July 23rd - August 23rd

September 2018

Mars retrograde in your opposing sign of Aquarius until mid August may have played havoc with your partnership matters, transiting as it did your seventh solar house, but now it is direct again in Aquarius until mid November the area is clear for the resolution of challenges related to new formatting or attitudes with those significant others who were affected, or affected you, in that period. The forward motion of Jupiter in Scorpio also puts emphasis on your private life and feelings, bringing the matters under the spotlight to a head before Jupiter enters Sagittarius in mid November. Awkwardness or cross purposes must go then, making way for wider and healthier areas of expression and eventually for greater optimism since some of the drama of the previous twelve months. And aiding it all is the entrance of Uranus into Taurus since May, putting a different complexion somewhere in your worldly perspective as the next few years go by. See our blog: Uranus into Taurus – Moving Heaven & Earth @ Moving Heaven & Earth


Saturn is direct in Capricorn in September, giving a firmer basis for trust or support where vocational matters or loyalties are concerned. There may have been a struggle to establish ground or boundaries since the start of 2018, but these are giving way to greater feelings of solidarity and substance as the year closes. When the third and final Mercury retrograde motion of the year takes place in Sagittarius between November and early December, the lines between fact and fiction in what may be utilized for pleasure or passion are drawn more starkly, and by the middle of December there is much confidence and buoyancy in certain friendships or associations which was absent earlier in the year. The need to rein in some overly ambitious or excitable attitudes in others - or even in yourself - is aided by the transit of Venus through Libra which brought fresh ideas or collective opinion to bear on things you once carried alone. Although this might be hard to tolerate at first, it begins to be apparent that there are some things that can't be achieved single handedly. Where there was perhaps the need for secrecy in October, there is in November the need to share the load or seek the better balance by allowing schemes to open up to a select majority of minds or hearts.


In the middle of October Mercury is conjunct the retrograde Venus and things which were stuck for lack of momentum or nourishment are then carried to the points in November previously outlined. It remains only to sort the possible from the fanciful or the potential from the unlikely. It is not hard to do but it takes some forthright action or expression. As Uranus moves back to Aries for a brief look at stuff needing closure, between November and next March, the message is written big: leave what cannot be salvaged to the past or to other people. The structure of lifestyle is changing somewhat, and in some cases, a significant amount. And the impetus Jupiter in Sagittarius gives to expansion and the need for greater experience through pleasure is increasingly strong as November moves into December. The greatest thing you have had to deal with this year is the lack of the right connection with others. But only when you change the heavier patterns of your life do those who are sympatico with you feel it easier to join forces.



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