February 19th - March 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


It’s not an easy time for Pisceans, in any walk of life. Your Sun ruler, Neptune, sits in his own domain and is demanding that you do what it is you do best - we shrink from saying what you were born to do, but there is an element of needing to understand where your contribution best lies in order to reap rewards. At present the planet is retrograde, resting if you like, and then going direct in early December. During this period, of September to then, it is easy to become sidetracked by indifference, but Jupiter in Aries in the twelve months prior to May drove a campaign in the area of earnings or money factors - whether you were on board with it or not. And the outcome might have been to show you that money is not necessarily tied to what you do on a daily basis to earn it. But that this may be used to springboard something creative which ultimately brings more lucrative rewards, benefits and the abundance which equates wealth. The problem might be inconfidence, or indifference, or downright reluctance to the effort required, but the thing now is to find out what lies beneath that: is it fear or is it reluctance to commit? The retrograde aspect of Venus/Leo in the area of your vocation from July to early September has produced an underlying rhythm which makes for strong and protracted urges in the area of vocation. When it emerges or rises again to the top it will look and feel different than previously, making it possible to allow or receive whatever is needed in order to better succeed or define yourself so that you can have more of a say, different choices or a more comfortable setting from which to dip in and out of a pursuit which may have to be sidelined for now, but is still growing or ripening and won’t be easily ignored. October can bring the kind of deeply suppressed talents or skills which shape a profession or a business rather than dictating a job. Jobs are one thing, and planned and organised careers are another thing entirely.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


It cannot be denied that your sign loves love - and loves to be a lover. But just now, with Jupiter in Taurus and the area of your everyday experience, you are being urged to widen your scope of understanding about where love can be found and where it should be allowed. A whole dimension or dynamic opens up before you, no matter how unknown or untried, and beckons you to revel in heightened popularity. The months of May through to August have delivered an unexpected bus load of acquaintances (possibly to become friends) to your doorstep. If you have not seen it this way, it may be because you are thinking of where this fits with other matters, or with beliefs about where you should fit. By the end of the year, and especially in November, you have seen how some of these encounters can deepen or be taken to more lasting levels - and then there is the knowing of who is to remain closer and who is to be on the more remote edge of your life. Sometimes it is the least expected of people who become meaningful to us, and the rest simply float into the ether. We need at times to let people go from our lives, it is a fundamental fact of life, and Pisces often has problems doing this. Becoming bogged down with the responsibility of friendship and those who seem ‘needy’. Weeding out those who are needy and those who have a lot to give is a delicate juggling act between empathy and practicality. The balance is teetering in this in September and the first half of October, but the essence of what is real is felt and known by December and then the world is enhanced by the supportive and the like-minded and you can go into new realms of enjoyment or fulfillment with co-operative others who share the knowledge that they belong as much as you recognise or value their coexistence in your orbit.



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