23rd September - 23rd October



Second week of January sees the exit of Mars from Aries, your opposing sign and your solar seventh house. This will have cleared a lot of lingering stuff, or forced progress with others around you - either terminating some association or instigating new stuff. The entrance Mars makes into Taurus in January buffs up the picture considerably; solid arrangement or substantial growth can be relied upon to take shape or to lend enough substance for change to have meaning. The efforts of the last six months of 2020 were perhaps in getting to a starting point for all this development and it would at some level concern financial stuff where it merged or mattered what other people thought or allowed. Those others might be personally allied to you, or they might be more detached, but still pivotal in what is possible. The input this has is vital to how you view your various choices or roads ahead as March arrives. Mars in the money sign of Cancer and the area of career in late April begs the need for you to be in personal harmony with people involved in either your work interests or your worldly path going forward. Now that Saturn is out of Capricorn and your innermost or private life, there is less impediment to the wishes or choices you tried to make last spring. The only thing you need to do is to understand any objections by those close to you, or the long term responsibilities you may share which cause a difference of opinion and split decisions.





Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all line up in Aquarius in January, beginning the year with some questions about whether to stay or whether to go. In other words, whether to remain where you’re standing or whether to take a chance and move position. This can apply even while you are not moving very far and be simply related to the terms of job, or something far less physical. Nonetheless it may pose a dilemma or a conflict, which could first have reared its head last May or June. The stability of proposed moves is apparent as January grips. But the overall details forming the fuller picture are better viewed once Mercury has done its retrograde stint in February; it helps discerns what on your part was just a visionary blip from what is a tangible and a possible new horizon. The way is clear for some visions to become the stuff of next steps, though not everyone is eager or confident enough to take them. LIbra is undecided often, and changeable, in that what looked good one week pales next to another good thing. It is not necessarily that you are flaky or fickle but that you seek perfection or its nearest counterpart. We would remind you that perfection is built, not just discovered. March may show you what the drawbacks are by removing the easier options and revealing the lack of background support, and that needs to happen so that you can attain more realistic responses or better liaison lines to what might not be a reality until the end of the year. Even so, things have to start somewhere, so the months following February cannot be played out by mere thinking about things: plausible advances have to be made, even if they are re-traced later on. Some of you may have no choice but to make large changes or stunning movement away from the norm.Your fear now is more of not making change than of what any change will mean. It will mean what you put into it while choices are yours, out until June - when certain options or channels are removed.



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