23rd September - 23rd October

January 2017

The Jupiter transit through your sign is still helping you make the best of your social talents – which in most Librans is strong – and to build the bridges necessary to put into action the plans and developments needed to stop you from vegetating or growing disconsolate about current situations; many of which have been ‘current’ for too long.  Venus and Mars are both in Pisces at the start of this year until February, lending some gentler tones to your matters vocational or in terms of loyalties with people who will lend strength and support further along the line to your partnership ideals or the more personal kind of intentions.. This said, there needs to be a curtailing of too much sentiment at the expense of practicality until May or June. If only for the sake of not mixing the boundaries which need to be defined before your needs can be properly met.  The retrograde motion of Venus in Aries and Pisces in March and April will ask for the sort of determination that only the more confident and extrovert can display without losing either focus or patience.  And if this is undermined by too much ego and emotion things will not succeed past June.


The trine between Saturn/Sagittarius and Uranus/Aries has been ongoing since last October and remains somewhat influential throughout this year. It poses questions around your environmental security and the strength of those partnerships or close associations mentioned earlier. It is not possible to separate the problems in the everyday life and those seemingly arising from the people who make up that scene.  But some very surprising things may occur to lessen the concerns, or to transform the nub of them into issues more manageable.  See our blog - ‘Prepare to be Amazed : The Saturn/Sagittarius to Uranus/Aries trine peaks in late December … at cartouche-perceptivityblogspot.co.uk. When Jupiter retrogrades in the beginning of February you will-pause for reflection, or to wait for reserves of strength or resources, and between then and June you will see what it is that you might be overlooking in the area of the every day which could be transformed into the kind of vehicle of progress needed to carry the first layer of design since last autumn to the next stage of progress from June to October.


When Mars is direct again in Sagittarius in August it is likely you will break the ever decreasing circles you felt you were travelling in between January 2015 and that current date and break the pattern in some way – even perhaps the habits of a lifetime.  It is a radical period for you as Scorpio (the depths of collective and personal emotion) is purged by Mars and Saturn stabilises and judges the long-term hopes and ambitions comprising your mind activity and the radius of your immediate scope of development. It takes you forward only if the floor beneath you is sound and if you can handle the hazards and restrictions entailed in the immediate plan.  The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Capricorn happens in January, while Mars is in Scorpio, so you cannot better the black and white facts or details which are presented then and the way you feel about them as you prepare to be conciliatory in the face of important matters, or alternatively to take a more pragmatic view and confront circumstances or people requiring a fresh look.



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