23rd September - 23rd October

May 2017

The full moon in your sign at the start of April highlighted the anomalies and juggling acts central to your life now. What it may not have done is present the solutions, or even the clues to those. It is for the last phase of Jupiter going through your sign to complete the most mystifying parts of your equation which some Librans dare not look at too closely. An enigmatic sign, Librans do not at first appear to be so deep, or devious, but on closer inspection they often prove to be as tricky as a barrel load of monkeys. The erudite and downright smart way you have of seeming to be sceptical of matters whilst all the time placing trust in them is so confusing to others that it can be easily overlooked. May is such a time, when your choices are upon you but you will not be coerced by anyone into making them until they have become the widest they can be - and this is not fully known until the second week of June.


When Jupiter leaves your sign finally and enters Scorpio in October it takes with it the last of some of the easier arrangements you might have had with people who – although they accept you just as you are – cannot help but change plans because you want more than they are able to offer. This is an unknown yet, but by November it becomes clear to you. Meantime, make sure that in July you do not put too much importance on your frivolous desires, or go for something which you can’t resist, thus upsetting those people mentioned above. This is a contingency brought about by needing to have what you want or what you see in June as being fundamental to your happiness. Your sign loves to indulge its luxurious side at the expense of other things, and always believes things will be good. And it possibly is, in the monetary sense, but the area of the support or loyalty from partners etc is still being tested by the transit of Uranus through Aries in your polar opposite sign, and it brings about the anomalies mentioned in the opening paragraph, due to the breech between your understanding going into conflict with other opinions. This have peeked around the 15th of April with the Uranus conjunction with the Sun. If so,it has perhaps cleared or left narrowed exit points to follow.


The third retrograde motion if Mercury in Virgo in August tends to mix up the detail and the fact and fiction. It is such a confusing time for Librans that we suggest you don’t try to sort it until the second week of September. By then, the evidence and the movement of things is such that you do not have to conjure with propaganda or myth to find the reality of what is taking shape or being built; this will come in differing sections of life for you all, but will be obvious by the attention you need to give to those issues central to pertinent days. By October information leads to negotiation and the balance can be attained by looking at both side of the argument. Prior to that there could be so many sides to it that it has taken a shape you do not recognize. Your career is in the frame - or what you are trying to make of your world on the outer level, so the barriers and blocks given by Saturn in your third solar house are starting to move in August, if you stop swimming against the tide in July. It is not that you are being denied what you want, more that you are being requested to put int into perspective and go about organizing it in a sustainable way.



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