23rd September - 22nd October

‘Abundantly Clear’


With the second leg of Jupiter through Taurus beginning in January and gracing the area of your chart concerning shared assets, income and responsibilities, you can expect to see a substantial increase between January and May on the past efforts or plans made with those others who swing along by your side. This may not be translated into wealth just yet, but will at least yield the basis for greater security - provided you wish to follow the pointers. These are most apparent in February, when Mars and Venus move through Aquarius and your solar house of self motivated intention. The fact that Pluto enters Aquarius in March - yet again, after a small excursion last March - is not the least of it. It invites the putting down of markers or cornerstones for long term goals which mean investment of time and energy into things which take you away from old or outworn mind-sets and bring firm intentions to claiming a kind of freedom from the balancing act which demands too much and with no guarantee of just return. Pluto into Aquarius is a cyclical move - perhaps better described as tactical - and beckons you to areas of expertise or development which prior to now you have either not recognised or not thought relevant. The first retrograde motion of Mercury this year is in April in Aries and very much connects with those people mentioned above. In terms of allegiance or alliance. Revealing by the end of the month those who are prompting, encouraging or supporting you - or not - and how effective the bonding is where progress is concerned.here. The substance of what you require is apparent, if not the means of acquiring it fully, as May comes.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mars in Capricorn in your solar chart is perhaps making life seem like a rugged path in January and the first half of February, and giving an overly practical view of what has to happen. This changes considerably as Mars traverses Aquarius in mid February - after Venus has softened conditions a little, or enabled you to handle things more efficiently - and the emphasis is on a wider and very different outlook to your pleasure zone or your pursuit of comfort. Relaxation is pleasure for some people, and for others it equates to boredom, but the accent on freedom here is the key. Freedom to change direction, or to choose differently. To have the urge to enter areas of experience that are new might be scary at first, but you are somehow pulled to things which may before have been alien to you. Decide in April whether you want to dissolve the boundary between the normal mundane and the revolutionary and assert your will and independence. Making and doing life from informed choice is what makes it worth living. As Saturn moves on through the watery domain of Pisces it strengthens and defines your desire for new habits or ritual services and allows a liquidity to the schedule which gives space for a more mellow atmosphere around the obligations or duties which make up a good portion of your agenda. The difference between responsibility and duty need to be understood now, for you to make sense of some of the experience you underwent in 2023.



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