February 19th - March 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


Transiting Mars in Aries in your solar house of money and wealth in May and part of June might argue with your Sun in Pisces on occasions; in as much as whether you should go for something all-in, or be cautious and take smaller steps. There is no right or wrong answer overtall, but the solution may lie in what you feel most confident doing. The attitude you bring to things, and the deeper inclinations, tend to influence the flow. Jupiter going into Gemini in late May and remaining for the following twelve months presages a division in feelings or thought processes whereby you are possibly pulled between two or more needs, obligations or pressures in spending issues. For a lot of you it will not matter, and even so the apportioning of currency is necessary - and in some cases expedient to the course taken. Those of you born in the first decanate of Pisces will experience this the most, or more keenly. And however much the retrogradation of Mercury in Aries throughout April has sorted some of the complexities or confusions, the plan has still to be laid. Others concerned have to be in agreement if hold-ups or niggling details are not to derail things in July or August when the second Mercury retrograde motion falls in Virgo and your solar house of partnerships and close alignment. In August when Mars enters Gemini - narrowly missing a conjunction with Jupiter but sailing close enough to divide thinking on certain matters - the decision has to be made about priorities. Matters seem more amicable by September and it is possible to have both comfort and flexibility in planning; the knowledge that everyone is singing from the same sheet, or at least looking for the same outcome.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Even though Saturn is transiting your sign and you may be fighting the effects by struggling to remain optimistic or fighting obstacles which feel like shadow boxing, you are powered somewhat in May by your more instinctive energy or your invincible drives. These perhaps cannot be properly understood, as yet. But the result from the middle of June is to see the ground or the basis of where you are heading grow firmer, and by mid June there is an unexpected bonus to your well-being when Mars and Mercury are conjunct in Cancer. You are then able to trust the support or the love coming from your surroundings. Some of you may be expected to engage in a more familiar ethos where family or loved ones are concerned, or to demonstrate the fact that you appreciate and respond to others with more directness or openness than of previous times. This is a very personable period lasting through July, and a time when your private life assumes a more prominent place in the everyday agenda and fuels the ability to go forward with a better definition of how you are viewed and trusted. So, in turn, how you can trust your place in the scheme of things. August and September allow for greater enjoyment and a sharing of hopes, without the fear of being misunderstood or left to shoulder the brunt of responsibility for what should be joint and collective effort in making life better. The one caveat is to not let yourself be too divided in time and energy, or become shredded by diverse demands; your nervous system must be in peak condition to fully enter into this period without undue exhaustion, or exertion, dampening the scene.



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