July 23rd - August 23rd

‘Abundantly Clear’


By the time Jupiter passes Uranus in Taurus in April of 24 it is necessary that you know how prepared you are to make the leaps in life you have called for or worked towards. The overwhelm of March to October this year may have blurred the edges of previous plans. And as Saturn then has moved back to where it was in Pisces in March you perhaps begin to see that more clarity is needed in the area of finance where you rely on - or interact with - others. Transparency might be happening a little more since then, but the gap that was obvious in March has to have been filled with your own resolve or determination to not be blind-sided or overlooked or talked down in matters where you are being expected to merely trust or follow. The third Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo in late August to mid September Is demanding an appraisal of facts and figures integral to financial stability. The stability can only come after a general tooth-combing or lifting of the lid on details previously left undisclosed or to one side. The trine between Mercury and Jupiter/Taurus in the last ten days of September can see important details slip through the cracks, or be simply waivered. This either works in your favour or does not, but the period of August to September is when you can see what needs to be made firm and what needs to be questioned. Jupiter in the area of your commercial pursuits or career is a double-edged sword; an enlargement of opportunity and the need to preserve and consider past efforts deserving of attention. If they sync, fine. If not, then choices need to be made in an objective way.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


As Mars goes through Scorpio in the second week of October in your solar house of privacy and personal life it begins to move to an opposition to Jupiter which culminates in the last week of the month. This will cause a T-square for those Leo people born in the first two deconates of the sign, and seem to bring personal matters to a climax which then proves to be an anti-climax as you or others buy time in which to rejig the balance that may have slipped since September, or been wobbled by outer circumstances: this potentially can change the game entirely. By late November you have rekindled the enthusiasm - of had it inspired for you - and as Mars trawls Sagittarius in late November and December there may be a temptation to overdo the gratitude or the sense of freedom - which is understandable but by mid December you are sorting out your priorities from your indulgences and your generosity from your obligations. The world is looking on you with favour it seems, but you should be selective about which parts of it you want to cultivate. The overwhelm of where to put down an anchor or where to stake a claim is pertinent to a new found freedom for many Leos and is in itself a huge test. Investigate and deliberate until December starts.



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