23rd September - 23rd October

September 2018

Uranus is moving backwards to Aries in September, your polar opposite sign, and asking for closure on issues that were partially done with by May but still linger in some fashion, awaiting fuller understanding before being completely laid to rest. This comes more between November and January when the planet is back in the late degrees of Aries and rekindles or refreshes the page. It coincides with the third and final Mercury retrograde motion in Sagittarius when the accent is on what was promised and not delivered, or what seemed to be the case and proved to be not so. The clarity – or some may say the truth – dawns in the first two weeks of December with the onset of Jupiter in Sagittarius for a twelve month transit. Jupiter expands issues and minds, and much of what is presented or done in November may be down to the need for optimism or goodwill as much as anything else. But the facts of all this are put to the test in January, when Mercury conjuncts Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn and gives the determination and the grit to face the challenges of tougher communication or stronger opinion in matters that were perhaps left too much to chance or to the say of others.


Jupiter leaving Scoprio in November takes much of the drama out of financial and money matters, but then underlines the needs of the everyday life requiring support which were put on hold – maybe while finances were sorted, or so that the plan could be suited to the means available. Tougher confrontation or compromise is seen starkly in January, and whether this is with those round about or within the frame of your own proposals, it is clear that some practical or more grounded period has arrived from which action springs. Meantime, the rest of this year is for tying up lose ends. Next March Uranus enters Taurus fully and finally the habits and structures surrounding interaction and exchange start to change in the ways you have seen probable in previous months, but with more vigour or the kind of impetus that brooks little interference. The mechanism of Uranus is one of bulldozing forward and ramping up pressure and speed, and in an earth sign is felt as substantial and fundamental upheaval or permanent development. See our blog …. Uranus into Taurus - Moving Heaven & Earth @ Moving Heaven & Earth.


The third and final retrograde motion of Mercury is in Sagittarius in November to December and gives the financial areas mentioned in the first paragraph a twist or two, so that you then see the need to sort the wheat from the chaff or the truth from error as December leads to Christmas. In the first twelve days of December there is a need to go back to information from the last week of October and view it in a different context or stronger light before you can say you have the missing facts and the more obscure meanings which may have eluded you in autumn. A lot of this year has been about closing down outworn paths or finishing with unproductive avenues of endeavor. The last three months is for personal alignment to upcoming horizons and saying goodbye to painful circumstances.



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