July 23rd - August 23rd

September 2017

You will most certainly be affected by the entrance of Jupiter into Scorpio in October, so that all Leo subjects over the next twelve months feel that their light is conflicted or challenged by the square Jupiter makes to their Sun. It is a time for being more aware than usual of what lies beneath the surface of private and personal situations, possibly those presented or created by loved ones or others close by, and whilst these cannot be over-turned so easily neither are they fatally detrimental to what you desire or your current wishes. Often we cannot attain what we need because something in our own mind-set or values stands in the way, and we are not able to perceive the nature of it unless it is presented to us from the external world. While that external world is very private and possibly behind closed doors it is still visible and recognizable as being other than ourself. Hence we have people around us who mirror our inner selves. So it is perhaps for the twelve month period following October, while Jupiter magnifies these issues and brings up the worst to illuminate what may be ultimately for the best.


Saturn in the last stages of Sagittarius as this year winds down will take with it the inhibiting or restricting issues which have marred passion, joy or mere pleasure for the last two years. In some scenarios it could actually turn the same issues into ones which require a durability of purpose between yourself and others to make tenable the hopes and objectives kindled from these same experiences. Anything not standing the heat of the new forging into stronger metal could be viewed as an impasse to be dealt with accordingly as 2018 reaches early spring. Sometimes when much havoc and revolution is wrought but we observe it from the sidelines and still feel the heat and when it dies down things go back to the way they were and we wonder how that can be, or did we imagine the intervening episodes. This is the way of it for some Leos as the New Year starts. So it is a run up to change now, and if you want to transform definite areas totally, you must board a vehicle which is not your own, and make the shift into a period or world which is completely optional to you at that time. The remaining option being to stay where you are as an observer, having learned from valuable lessons and chosen what you already have over the hazards of the relatively unknown.


Mars through Virgo and your second solar house in September and October tends to make sense of previous decisions, then seen as either extravagance or necessary tools to well-being …. depending very much on whether you are a stayer or a goer - viz the last paragraph. Mercury in Scorpio from the middle of October tends to bring information which you see as too late, but then from early on in November it may possibly be seen as relevant again to pursuits you thought stagnant or to matters that need to be closed finally before there can be a basis for newer chapters evolving from past effort. These can be felt as gifts when the fourth Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius in December through to January expands a framework in interesting and magical ways.



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