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January 2017

By the middle of January the ruler of your sign, Neptune, is in the second deconate of Pisces for good.  This means the intensity of the last four or five years of certain processes which your sign was called to go through is lessened. The likelihood is that you will now put these changes in attitude or characteristic to work. Nothing in the way of change is wasted by the universe, and the changes that Pisces people have undergone are mostly in the way they see the very personal or emotional in life as having a broader canvass.  In short, the self-absorbed or overly sensitive side of your nature has now to be directed outwards (were it not previously) and these sensitivities and sensibilities are required to understand things beyond your own backyard, or agenda.  This is not easy to explain, but it is somewhat transparent in the way the detail of your life begins to shape up in January.  Both Venus and Mars are in your sign for the first month and both making strong conjunction to Neptune within the first ten days. Some very powerful impressions are being made, and calling for response, and you are having to decide how to act on them – by February if possible.


The conjunction to Mars and Venus then moves to Aries, while Mercury is in Aquarius, so there needs to be decision around issues needing to be taken to more secure realms and at the same time the formulation of a plan for staying in contact with things distant or somehow remote. This may well change in March and April quite a bit, as Venus and Mercury both retrograde and take the story through several layers of unfoldment to a point of greater or even final clarity in May.  Venus retrograde is notorious for causing undue shyness or secretiveness, and whether this is justified depends on your individual plan and the approach you have decided to give it. But by June you will know whether it has been wise to adopt the approach or whether it has led to too much division and impossible splits in your time and energy.  You may have achieved ends at the wrong cost.  If so then August and September lets you change the terms or see how and why you made wrong moves.


Mercury and Venus in Aquarius in February and some of March in your twelfth solar house are asking for discretion at the very least, when awkward communications or unknown lines of inquiry have to be navigated before you are able to set the details of what you know to a clearer and more central picture of where it fits and how it can be used.  Friends may feel alienated by your new interests, or it could be that if they are part of those interests they are seeing them in an entirely different way to yourself. January/February is a challenging time in the personal sense, but from it comes the more unusual or unique opportunities that make for an interesting canvas at the turn of spring into early summer. It's a year of straightening the record with those who mean the most, and perhaps learning more about yourself in relation to them via challenges overcome together or on their behalf.


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