February 19th - March 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The best month for your money making or wealth advantage is perhaps May, when Mars trawls Aries and the areas of your chart pertaining to all that. At least that period, and out to the second week of June, signals the time for risk taking or for revealing new sources of benefit. While March may be the time to take note of signs or communications leading up to it. As Saturn continues its transit in Pisces and makes a conjunction with Mars in the second week of April, you might want to become alert to what you have not been watching when it leaps out of nowhere to set alarm bells ringing. And you might also want to listen to new advice or wisdom coming in from about when to branch off existing paths and detour into fresher streams of revenue. Before going along the same route, oblivious to how it may have altered. Mars and Venus in Aquarius in February are present in the area of your solar chart which is out of your immediate view or range, and can bring interesting diversions to claim your attention, but these may blind you to the more centralized focus needed on economic matters as May arrives. By the end of February, the torpor or the fog you found yourself in since last March 23 has lifted enough to allow better night vision, especially in April as the first Mercury retrograde motion in Aries tends to show you some of the previously obscured details or necessary parts which need tacking onto the older plans and data.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


If you start with a bleak outlook in the lifestyle sense, be assured that this can change once the second transit of Jupiter in Taurus - after its stationary period - begins to gain momentum in January and takes up the slack of things looking highly promising or desirable in June last. By the end of March the picture should be clearer, and fuller, and whether it’s worthy of building on any farther is something only you can decide. Or whether your immediate environment and lifestyle is benefitting from the investment begun last spring, having to be paused perhaps last August. The daunting presence of Saturn in your sign will continue for a couple of years, but as it moves into second deconate in March it becomes less formidable and makes the circumstances it nailed to the mast easier to deal with. The point to watch is the second week of April, as mentioned in the ‘Abundantly Clear’ section, because Mars meeting Saturn’s steely guise can be tricky, even in ethereal Pisces, and the resulting clash of wills resulting in conflict or acrimony which cannot be defined enough to reach settlement: an acrid sort of mist which prevents clarity and forbids good air. This may be of your own making, but let the climax be of your own choosing. So as to avoid a deflating waste of time, energy and good will. The feel-good factor you experience in March, or the sense of being in the right place, is worthy of efforts of maintaining it in April and May, so that June gives the right ground for establishment.



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