mars and Venus have left Pisces and gone into Aries, the other fire sign with which you share many qualities, and this gives the impetus to take the creative cue and get things done where you know your expertise is second to none and you are sure you can succeed. Some of these ideas will have been simmering inside you for the previous four weeks or so, but you can contain yourself no longer as Mars makes a trine to your Sun at some point in February. This pushes all the buttons and off you go with the plans hatched since December last, but awaiting the right circumstances from which to thrive.  
In March you may find you are on your own within this campaign, or working as a solo artist, but when Venus begins a retrograde stint through Aries and back into Pisces the call is for the instinct rather than the stamina. You may feel isolated or alone while some kind of position or stake is held, and this is worsened by not being able to come forward and be in the forefront of the action, but by the end of May you emerge on whatever terms you like to take up a better role or enjoy the benefits of the toils of previous weeks.


The third Mercury retrograde motion in April is in Taurus and backs into Aries, shedding better light on conditions you felt were unchangeable in March, plus some new connections with powers you lacked, to weave the story forward.  Beware too much choice or too much variance in May, as the road suddenly opens to reveal access points and branch roads not seen before – especially at the end of May when Mars makes a strong opposition to Saturn and requires you to stand still in order the take stock of direction. To know what is needed at that point is as valuable as to know what is wanted.


The trine between Saturn and Uranus has been active since October last and tended to cast a rosier glow on future paths when seen from afar than may actually have been the case. But in the first weeks of the new year this trine is still having an effect, and with  hindsight on the struggles which ensued to get you to a destination you thought privileged or prized. It’s not that this has altered, more that reality has kicked in and you are learning  about the fact that there is never a final arrival point, there is always more to do and father to go.  In April Saturn backs off from the stiffening process it has on affairs – both in terms of your backbone and the conditions needed for success. This leaves the field clearer, but you are then on your own resources, and you stand or fall by your ability to control your wilder impulses and utilize your sharpened wits. This is where the instinct has aided and abetted you in March, because you should have taken in facts on which you know you will have to act at some point.End of May could be that time. See our blog: The Saturn/Sagittarius to Uranus/Aries trine peaks in late December … at cartouche-perceptivityblogspot.co.uk for more insight into how you are strengthening yourself through adversity and breaking negative patterns.



More Insights in May.


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