July 23rd - August 23rd

‘Abundantly Clear’


Saturn/Pisces for the next couple of years is reckoning the score from its more recent journey through your partnerships and dealings with significant others. Having seen the extent of what others are willing to do negotiate or agree to it; time to let it all be told in its own way. Some of this may be concerning finances or security (wealth in other terms) and can not be speedily dealt with. Jupiter in Taurus in May for the next twelve months is helpful as it flourishes in your area of career and worldly prestige, but it requires the long view and the ability to decide when and where to speak out and if to accept legislation which can’t be ignored. Delaying gratification is one of the key phrases of Saturn/Pisces in this area of your solar chart - and knowing when to trust your instinct, helped by the Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo in August and some of September. This tends to sort out the vagaries or the anomalies around earnings and finance, whilst Venus resting in your sign allows the right kind of pause for accountability - or even redress if things have gone awry. Pluto entering Capricorn again in June does so from the retrograde angle, tending to stop progress and lessen power in matters where you do not have overall say. By mid October you can apply different rules to joint finance or agreements needing the consensus of others. Though it may not be advisable to make your strongest movies until the start of 2024.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The presence of Venus and Mars in your sign in May doesn’t stint on things you hold important in the way of values … pleasure, stamina, the directional urge to prosper. The fact that Venus is due for a long haul is due to the fact that she retrogrades in late July, taking you back around the track of detail and developments from then to early September. This time span presages the need for greater patience or tolerance regarding your own wishes. The pace may be peppy but the understanding of what is happening at deeper levels may require more time. Mars through sensitive Cancer and your twelfth solar house in April and the first half of May tries to accommodate the greater depth of Saturn in Pisces in all matters intimate or private. If you have not been taking notice of some of this you will be experiencing overwhelm and to put it starkly, you might by the middle of May be out of your depth without realizing. Only when the current becomes dangerous do you sense that there needs to be a slower pace and a more cautious approach to people or situations that could simply disappear or evaporate, leaving you wondering what transpired and where you went wrong. Show your honesty and integrity in July and August and allow the period from mid June to mid September to deliver your needs: chasing them may push them farther away; if there is a desperation shown there is an advantage present in the mix which may be used unfairly. To keep a balance is a matter of inner strength, not outer show. The balance by mid October is fairly fixed.



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