23rd September - 23rd October

January 2019

What a difficult year 2018 was in different ways, and on different levels. An uphill struggle where the old and outworn seemed to threaten closure without clear signs of where and how the new ground might be. Definitely the start of new eras for a lot people. For Librans, Mars begins the year in your opposing sign of Aries, where it gives a braver outlook to some partnership matters, if not to partners themselves. By the middle of February there is either an amount of substantiation to these matters wherever possible, or else the mood has dispelled and there maybe a stuck-in-the-mud feeling to plans and activities around those others who form your closer or more intimate world. So if you want the flame to ignite a larger fire then overcome your indifference or lethargy to small habits and requirements that make the difference and enter into the spirit of new experience. And as the middle of February passes make efforts to enjoy the more whimsical side of life and believe in the inspiration of others, if you can't believe in or summon your own. The entrance of Uranus into Taurus in March for the final time brings with it the new chapter promised since last May, but this time with the potential for the full story. If you saw mistakes last August and began rectifying them in time for the year-end then there is little that can throw you and much that encourages you.


Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius and the area of your everyday and close environment most clouds of dismay preventing a lightening of this have lifted and you either splurge or you don't. (see our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. To differing degrees of course, depending on your whole chart, Libran people will not be reined in or held back from self improvement for long. By the end of March and the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Pisces, you have schmoozed your way around those who would deter your enjoyment in pleasurable indulgence, or worked some kind of impenetrable magic round accounts and financial outlooks. As long as you know the truth of the state of play then you can take responsibility and tell it how you want it to be. The second Mercury retrograde motion in July touches both Leo and Cancer and the effects on what you can achieve - if you persevere with Plan A - from March are all to visible. It is a year when Librans will not be shy of showing people who they are. The characters of complexity and the strange situations these may have brought to your door last June to September have given you the insights and the boost to self-reliance you needed.


Saturn transiting your fourth solar house may still be threatening optimism in the domestic or personal sense; a warning about over-reaching your abilities in matters you carefully observed or nurtured in 2018. Losing ground you painstakingly built, or goodwill you accrued at some expense would be foolish, or at the very least hard to reconcile in this phase of brighter horizons. Salvaging something of past eras with the help of those who shared them is a possibility from January to March, but it will soon be shown that only if they fit with what you have seen as necessary and new will they sync successfully and add to the picture. Otherwise, they must be respectfully allowed to pass and dissipate. All things pass, and all things change, sometimes taking on a new guise or resurfacing as an improved version of what they were before.



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