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September 2018

Once Mars is direct in Aquarius, your twelfth solar house, in the second week of September, you should begin silently moving forward again, or begin being free of constraints over which you had no say or control. By the middle of October the situation has somehow gone a full circle with where it was in late June and breaking out of a restrictive cycle which disallowed or prohibited life from seeing progress. By mid November when Mars goes into your own sign your concerns are more personal or up close, and the one thing you have to guard against is an excess of emotion or nostalgia, and included in this a dose of self-pity, which should not be relevant to where you are heading and all to do with what you left behind after seeing errors you perhaps refused to address in the beginning weeks of 2018.


The presence of Jupiter in Scorpio has meant for some of you the deepening of bonds with those afar, or the puzzle of how to move to places and people whom you see as part of your future in the very personal sense. If this is going to happen it is the first week of November when a square between Mars and Jupiter makes sensible the conditions which have to be established, and those which need changing, in order that this becomes viable. A little after that, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius in November, horizons will seem different as fresh angles occur which illuminate prior blind spots so that they are no longer shadows which cast doubt but grey areas that require better management. Often it is impossible to know that vision has been limited until light throws relief on things underlying then diminishing with fresh eyes primed to see differently. The vista perceived twelve months ago may not have altered, but your stand-point or perspective onto it has certainly done so by December. The final and third Mercury retrograde motion of this year is in Sagittarius between November and December and this aids the expansive mission of Jupiter in ways which connect the dots, so long as you see where the false information or implausible facts lead to unachievable intentions within the scheme; to cling to these amid big reality checks is to lessen smoother passage to what you are aiming for as December creeps along to Christmas.


While Uranus is moving between Aries and Taurus it is making the stretching of finances against the odds a sector of life to come under the spotlight, if you are to get a grip on the scenario you begun to build in May to September as something reliable or expandable by March next. The truth is that you cannot then alter certain factors in the way that it is possible in the last few weeks of this year. In life it is impossible to stand still and the universe moves us on whether we are ready or not. A new chapter begins with the onset of Uranus moving finally into Taurus in March 2019. Cycles of time and energy are superior to our wish to cling to what we know, or what we think is necessary. Your immediate environment and the way you see it has to have a better under-pinning and a purpose beyond the horizon which motivates you to go to the next stage. The conjunction between Mars and Neptune in early December, and Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn, is bringing that purpose into contrast with what you once saw as important but may no longer care about. This is especially true for those of you born in the first deconate of Pisces, but will become apparent to all as next year unfolds. See our blog Uranus into Taurus – Moving Heaven & Earth @ Moving Heaven & Earth



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