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January 2019

The square your ruler Neptune makes to Jupiter in Sagittarius throughout January brings to light the question of balance between your responsibilities and your natural inclinations. The short term for this is ‘compatibility’. Things ignored in this region will be highlighted in March when the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year happens in Pisces throughout the month. It may show up vagueness or absence of focus, or the feeling of simply wanting to drift away from scenes that are too demanding or stressful. After this it will be impossible to deny what has been done for reasons of expedience and what has been done from good intention. The latter may bring another way through dilemmas whilst the former will bring a dead-end or a brick wall. January seeing the transit of Mars through your area of finance and money may well give the explanations to what you have thought expedient and you may be forgiven for ignoring other factors as a superb trine between Jupiter and Mars in n the latter half of January tends to spur on the dash to fulfill opportunities, but as mid February arrives it is either the substance or lack of it which sees the proof unfolding of how well any effort – however thorough – will stand the test of time.


Jupiter of course is well and truly in Sagittarius now and will remain there until December. See our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ http://cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. In this placement Jupiter s famous for bringing myriad opportunity and generous life offerings, then whipping them away again as it leaves its own sign of Sagittarius. So the need to control the wooly thinking and the procrastination is paramount in importance if you are to claim what the harvest is yielding this year. And it yields only as much as you set your sites on in January and maintain properly until the autumn. When Jupiter's second forward motion begins in August the groundwork must be not just complete but showing signs of healthy growth for any renewed efforts in the area diligently served in the first four months of the year to be worthy of greater effort.


The second half of this year then is easier in terms of your world showing you what it’s capable of giving back, but only if between April and August you rein in excesses that are unnecessary and indulgences that can't be made to add up. For many Pisces people the curtain of denial is hard to draw back for fear of what has lain gathering dust for too long, but those born in the second deconate of the sign will need to take a closer look at what they feel is more sensible now to allow into the light. Saturn still in your eleventh solar house of recreation, lifestyle choice and ambition may have moved from its numbing and stumbling beginnings in Capricorn last year, where it dictated a limitation or a curfew on the amount of progress you might have otherwise made in those matters. but it has for many of you cast something of a shadow over the confidence you feel you have to spare for things extraneous to survival and practicality. This legacy is not simply a punitive thing, it remains so that you can see where the basis or the foundations waiver in your skill-set of engineering future life. This will not last forever, but you should make all founding arrangements solid now and do not take too seriously the austerity measures encountered during 2018. Whilst understanding that all of us have limitations and short comings and yours may have been highlighted somewhat pointedly of late.


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