November 23rd - December 22nd



The absence of Saturn in your area of earnings or acquired wealth since December last may have left you feeling freer or more able to move without restriction. But it may also have left you feeling somewhat without foundation. The balance here is between what you have been doing and what you have seen yourself doing in less restrictive times. Start with what you know and then move to levels higher than previously aspired to. Jupiter is now in Aquarius and, together with Saturn, graces that compartment of life concerned with the everyday environment and how the mind looks upon it. By that we mean that if you perceive your environment as helpful to all progress then you have a starting point. If not, then look to curing your environmental problems firstly. You cannot make good while feeling oppressed or defeated. It may take only some tweaking, or it may take a large scale of sliding changes to put things right. But the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Aquarius in February will shake up the bag, leaving only the viable moves and contacts outlined clearly. The rest may be a blur of inconsistency or misunderstanding which then need to be eliminated from your thinking process. The substance of what is sustainable in contracts and other forms of service can be seen in January/February perhaps, but these need to reveal full potential by May, when Jupiter changes sign. The small foray the planet takes then into Pisces may drop a sudden mist or disclarity, but at the same time Mars/Cancer travels your solar house where the bonding or assistance of others is also deepening the mix. The trick is to stay alert to where you began in terms of any monetary expeditions, and not lose sight of how you saw the plan playing out as you wander and ponder the more complex side of everything. GIve yourself time, which is why the first two months of this year are the ones which show the pitfalls and the merits side by side. The areas in which you may struggle are only as real as you are clued up for the purpose you embarked on at the start.





The choices you see opening in March are perhaps engendered by the dilemmas you faced last May/June. They have been simmering beside your frustrations of 2020 - the way we progress is not linear, it is made of both challenge and inspiration. And so the entrance of Mars into Gemini in March brings again the same issues but this time with visible paths to better solutions, or destinations. Tread them, because you can always turn around. What you cannot do is count on them being there forever. The concealed or hidden new land comes from expecting to discover it and knowing how to recognise it. The issues or negotiations with others around you may be annoying but are necessary if they are to be of any assistance at all. We seldom do things alone, though it may appear that way. No man is an island. By the time October 2021 arrives you will know whether you wish to turn back from new paths. Do so before the end of the year and the experience may be seen then as mere discovery, to be used in a different way at a fresh time. This year is one of striking out in a different direction but not expecting too much of yourself or life. Miracles are the result usually of extraordinary effort, and if not your own then someone else’s. Miracles now are for further along the line perhaps, but greater strides are made on the bridgework opening fully in January/February. Walk it and see how it feels.


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