February 19th - March 19th

January 2018

Saturn is now in Capricorn, your eleventh solar house, following three years in Sagittarius and your tenth solar house. Where the accent was on finding a more profound basis for security in your world, in differing senses of the word. The extremes of Saturn may have forced you to endure scenarios and situations that were not your cup of tea, but you have emerged from these (hopefully) with a broader sense of vision and a better grasp of how you handle change within your working or worldly life. In your ninth solar house of Scoprio now, Jupiter is transiting until November 2018. This brings to light the need for some better examination of your place in the supposed scheme of things, either professionally or in other ways concerning emotional or spiritual matters. Especially at the end of February when Mercury and Venus enter your own sign, calling for patience and insight at the end of the month , as the pair conjunct Neptune and take you to more sublime realms or parts of your imagination needing guidance to stop you from going off at a tangent. It isn't that the way you are seeing and feeling then is a waste of time, it is that it needs to be merged with other facts and other parts of your personality in order to enrich your life rather than hinder it.


When Mercury does its first retrograde stint of the year in Aries in March, your second solar house, the money end of things may spin a little. Some Pisceans will be tempted to spend prodigiously, while others will strain at the bit wanting to splurge or take a chance on plans less than clear. The Sun in Aries at the end of the month throws light on these things whilst encouraging the more daring to go for it. It is not until May when Mercury is direct again and conjunct Uranus that you can go ahead with any surety – though the surety is black and white between safety and danger. But efficient or alternative ways through this hazardous bout of spending and finance are then available. Uranus itself is set to leave Aries in May after a seven year transit. Its presence in Taurus, a more equable sign, brings a time of harvest after a period of struggle to plant and grow. For many Pisces people the need to break with the old will be welcomed, as Taurus renders more beneficial alternatives. For other Pisceans there will be perhaps unjustified demands made in various areas of life - depending on individual charts - by those with stronger wills or egos, and these need to be either met or dissolved as Uranus begins to grip the Taurus out to August, retrograding back into Aries in November and giving the need to finalize or complete any battles for autonomy of purpose in financial matters. Or to break with old ways which brought turmoil and uncertainty, or difficult people who were hard to shake.


When Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio in the first part of January, the pointers or the vital information as to what needs to be followed, studied and understood better are perhaps hazy but obvious. Your ninth house is one of the most interesting and enigmatic of the houses. Pisces, in common with Scorpio, is a deep and mysterious vibration, so that all things hidden appeal greatly. The transit of Jupiter through Scorpio brings vital rejuvenation to stagnant waters and there is a renaissance or a rekindling of old issues and forgotten chapters which are more significant than not to the incoming passages of time. See our blog: ‘Jupiter in Scorpio’ … evoking the drama... View


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