23rd September - 23rd October

‘Abundantly Clear’


Jupiter in the other Venusian ruled sign of Taurus, and your solar house of close connections, interaction and joint monetary affairs, is set to retrograde in the first week of September. This slows the recent burgeoning plans you have with others, or the interaction which moves you forwards with the assistance of others, but it gives time to recoup any oversights which may have cost money. And to rethink the immediate plans for future prosperity. The loop formed between August 23 and March 24 is where the meat of everything lies and where matters need the most careful consideration. Anything mooted in that period is put to the test of sensible grounding and durable sustaining before the yielding of any results intended in the first six months of this year. The slowing of Venus/Leo in the area of your aims for improvement - on any level of life - denoted a waiting period. And although Venus is direct again in September the waiting game was possibly due to what was questionable in July, or your own hesitance in feeling comfortable with it, which in turn required other factors to be brought into play. These are apparent by September perhaps, but they are still subject to an acid test of sustainable detail or honesty of purpose, and some deeper scrutiny of what underpins the framework takes place during October and November, This may be undertaken by you or by someone else for their benefit, but its outcome is not revealed until late November or early December. The waiting game may then be over, so that the extent or width of future development is the factor you need to consider and in which you have maximum choice.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mars is transiting your sign in September and brings everything that is ‘Libran’ to the fore …. Connectivity, styling, facilitating, negotiating and searching out the balance. Balance is an integral fact of life and nothing much is achieved without it. For many Librans the balance is rocked by Mars on the move over your Sun and needs to be re-thought or re-made. It will necessitate changes naturally, as things always move on and transform. By the time you have discovered why things went off kilter you may also see why this happened, and how to rectify it. Probably by the end of October - the need for intricate communication or renewed negotiation is at its height in October as you find that what was a minefield of confusion in March is set to rock the boat unless clarity is upheld and shared - and some de-mystifying of purpose or motivation is cleared. Human nature is tricky, but it is never trickier than when people have hidden agenda cloaked as something else in plain sight. A kind of gaslighting effect has to be discerned amid the more transparent story. Tricky but worth the price of discovery. The minefield then, in October, is more like an unplowed field full of pitfalls, but at least they are visible and can be removed or circumnavigated by the start of next year. Disclosure of all kinds is due to take place in December and it takes the breaks off slowed pace and movement.



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