February 19th - March 19th

September 2017

Your ruler Neptune has made strong opposition to Mercury in Virgo - once in August while Mercury was retrograde and once again in September as the little planet went directly past in a forward motion. This signifies a clearer picture where the area of partnership matters go, or a more positive outlook by those significant others on issues which previously were causing problems. When Mars opposes Neptune in the latter part of September it will finish the task that Mercury has pin-pointed by highlighting the instabilities and the weak points and forcing a clearance or a swerve from the road causing them. It is often strange how we can seem to avoid certain problems that have seemed unavoidable while more trifling ones refuse to budge. But the answer in this case is perhaps that you have been looking at the dilemma one way and someone else has seen it in another. This has Saturn at its base, which from the point of your tenth solar house has given a strong sense of curfew or curtailment on the pleasure to be had from a wider world. It is now set to change as Saturn moves into its own sign of Capricorn in December. Saturn then is in your eleventh solar house, and whilst it still enforces sanctions on objectives or pleasure, it permits fresh insight into ways of gaining inroads and access to what it is you want, over a period of time. In short, the means to the end is no longer withheld from you.


The exit of Jupiter from Libra and into Scoprio in October will strengthen your belief in certain projects or intentions that have a more lasting basis, and are more concerned with your profound passions than your passing fancies. Your interest deepens in certain matters, or certain people relating to those matters, as the year from October unfolds. The third Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo in August and early September has shown you the information and how to use it towards connection to this and again it points to friendship or close contact with others as being the make or break or the deciding factor as to whether you become entailed or interactive with the world you have sought to balance and perhaps formalize in the previous year prior to October. It is a serious point of consideration now, or a profound question to ask yourself: do you show your hand and pledge loyalty or do you remain on the edges and the outskirts and hope to wander in seamlessly at some future point to be included. Maybe both options are open to you, but only one will really suffice. If you make errors of judgement in the September to October you can rectify them in December, provided you are not tempted to embellish the facts to become more palatable, or promise more than you can actually provide to those who are dear to you in this scenario.


Saturn and Venus moving in the latter degrees of Sagittarius in December will herald the last Mercury retrograde motion in that same sign and all the omens point to interesting developments in career, outer world personal politics or ambitions for greater stimulus. By mid December you will know whether you can go the full length in cherished aims, and whether you can define the place you want to to your comfort or liking, and sustain the role you need to play.



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