23rd September - 23rd October

May 2018

Long transit of Mars tough Aquarius May to November this year highlights your areas  of expressive and creative life which defines who you are, The fact that Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn briefly mid August to second week of September gives a window in which you can revisit what you thought of as the culmination to some affairs of early May and finish them properly with better understanding or the kind of flourishes that Librans love so much.  For flourishes we mean final touches which add panache or soften rough edges.  This is not possible until then, but it doesn't mean you don't get to progress the problems concerned; you should so so without looking back, for it is impossible to live in both the past and look to the future at the same time.  When the past is meant to converge in some way with the present it will show you, hence the brief period mentioned.


Uranus leaving Aries at the end of April and first week of May gives a dramatic or tense flavour to some partnership matters, but on entering Taurus in mid May will offer the chance to find the more unique or progressive results of what has been the journey of the last seven years with people who mean the most, or those who figures significantly in the scheme of your life.  Patterns and habits need to be broken and any of those which you feel are still valuable may be retrieved, but in a recycled form, when the planet retrogrades into late degrees of Aries in November to January. Allowing the smoother merging of both past and present from the start of the New Year..  For now it is wisest to seek the wisdom of what you have  experienced, for otherwise the tendency is to try to go around in the same loop when it is actually impossible, but may cause a rehashing of former concerns that waste your energy. There are some interesting renewals of your long lost connections or ambitions when 2019 dawns but distraction from things that have taken root in your private area of consciousness over recent years might detract from the ability to recognize and claim them.


The second Mercury retrograde motion in late July to mid August falls in Leo and stays in that sign until going direct again.  So the associations you can't quite forget or long to re-establish are not far from your thoughts. Some jostling for position is possible to some Leo people, and not necessarily of your own making, the rivalry or presence of others has to be dealt with before you can make the most of the benefits which Venus brings to your sign as August elapses.  The planet of desire and luxury which is Venus will enter Scoprio in the second week of September and deepen the desires and the more complex surroundings they are set in, before retrograding in October and giving the kind of test on resilience or patience which always yields some kind of lasting memory or result.  Just as Uranus enters Taurus Venus enters Leo and both these signs are vibrations of solid requirements or dogged determination.  For Librans the summer months are ones of knowing the values to be had away from hearth and home, or even of the simpler things associated with close quarters that may have been overlooked or not sustainable in the agenda previously, until some old ways have been allowed to disappear or  dissolve into the mists of time.



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