23rd September - 23rd October

September 2017

The third Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in Virgo and your twelfth solar house, occurring in August but influencing a lot of September by reverberation - mostly from the fact that the little planet moves back briefly into Leo at the beginning of September and conjuncts Mars, precipitating the urge to re-jig the plans and developments of July which did not get finished (or even off the ground) to a better place where a steadier pace of progress is likely. Venus in Virgo in the last half of September and the first half of October makes you seek perfection, but when it enters your own sign in the latter half of October it turns this quest for the best to something more indulgent or self motivated. Mars joining the agenda at the end of October seals the deal and nothing can stop you as you collect the names and numbers of people you need for whatever the next phase of life enhancement is for you.


It means different things to different people of course, it always does, and not everyone ploughs the same field for the same reasons. Astrologically we can see the qualities and energies prompting people to have similar emotions and actions for very varying personal reasons. But whatever you do and feel at this time, the presence of Jupiter in Scorpio from the second week of October will make you intensely aware of what lacks or restrictions need to be dealt with before the resources and means to attaining goals run to plan. When Jupiter has left your own sign and moved to the next door neighbor, Scorpio, the focus is on finance and security and feelings of well-being from those. Naturally there will be areas where well-being is lacking or in doubt, but this is the reason of the Mercury retrograde motion in August/September; you will know by the end of September whether the strong needs proceeding from July are highly dispensable, or highly meaningful. Meaningful enough to pull out stops not previously pulled in order to achieve against the odds. It is not that all the odds are insurmountable, but that you have not counted on some of them appearing when they do as 2017 folds.


Planet Saturn is about to leave Sagittarius in December after a three year transit, and those Librans born in the last decorate of their sign will feel a strengthening of the links forged and built in everyday life which are set to become finalized or permanent from January. Other Libran folk may have already experienced this in the previous months of 2017. But the return of Saturn to it own sign of Capricorn brings both relief for some situations and warnings for other circumstances which have needed to be taken to better agreement or more transparent terms and instead have been left to meander a route which is now prone to stonewall or flounder. As the year ends it is best to watch for loopholes and grey areas where disappointment can follow deceptive financial planning or matters left too much on lightweight promises. These may become glaringly obvious in the first half of November, and to leave things any longer than the middle of the month is to court problems. Informational direction is shaky at best in December, so to become armed with the right facts in time for then gives advantages which cannot be under-estimated.



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