23rd September - 23rd October

‘Abundantly Clear’


When Jupiter entered your opposite sign of Aries last year in May it was for only a brief foray into your solar house of partnerships - enough to take you out to the end of July 21 and reveal the extent (or the limitation) of what others were prepared to do within joint agreement or plans. Now that Jupiter has completed a full transit of Aries you will be in full knowledge of whether they have delivered on promises made last summer, or in fact intend to. As Jupiter enters Taurus in May the process becomes altogether clearer and those round about more compliant, or perhaps more able to oblige with assistance unavailable previously. The second Mercury retrograde motion in April and May also occurs in Taurus and has a tumble-dryer effect on the facts and people with whom you share your joint affairs. But it is not until the middle of May and following that you feel able to rely on direction and destination in some precious or valuable ventures, despite the fact that Mars in Cancer by mid May has brought personal dealings with those influential in your world who perhaps before were more remote. The real results of efforts to upgrade, improve or prosper are apparent in June and await verification in August. The third Mercury retrograde in Virgo in August and September calls for either some investigation or discretion in going forward, and by September as Mars transit your sign the ability to bring all parts and details of your main schemes together smoothly should show. So that by the end of October, the better part of your talent for management or flair for tricky organisation brings satisfaction to everyone concerned.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The other Venus ruled sign of Taurus now sees that only those who share your ideals and stronger urges are stepping into the frame. This is courtesy of Mercury’s depth scrutiny and Jupiter’s more magnanimous expansion in Taurus in May. Saturn in Pisces now is causing a lot of stir; the waters of Pisces - seemingly tranquil on the surface - have powerfully deep movement and as this sign rules your solar sixth house, it brings considerable change or baffling issues to the area of vocation or work. If you want to test the waters you should do so before June - and then slow the pace or step back. Fathoming the depth takes some guts, or some preparation via experience. If the experience is not in your arsenal then it is certainly what you are gaining this next eighteen or so months. The danger of becoming overwhelmed by what you see or are immersed in is a symptom of Saturn/Pisces, but is to be expected in these times of unprecedented change and challenge. Your love of all things pleasurable and stylish can be indulged in June and July when Mars and Venus enter Leo, but Venus turning retrograde in late July needs careful handling as you are required to exercise patience, tolerance or allow someone else to set the pace, and even take the praise which might be your own by rights. This may not feel like a hardship; it may be more of a strategic maneuver, and any unjust or unfair repercussions from it might be righted naturally as October dawns. The one caveat is that in October and November it is unwise to brag, reveal too much of your hard won knowledge, or be tempted to delve into closed chapters. They are closed for a reason.



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