November 23rd - December 22nd

January 2018

As Saturn leaves your sign after three years of fairly rigorous parsing and pruning it enters Capricorn in January and becomes a little bit of a pain in the area of financial and earned money, courtesy of your second solar house. But only until you get the hang of new methods of budgeting or strategies around every day spending. It may also be that for some of you the months of March and April call for tougher stands or harder negotiation with others as the first retrograde Mercury motion of the year travels backwards and forwards through Aries in that same period and brings about uncertainties or reckless and feckless behavior somewhere in the mix, urging you to take a firmer hold of the control wherever you can to protect your own interests. As Mercury squares up to Saturn at the end of April, demanding more freedom to play or indulge – either yourself or others – you feel the need to ride an almost impossible line between keeping the accounts and firing the engines of new incentives. These may be something you have willingly subscribed to but still they are not without the need for careful handling.


Everything you do financially now for a while is going to fall into one of two categories: the experience of the thoroughly tried and tested during the past three years. Or the complete unknown for which you have to beg borrow or steal. But the Jupiter transit through Scorpio is now well underway and gives you the feeling of being watched from somewhere close by or scrutinized secretly, as it traverses your twelfth solar house until November. Jupiter in this location of the chart and in this sign is at its most stealthy, and also its most ingenious. Help will appear from nowhere at times over the next months, and aid will be given when most needed, but be aware that there will be a price to pay later along the line for some of this. And watch that assets etc don’t disappear in May or dissolve somehow. By the end of the first week of March the planet has done its best to show you the better silent opportunities, and some of these are unorthodox.


The entrance of Mars into your sign at the end of January will give a boost to your morale … and to your more frivolous side. Chaffing at the bit against the restraints of Saturn you will be unable to decide whether to stay or whether to go, wether to dare or whether to trust. This may be as a result of Mars’ brush with Jupiter in the first week of the month, from situations that have been brewing. See our blog ‘Jupiter in Scorpio …. evoking the drama’... View. It is not an easy time, but one which offers the opportunities mentioned earlier if you have the stamina to take them after the rigors of the last few years. Wait until the latter half of April and the slowing of events before making the lasting decisions which really make the difference.



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