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May 2018

As Uranus heads up the last degrees of Aries in early May, quickly joined by Mercury and squaring Mars in Capricorn - all in your first solar house of self definition and empowerment - the chances are of you needing to be prepared to talk emphatically or confront issues that need to radically change or be put to rest. In what area of life exactly depends upon your individual chart and rising sign. But there is some quite intense action calling for control and focus. It precipitates the entrance of Uranus into Taurus in the middle of May which breaks customs of seven or so years, and gives a different slant to your everyday schedule or the thoughts you have upon that As Mercury shortly follows Uranus into Taurus we can see that some of these changes will be accompanied by the need for strong negotiation or communication before things go more easily into place. Or perhaps the forging of new patterns will include vastly new and unique understanding that requires you to get tougher or braver about where you are heading, whether you have to alter the destination or whether you choose to stay on course. The long transit of Mars through Aquarius from May to November falls in your twelfth solar house of secrets and hidden agendas and briefly passes back into Capricorn in mid August to early September, giving a handle on better objectivity or connectivity before you proceed with the widening of any experience from then on.


Jupiter in Scorpio is still urging you to enlarge the thinking processes to include philosophies or alternate windows on your life as it could be (or needs to be) after the curfews of the Mars transit has allowed you to pass the places where you get stuck in old ways or arrangements and honour your new found judgement and trust the more modern approach to old needs. Life is a moving vehicle, upon which we are all traveling, and we sense and believe that only when we enter periods of calm after periods of shared or joint action which then calls for the questioning of our role within them and the next phase of development based on what we have achieved or realized about ourselves. We may change vehicles to better destinations, but we also take with us some of the other passengers whom we are obliged to help along the way. Even this brings choice, and we can refuse to get pulled into their old ways or we can hold back our own progress whilst we play fresh parts in the same lessons that maybe they have not grasped previously. The second Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in Leo in late July to mid August, and this clears up some of these questions of loyalty and allegiance by showing the difference between insincere attempts to make things better and the genuine efforts which will lead to matters being right. You cannot help but see the glaringly obvious in those you share time and space with then. Putting things to the test in September if you have to.


The presence of Saturn in Capricorn this summer is in retrograde motion, giving the opportunity to flex and test some of the pillars of strength you are relying on to withstand the winds of change or the rigors of new outposts. Support systems must be flexible as well as durable, and any design will require change along the way. If those round about are holding to hard and fast rules or old agreements then you are pulling excess load along a new route. Some people are planners and some are ‘chancers’, maybe your plan requires a bit of both. But try to see the difference in the two characteristics before the second week of October. Then the pace picks up on what was slowed in June when the distinction between the two is crucial to overall result. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius and your tenth solar house in November the climate and the tempo will change from one of exploration and consideration to reality of interaction or pro-action in matters of your outer world experience.



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