July 23rd - August 23rd



The worst of the problems financially may come from the impact others have on you - either by direct means or by the allegiance you have to them and how that takes effect. It would be a nonsense to say that we are heading for smooth economic times, we are not, and we are in one of the bloodiest wars on civil and commercial enterprise or security in modern history. But the strength of individuals lies in their ability to share ideas, co-operate and show the kind of self reliance that skitters around tight corners and slides through small openings to wider establishment of territory. It is often said that one of the best ways is not to work harder buit to work smarter. That may be true, but still it has to be established where that is possible. For a lot of Leos the potential was shown in August. And for many more it will still be getting revealed until the end of 2022. Let your own skills settle with the ideas of those you meet this year, or those with the vantage point already in place, and coast until December reveals how to merge the two. You cannot go it alone now, unless you know the connections who will enable that. The input of others - and your input with them - is the vital key factor.





As Saturn goes direct again in Aquarius in early October in your seventh solar house of alliance and partnership matters, it should bring more solidity to those areas where you need to establish better understanding. Or get a basis for furthering relationship. The fact that Jupiter also goes direct again a little later in the month should bring a welcome turn in affairs and situations relating to people you feel are vital to your life. The Sun through your own sign in August, in stark aspect to Saturn - as the planet rested - may have shown you where you needed to take the lead or go it alone with measures aimed at attaining a workable balance. Even so, the seal of approval - and generosity of spirit - has to be brought by the two major planets named. Certainly there will be a push-pull action until matters are sorted, and that should be by the end of October. October is a big month for your immediate life environment and what it contains, as Mercury retrogrades for the last time this year in Libra, in late September, and is not done turning things around or upside down until the start of November. You should, though, be able to tell by the third week of October where the reliable have to be sorted from the unreliable, and November brings some conflicts to a close in a way which is not easily addressed full-on but has lasting influence, so that the same issues cannot rise again with ease.



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