23rd September - 23rd October



Now that Venus is in the sign of Gemini and your tenth solar house, you may find that the conflicts of last May/June present themselves in a more acceptable way. In short, the situations are there but showing more as choices with perceptible paths that either please you or detail where you will feel comfortable. As Mars enters Cancer in May, the area of your lifestyle objectives demand a more personal involvement, or an up-closer negotiable period. Be prepared to talk about what it is you want, and the fear around going for it. Especially as Mars opposes Pluto/Capricorn in the first week of June and shows willing to anchor those needs into the future - provided you are prepared to state them plainly. The brief entrance of Jupiter into Pisces in May is giving a more relaxed attitude from others who are significant in your private life, or maybe they will actually be able to further the aims and the efforts of the first three months of the year by doing for you what you find yourself unable to face, or to achieve. There are two types of approach this year, the instinctive and passive, and the logical and pro-active. By August you will know how to somehow combine both. If the facts and figures still don’t make sense then backtrack between August and October and make up the deficit. Woolly headed thinking in June and July is not the end of the world if others are taking the reins and leading. Otherwise, take a rest and re-think until August shows you clearly where your own logic has let you down in the period of January to May. All will come good as long as you do not let go of the intention, even in confused circumstances. Individuals who know you and you trust are more around by October end.





The time for negotiation on some of the more important factors of your earning potential or your wealth gathering system may be November, when Sun, Mercury and Mars is in your second solar house. This on the one hand might be intriguing or interesting, but make sure it is not too late. May might be the time to take the important action - when clear and definitive accent is on the responsibility others around you need to take, or share, on some of the more onerous burdens or liabilities in collaborative matters. And although June’s retrograde Mercury/Gemini phase could jumble the figures and the facts - messing with future outlines, or with optimism itself - it is actually the latter days of July when the true response to what you need is in evidence, and the integrity is clearer. If your vocation, and means of earning or accruing money through this, is to show any signs of change it is late May to August. The brief transit of Jupiter into Pisces either softens the hard edges making things less demanding. Or it takes you into the realms of speculation and far off plans; these need to be refitted with the status quo from August to middle October, before you know whether you want the existing plan to proceed into anything approaching permanent. If you do not then backtrack to what was left behind, discarded or thought of as unnecessary in April.



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