February 19th - March 19th



Your Sun ruler, Neptune, in your sign means financial gambits or upgrades of all sorts are still something of a lottery. Those of you born in the last ten days of Pisces will perhaps be feeling the more trying effects of this most. While those born in the first three weeks may be still putting the pieces of new ways into place. Escaping, reinventing, embarking on ventures which suit your temperament (and not necessarily your bank balance). One of the most creative Sun Signs, Pisces needs to explore nature itself within the human psyche, and as Jupiter this year trawls your twelfth solar house of preparation or silent movement your ideas and ideals take you on expansive journeys, at least mentally, into areas which you might or might not wish to follow with your feet. By the end of November a realistic schedule of possibilities is kindled and demands a tougher approach by the middle of December. The Venus/Capricorn retrograde motion, a week before Christmas, sees either a staking out of ground, or a longer pause for getting the stamina, resource and determination needed to make the chapter workable. If your current lifestyle at that point is in any way bleak, then the struggle is made more attractive - or less daunting - as you see that change always comes at a price. The last four months of the year for Pisces is about balancing the figures, or juggling the loyalties, in order to arrive at a system of movement. September to October is an optimum period for this balancing act, but is only part of the story.





Jupiter - entering your sign briefly between May and August - has shown you a glimpse into what might be a more advantageous atmosphere or set-up for your immediate life. Try re-looking at the basis on which all or any of the above can be sustained by reviewing what was planned between January and May, and then pick up loose threads. By mid October you can allow the whole framework to carry the new theme into January. If some of this is merely inspirational, and not grounded in practicality, then the last Mercury retrograde of the year in LIbra in late September to mid October will determine how compromise can be made between the old or the traditional policies and the newly required conditions. Then you can make the leap of faith into the relatively unknown. Saturn going direct in your solar twelfth house in the second week of October sees a stronger position from which you can make obstacles - previously out of your control - more surmountable. This might be a slow process but it’s November when you see that the encircling loop reviving support or security from others has been one which needed strengthened understanding from February last, and can now be widened, as you make it into unfamiliar and yet somehow recognisable territory. November shows you the more powerful connections or avenues to longer term destinations from which you cannot be deterred come late December, when hard facts are the only discernible rate of exchange. Once you have determined the core of the reason for the changes you want - not the frothy outer edges of fancy which don’t stand the test of time.



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