23rd September - 23rd October

‘Abundantly Clear’


The main news this year is the entrance of Saturn into Pisces in March for the next two years or so. This influences your vocational area of life, and possibly your well-being. The best way to describe its effects is to liken it to a sponge filling with water - until mid June when it retrogrades. Between March and June you may feel you are absorbing too much of the worry that has been building since Mars made its long transit of Gemini from August last to the end of March this year. The issues over diversity of effort or divisions in future or professional paths may have been left in abeyance or not fully resolved. It might feel as though you are no further forward but are worse off in terms of the solidity you require for future security, while all the while trusting situations to supply information or hope which you are inclined to accept without question. You can, however, in January begin to move forward in understanding where you and others concerned might have been left hanging in August last. In many ways there is a circle formed from April 22 to January this year. And this is helped by the re-entrance of Jupiter into Aries in January, when the significant other people involved with you - or those around you - get more enthusiastic in terms of support. When Mars enters Cancer and your tenth solar house in late March you are more able to reach the connections required and the personal contact needed to put into motion the developments that demand up-close involvement. You need then to be ready for action requiring commitment to either teamwork or personal liaison, defined by the saying ‘the singer not the song’



‘Experiencing the Flow’


We all know that Librans like to feel balanced (another way of saying in full knowledge of where they stand and who they are with). This year poses the opportunity of being more catered to in this respect. The long transit of Mars/Gemini, August 22 to March 23, has left its mark by giving a clearer idea of where the road forward is set to be less than smooth - the anomalies have become obvious and the lack of maintenance needing repair, Your seventh solar house of partnership benefitted last spring/summer by Jupiter’s transit through early degrees of Aries, and the rewards from this January onwards are given by Jupiter’s re-entrance into the sign with intention of doing the full haul out to May. Partnership may be challenging, or association with those others who make up your close tribe, but it brings more transparency as people attempt again to complete what failed or stalled last October. Since the Mercury retrograde stint in your own sign last spring gave inklings of where your uncertainties linked with trust, co-operation or loyalty you are not surprised by U-turns or changes of mood on the part of others - or even your own doubts bearing influence - and it become a question of filling in the blanks where necessary by having alternative options ready. Plan B-s are a great resource, even when you feel you know others well. The change of sign of Pluto, also in March, sees the planet enter Aquarius but flounder until June and then retreat again into Capricorn; get the kind of anchorage or back-stop that is easily transferable when times call for it.



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