November 23rd - December 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


Jupiter once more in Aries in January calls for a more concerted effort regarding money where it meets with passion or aspiration. In short, where you want money to most work for you, or where you want it to go hand-in-hand with work satisfaction. The time is now, on matters that were stalled or aborted in late July. Whether or not this was of your own doing, or the input of outside factors, the way is now clearer to complete things which offer a longer term perspective and not just a short-term cash flow. The latter is incorporated in the former once you get things right. The only stumbling block may be in late March when the mighty Pluto enters Aquarius for many years to come, and finds little stability or grip until June revisits the solid ground of 2022 needing to be used. A call in June to more secure knowledge or connection from the past sends the message to look at what you may have missed since February 22 and approach it from a new angle. By October you have the anchorage and can re-evaluate your position in any lengthy or serious endeavours to financial increment. Mercury with Saturn in late degrees Aquarius at the end of March will show where clarification or detailing is needed, and to overlook or ignore that is to make harder work in May when Jupiter enters Taurus. Jupiter is easy going where Saturn is not, but bows even so to Saturn’s demands for accuracy, slowing down the pace and giving sanction to nit-picking or awkwardness on the part of others.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mars is turning direct in Gemini - the polar opposite of your own sign - in January. Having been in retrograde motion since late October, it has signaled the deep cleft or divisions in any of your partnership issues. Or perhaps delayed the important decisions which make partnership tick for you. These are not necessarily intimate partnerships, but may concern the ones that are less defined, or looser. Partnership comes in many forms, like business or other life pursuits, and can be vital for the smoother or more subtle motion of life. Partnerships are now taking a straighter path to what they need to be - or should cease to be, and some may just not be worth the effort and can be written off to make way for new connections. By the end of March your feelings on matters are better understood (and all regular interactions involve feelings whether we recognize it or not). The departure of Saturn from Aquarius in March will leave a shadow for a while, especially where restrictions to everyday life have been obvious. Or where you needed to strive hardest to gain ground. It takes time to understand that those have changed or dissolved completely. But the entrance into Pisces for the next two or more years demands that you be certain of what you need from others, so that a sense of powerlessness does not prevent progress, especially for the year out from March until April 24. Your own Sun ruler, Jupiter, re-enters Aries in January and your fifth solar house where matters of joy or creative expression are configured. Expect a repeat, but on an upgrade, of what took place last summer 2022. Or see that something better can be built from the remnants of that excursion.


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