21st November - 20th December

‘Abundantly Clear’


The significant news is that Mars trawls through Pluto in the area of your chart concerning money in January as Pluto is about to leave (more or less for good barring a dalliance in the last degree of Capricorn in autumn). It means a last ditch stand for what could be considered greater security - or foundation - within your earning power. The advent of Pluto into Aquarius for the next twenty or so years in March marks a new cycle. Epochs and cycles are the prerogative of Pluto and change the world and society. When Pluto moves we have little choice but to adjust, or experience lag or lack. The aspect this makes for Sagittarians born in the first few days of the sign signals the need for better boundaries - or markers - and where exactly those lie within your existence varies with the differing individual charts. But for all Sagittarians the binding of agendas, schedules and itineraries in everyday life becomes something to be seriously considered once March arrives. The next and final stage of Jupiter going through Taurus starting January and going through to June will perhaps fluff up the flatter parts of work or vocation and add substance to matters striven towards in the last six months of 2023. Or perhaps show branch roads from those efforts which in February and March herald a testing period for deeper or longer research. The call might be for new fields, or for an extended set of expertise to be acquired. But by June the ways and the means are present, and for some of you deals are already done, if they are going forward at all.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The first retrograde Mercury motion this year in April is in Aries and your fifth solar house, where your creative and pleasurable zone resides. This is both challenging and enticing perhaps, begging a re-think during that month about anything you considered worth engaging with - extra-curriculum or untried - which may just become something you then find essential to your lifestyle. Try it; you don’t need to become accomplished in days or immediately successful: although it is perhaps challenging, it’s a question of degree as to where you let it take you. Many of you will extend your range of social or personal acquaintances this way, and the widening of choices and enjoyment from it makes everything worthwhile. A lot of pursuits are measurable by what comes as an adjunct to the main activity. This period might just show you that, so that by mid October you are pausing to consider options, or diving deeper and becoming more compelled to people and places of greater fascination. Your sign needs exhilaration, if not outright excitement, or you become torpid and disillusioned with the plodding routine. No matter what others tell you how fortunate you are. Fortune, as we know, favours the prepared mind (or the brave). Your mind-set this year is of prime importance to your providence.


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