February 19th - March 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The prospect of Saturn through your sign now for the next two years may have daunted some of you. But the truth is that this placement is heavy for everyone, whatever their sign. You are probably okay with the kind of intense atmosphere brought about by this aspect. Which is not to say you welcome it, but that you can more easily adjust to it. Those of you born within the first decanoate of Pisces may feel the brunt of any undercurrent in the next twelve months, as Saturn passes over your natal Sun, but the real message may be to initiate what you planned last summer, even if it’s not clear how to do so without a tug of war taking you forward four steps then back two steps. After the middle of June the restrictions will have shifted considerably. Your own inhibition might be the worst thing you face … and it will feel very real. And then in July the presence of others comes to the fore to lift veils of uncertainty - either by supportive acts or instructive guidance. May is a time of greater prosperity - although we are not saying this is necessarily from your own efforts or earnings: revenue and income are not commensurate directly with earnings, and can spring from all kinds of sources. The Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo in August to September renders the area of shared wealth and progress to more stylised money-graphics, free of the criticisms on how you do things. Not every method of increasing prosperity works for every person. There is not a one-size fits all. Money is a mental energy - if it’s anything at all. You can appreciate this most after September - if you let the cork free to float and then balance in the way it suits the mixture.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


If it is not your vocational life benefitting from Mars and Venus through Leo in May to early July it’s the recreational service you contribute to something you feel is worthwhile. Though in late July to early September, when Venus turns retrograde in Leo, you might be reticent about just how much further to get involved. Either with people who seem to be taking an avid interest in what you are accomplishing or in you personally. Either way, you have to put your modesty to one side and express what you feel. To not do this is to leave an open door to misunderstanding. Once Mercury has finished turning in your opposite sign of Virgo in mid September you can start to see how much you have to gain or lose, and then weigh it all up and see how much you want to enter deeper into realms which can be exhilarating, if a little deep at points, or how much you want to stay on the safe ground. Mars through your polar opposite sign for most of July and August brings a feeling of trust to dealings with significant others, and then in September the joining of forces with whatever has been produced or discovered - and not necessarily with the one or ones you journey with in the summer months. It’s about the dawning of a heartfelt joyfulness and the decision of how much it means. Powerful forces lurk in the wings here. But they will not coerce you; only beckon or encourage - and you will feel or recognise them in the last few days of August and the first half of September.



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