November 23rd - December 22nd

January 2019

If last year was a rough ride in lots of ways for a lot of people, this year should be smoother. Less harrowing, and with more optimism and buoyancy. The very best thing to come out of last year for you was perhaps the pressure by circumstance into acquiring better focus. When focused Sagittarius is a force to be reckoned with and now that Jupiter, your sun ruler, is at home in its own sign you can expect a very different vibe and rhythm to life. One that needs focus, because Jupiter/Sagittarius brings excitable energy needing harnessing to work with properly. (see our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. Whether you have felt this already or not depends on what kind of problems you were left with after Mercury circled in your sign at the end of last year in November and early December. Some of you will experience the Mars in Aries transit going on from January to mid February as the most invigorating uplift to your creative and pleasure zone, while others will think they have entered something of a war zone. But once Mars enters Taurus in the middle of February it gives a greater substance to the working everyday side of survival and helps usher in the groundwork needed for a whole chapter starting in March and due mainly to Uranus entering Taurus for the full transit of six or so years. This - as we have spoken of before - heralds a new horizon in matters vocational and for many Sagittarian people it means cutting ties with old ways and connections who have graced that particular stage and giving a welcome to those you may have begun getting to know last spring or summer.


The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in Pisces in March and may bring a cloudy or doubtful feeling to personal affairs. Or it may scramble the desires and aims you felt were precious to you in December last. This may not be a final stage process, but one which reveals a deeper level of emotion requiring connectivity that has not been apparent so far and takes some synthesizing with what you thought you knew and felt about situations in previous times. Much of our emotional unfoldment happens in the unconscious part of the psyche, or when we sleep, and is not apparent until the outer life setting allows it to have meaning. You may chase this meaning until April, when the facts and the knowledge absent in January appear more clearly and make sense of longings or lacks that could not before be addressed.


The presence of Saturn in Capricorn in your second house still looms over financial matters and especially those concerned with self earned finance. The need to work hard is seconded by the revolution you may experience in how you secure your livelihood or who is with you on that quest, and this is the prerogative of Uranus in Taurus, but Saturn in this solar area will not allow things to run before they can walk. If you repeat the mistakes of several years ago you will be met with rebuttals and restraints and what once gave you some leeway will now present in the fullest form of opposition. Patience is required, and due diligence, if you are to establish what it is you saw as worthy and profitable in the early parts of 2018. Sagittarius is a speculative sign, but is also capable of the most scrupulous research and study to back this up. In short it tends to produce either dabblers or scholars. If the latter then it matters little what it is you study, for to know it well makes you a specialist and an expert, and there will always be someone who needs your skills and is willing to pay for them.



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