February 19th - March 19th



As Saturn leaves Capricorn along with Jupiter and enters your twelfth solar house in January the effect upon you may be one of incredulity, as your fears and hopes take on different shape and give you both the greater freedom to prove some things wrong and other things not worth worrying about. The first half of January sees Saturn and Jupiter battle it out in a tug-of-war between moving and standing fast. The mutability you possess gives you the enviable flair to ride the wave as life flows by. But the square made by Uranus/Taurus to the two planets is aided by Mars in the middle of the first month and pushes you to make some kind of resolution or decision - change, or consolidation! If we do not take the initiative in certain matters the universe intervenes with incidental energy and movement (or so it appears). What is actually happening is that our reluctance is allowing the line of least resistance to take over. For many of you the long transit of Mars since last July saw a revolution in your earning power or your monetary issues which is set to end in January. leaving it in a more stable place. The November onslaught of Mars going direct has either led to the final push of pieces leading to where you aimed to be in June last. Or it has diverted you (possibly last October/November) along other paths. If you do not see the improvements you wished for in security issues by the end of January, then it is better to wait for further guidance in late March and April when the Sun in Aries gives illumination and solidity to matters needing your confidence or innovation before any result is in sight.





Those results in matters of abundance talked of in the above paragraph might be small but they are resoundingly reassuring if they appear, because they tell of further to go to make permanent any changes which open doors to fresh experiences of life - once Mercury retrograde in Aquarius has stopped turning during February. The knack then in March is to negotiate two vehicles or more than one intended direction and keep them running parallel and in sync until June when Jupiter makes a small excursion into your sign out to August. Fortune or favour get a better look in then. Meantime, from the third week of March and through the first half of April what is definitely required is a steady and silent adherence to the aim, followed by assertive action amid a fast moving scene. Jupiter is the planet of benevolence and generosity, so April to May is when you should be prepared to extend those qualities before expecting them to be reciprocated fully after mid October. The going might have been tough if you took on some campaign in the last six months of 2020. Or you made an onslaught into new vocational routes. This is because attitude had to align or adjust before you could get easy with sudden changes, but the effort will bring its own reward as 2021 moves through, No effort is wasted, although results can be tangential. It is like saying we have to keep moving or we stagnate, and all movement is made up of will and effort. As Jupiter moves fully into your sign next year you are glad of the bridge which took you from old regimes, or the new scenarios beckoning you on to ever increasing benefit - and ones which you did not think you needed before they actually appear. Your experience this year is of seeing notions and values you once had but maybe did not remember until they come full tilt into your orbit to give meaning to what you are going through.



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