23rd September - 23rd October

January 2018

Now that Jupiter is well and truly out of your sign and transiting Scorpio for the next eleven months in your second solar house, you will find that much of the scramble for better balance has either been achieved or given up on. Leaving the consequences to speak for themselves in matters of finance or earnings. Mars conjunct Jupiter in the first two weeks of January may tend to bring some compelling dynamic to bear on these money matters. See our blog: ‘Jupiter in Scorpio’... View. Whilst Saturn newly entered into its own sign of Capricorn and your fourth solar house will bring some demands domestically or privately that are not so easy to deal with until there is a smoother rhythm to partnership or those areas concerning people close by. This is liable to be after May when Uranus has quit Aries after seven or so years and has entered the more mellow vibration of Taurus, and allowed the patterns that were lingering or outworn to start to break or reveal a way of resolving difficulties which saw tensions and restraints in previous months that you were maybe not able to deal with single-handed.


Of those major planetary changes – Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus – the most transparent is Jupiter, as Saturn and Uranus will tend to give rise to situations which take longer to unfold. But the Jupiter rhythm in Scorpio bestows opportunity … with the proviso of the need to be canny or cagey where investments and speculations financially are concerned. Mars in Sagittarius in your third solar house during February and most of March will urge you to be confident and perhaps a little ahead of the schedule, but the warning signs will appear in the latter half of March when the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Aries gives doubts and delays until the middle of April when the planet is direct again and things begin to be clearer, denoting that perhaps you need to take a better look or a second look at newly minted ideas including others who might wish to forge ahead regardless and bring you with them – kicking and screaming maybe – but still in tow.


When Jupiter retrogrades in the second week of March until July, the pause then may deceptively suggest that plans have slowed or dropped off the radar, but the truth is that they are going deeper and becoming embedded in a framework which proves either an enviable harvest or a millstone of responsibility. The weeks between March and July should be ones of vigilance, and greater control taken at the end of April to prevent power or leeway slipping from you. This is a tricky time for Librans financially, because you are subject to both the admiration of others and also to some treachery if care is not taken. The second Mercury retrograde motion in July and August in Leo will tend to sort the wheat from the chaff as far as reliable or trustworthy connections go, and it may be best to wait until then before deciding who is full of bull and who is in command of their game. In November take heed from what happened last November/December to prevent history repeating itself and false or exaggerated information distorting the plan.



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