February 19th - March 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The main news for this year is Saturn leaving Aquarius after two years and entering Pisces in March, gripping by the middle of that month. The mellow and often languid rhythm of Pisces sees a very different climate then. Saturn is asking for earthing amid depth of reflection before consolidating factors can be present in all matters, first and foremost. You may feel an easing of the restrictions or forces present with Saturn/Aquarius. Because Saturn/PIsces tells of the need to be either hands-off or accepting of things you cannot change - until you see how you can change them, or if they may be changed at all. The direct motion of Mars in Gemini once more in mid January signifies a loop from September last - from which you may exit or see things very personal to you go into a straighter line of movement. Make sure this is not tangential or lacking control, until March when the tangents are justified. The period between November last and January has shown you the deep divides and the underbelly of issues known only by you, or managable only by you, so that in March and out until mid July you need to get more personally involved, or take more responsibility for outcome - assuming you know what you wish those to be. Jupiter in Aries in your second house is lending pro-active support again from January, having left you to reflect or flounder during the last two months of 2022. Until May you may need to repeat the efforts or the preps done last summer, but this time they should have a safer or more secure place by mid May. And it bodes well for your earned money or security. Mercury through Aquarius in February will see interactive support from unknown or unlikely places offering, at the very least, the details and facts which springboard the financial area of things to healthier shape by late May, with some major amendments in that month, or possibly a little before.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Venus/Aquarius in your twelfth house in square to Uranus/Taurus in the middle of the month brings some unexpected events into stark relief - unexpected perhaps because they are unique to you at that period - though all is not set to be revealed until May or June, possibly to you in full colour and depth. Or possibly to others around you where you have not wished to have certain aspects of your life known. Only following this point in January will you feel that you can accept what is looming on a shadowy horizon, or what is taking place in the periphery. It is fairly unique - at least to your experience to date. It maybe too difficult to define, and certainly to compartmentalize for others who might be curious. Your immediate environment may be transformed for good, or you might feel that you are being pulled into a new way of seeing your surroundings. Definitely some stretching or re-shaping is necessary, so that you accommodate what is to be a curtain-raiser on a new scenario or saga. Mars long transit through Gemini since last August is not set to end until March, and this too has supplied a better understanding of where you need to be heading to stop life from stagnating. The retrograde motion has allowed for examination, amendment and the pulling together of separate components which allow you to navigate better the road out to Spring.



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