February 19th - March 19th



The brief entrance of Jupiter into your own sign in May heralds the beginnings of something potentially idyllic or transformational. Remember the saying: ‘from the sublime to the ridiculous’ and then you can not go far wrong. It is right for you to view this middle May to middle June period as something which you feel is exactly your right element, but some work needs to be done before you accept the terms it demands. You have a chance to check these between mid June and August when Jupier is in retrograde, taking you back over recent developments. From August to middle October you should see where the better or more tranquil spheres can fit with what you wish to preserve from previous times. It may require some fine or firm adjustments, so that you can accept the new sense of being in January and expect it to take you on a fuller journey during 2022. Pisces are famous for sticking their head in the sand or being in denial of things too harsh in reality terms. For the new era to work it must seam with the framework you have recently built - first four or five months of this year - and be a contrasting upgrade rather than an insubstantial extension which may not sustain. The retrograde motion of Mercury in Gemini in June may play havoc with personal diversity and incurred costs perhaps, but by July you have a better grip on the financial, and by September and October you are working out the finer details and the more balanced programm with anyone else concerned - should you decide to proceed.





The retrograde motions of Mercury this year are all in air signs, quite diametrically opposed to the way Pisces nature inclines itself. They are transiting sequentially your twelfth, fourth and eighth solar houses. In this they tend to reveal the real ideas and beliefs behind some of your proposals and plans concerning personal and intimate life, and the things you find hard to detail or explain. Mars in Leo and your sixth solar house in June and July sees your popularity take a boost in areas of vocation or dedication to cause. Or perhaps just because of how valuable others find you to be. For some of you Pisceans it is wise not to become the unexpected or unwitting servant of someone else. Especially in July or August when certain alliance may disguise itself as partnership - partners are usually equal, in whatever area the alliance is held. It is one thing to be willing to plow the fields you excel at, quite another to bear too heavy a burden. You do not have to prove anything beyond your willingness to be a part, and the sincerity of yourself and everyone else is under the spotlight at that time. And by September it is something that has to be taken as read before going ahead with things which will require wider connection to the world.



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