23rd August - 22nd September

‘Abundantly Clear’


In May, Mars in Aries transiting the area of your solar chart covering future intentions, beliefs and to some extent professional activity, is in square to the solar house of your planning and behind the scenes research. This is pushing, even without your awareness, for more movement or information to widen your sphere of knowledge before action. This ‘eventual’ period may come sooner than you think - in the latter part of June perhaps, when you have seen some notions presented, often as more than ideas but not as definite proposals, especially at the very start of June. These do look good for what could possibly be freedom to make your money work for you in ways which don’t require you to exert maximum effort or presence. It could reference investment, of course. But it is maybe a little more unusual than that. Mercury in Virgo in July makes it difficult to ignore certain friends or allies - or even partners - when they bring things to your attention in the early days of the month, and sell them as foregone conclusions. Some are quite compelled, it seems, by what they have learned, but the Mercury retrograde motion in August and September sorts out the finer details. By the time November is in you know what your heart tells you, and how much you want to be involved. It is certain you need to push ahead with professionally related matters in May but there is more than one way of doing so.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Venus with Jupiter in Taurus in the second week of May squares the Sun for a lot of Leo people. Making you see parts of life, or the world, which could better enrich your experience. Of course, all that glitters etc… . But we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we are beckoned forward by what we desire. The journey being imperative to general development - not just the goal. There is as much fun in venturing forth in hope and expectation, as there is in arriving. By June you can not but look to alternative forms of leisure, pleasure or enjoyment, other than what you have already in your pot. And as Jupiter trawls Gemini over the next twelve months from June, your hunger for variety, (or your need to eliminate some pesky distractions to fulfillment) are what is driving the vehicle. Some Leos will not experience life that way, but will still be heading up to a point in September when your personal life becomes more within your control, and therefore your liking. The difference being that you do not have an exact plan maybe, and are more cautious about how you proceed. But most Leos benefit now from a freer or more ‘out there’ approach to fulfillment. And too much prevarication can prevent you from feeling it and using instinctive navigation in matters which do not have a rule book.



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