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May 2017

In May, Mars trawls Gemini and the solar house concerned with your private and emotional life, and it divides the thinking on whether you should balance off the records before entering into fresh fields… or whether you should just plunge. Far better to wait until June when the direct motion of Jupiter in Libra brings the second phase of expansion to matters luxurious or pleasurable. Neptune, your ruler, in your own sign ,wants nothing better than to lull you into a relaxed phase of living, and particularly those Pisceans born in the first and second deconate. Make sure this is not false sense of security. You can ignore warnings only several times before they become urgent decisions to action. August and September bring the third retrograde Mercury motion in Virgo, your polar opposite sign, reminding you that there are other people or considerations at stake in all of this now. If you have based things simply on your need to be generous or popular you will be reminded in August that it is not always the best way to win friends and influence people. Some people round about you may be more concerned with how you can display tenacity of purpose or common sense in undertakings rather than how you are prepared to flatter or make them feel good. You may consider them to be boring old fuss pots or miserable skinflints, but they are still necessary to your life in some way.


Jupiter on its last lap of Libra in June is winding down some of your interactions in order to change course for deeper waters of adventure and new frontiers. So again we see an urging to get out of a rut or try new things. A learning curve it may be, but it is also one which you can take easily in your stride if you don’t ignore what July to September presents in the way of numbers wrongly crunched or promises not upheld. Remember what we said earlier about ignoring warnings. All this cautionary stuff may not actually affect some of you directly, but it is evidence of what is not right among the cast of characters with which you are surrounded - or in the general set-up. It is easy to overlook minor discrepancies, and then realize too late that they seem to be written in tablets of stone. Look at the small print or read between the lines. September to October purges and then allows some rebalancing of the scales, out to November.


Your ruler, Neptune, is retrograde in June, signifying your need to go a little under the radar, or to be less responsible in the front line. It is true that Neptune spends a lot of its time in retrograde motion, but there are periods when this is more meaningful than others – like the latter part of June when its trine to Mars in Cancer is making for a period of sentimental longing or sensitivity over matters which in the past brought joy or comfort, and may look to do so again. Wait until August for proof of that. The third Mercury retrograde motion in the second week of August to second week of September, coming as it does in Virgo and Leo, will test the strength and the continued goodwill around these ideas and clear away any false notions. The better parts of the past twelve months are revealed in October, when Jupiter enters Scorpio and Mars enters Libra and there can be no denying what must be seen as having the true identity and the potential to be manageable.



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