23rd September - 23rd October



November is the time to watch finance carefully, or to watch the pointers to how it can be improved over a long-term plan. Expenditure then might eat away at the budget in small bite size chunks which actually become larger and perhaps, in places, invisible to the eye over 2022. Many Librans are using their entrepreneurial skills to improve life, and many are striving to assist others through hard times, and all of this takes its toll out to the end of the year. It is a time of great financial upheaval for many, but LIbra above other signs knows how to adopt a philosophy appropriate to what cannot be avoided. The third Mercury retrograde in late September to the middle of October is one of fact sifting - if you are wise - and of allowing the unknown facts, and people, to get into a place where they are best positioned to show their worth. There are always some set-backs, but there are not always opportunities, or crises; those are extremes of fortune. The change in tempo and economy is another reason to redirect the lifestyle, often in directions that were not thought sensible or seen as possible previously. The wind of unwelcome change is a double-edged sword. Sometimes we do not move in a positive direction for our long-term good, until the wind takes us and the options are narrowed to a fine point of limited decision. The decisions growing from (perhaps the only one to be taken) in November, are far from limited if the prime decision is directed with an eye to offsetting any caveats coming into action in late December.





The fact that Mercury is retrograde in your sign in late September to mid October signifies the swinging of the proverbial scales of LIbra. Meaning different things to different LIbran people, it will nevertheless bring some kind of disarray to lifestyle somewhere along the line. But with Jupiter/Aquarius moving direct again just a day or so before Mercury/Libra the alignment or adjustments are eraser to make, allowing for the dust to settle on any chaos caused in proposals, notions and ideas you have for improving matters in either pleasure or passion zones of importance. The passion of life cannot be - or should not be - under-estimated; it is the fuel of the soul and oils wheels both physical and mental. As both Mercury and Mars transit Scorpio in November there is an intense accent on how such matters will be funded, budgeted for or made to seem acceptable in the grand scheme altogether by any critics watching on. The loop Saturn has taken between February and November allows for a containment of the necessities and prerequisite facts, so that December through to the end of January sees the proposed changes begin taking off, depending on what your actual birthday is within the dominion of LIbra. By February next year you have either hardened your resolve to stand your personal ground in what means most to you, or hardened your heart against criticism or negativity in your personal life which stops you from gaining better fulfillment or pleasure.



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