July 23rd - August 23rd

May 2018

Mars on a long transit through Aquarius in May to November will undoubtedly effect your opposing solar house of partnership, or at least close bonds. A long transit always includes a retrograde motion, and so its backward move into Capricorn in the second half of August until the second week of September will offer the chance to look at both work and personal liaison in a new and more practical light. And only after Mars has begun sailing straight forward again at the end of August will some of the more awkward or challenging matters of March and April make more sense, or present an arena which is relatively free of doubt and conflict False starts in May or June will then give way to clearer and wider channels of communication. offering all parties the freedom to express themselves with greater understanding.


Jupiter is idling in Scorpio in May in the area of your domestic and personal life, so it may well be that you have to contend with more intense or prolonged situations while the clarity and understanding referred to above is unearthed from a quagmire of facts and details which had been consigned to history, or put out of mind. Jupiter in Scoprio is famous for deepening or thickening the plot and it's best to unravel anomalies and mysteries while the brass tacks flavour of Mars/Capricorn assists things in the short window between mid August and the first week of September, before the flames are fueled and the heat increases in October. Venus retrograde in Scoprio then is adding silent witness or subtle support where it is least wanted, possibly giving birth to an inferno by November which is hard to extinguish.This may be in the personal area of association or the more trans-personal region of other liaison, but the effects are still under the umbrella of dramatic revelation or climax.Your popularity in June and first week of July gives indication of who and where to use influence, while Venus is in your own sign and Mercury is in Cancer, your twelfth solar house of silent or sympathetic help or aid.


The second Mercury retrograde motion of the year is also in your sign in late July to mid August, and though it’s only a short burst it makes quick work of anything you have been trying to deny or conceal for expedience (or other reasons) by the last week of August, as it squares Jupiter and mountains appear where molehills were the expectation. Saturn still in the area of loyalty and obligation will not tolerate any deviation from honesty without a lot of self inflicted struggle or the need for accountability later on - like late September when the Sun in Libra exposes the poor balance between your personal position and the need for greater resilience in some personal situation you are enduring until things can transform or modify with the change of Jupiter into Sagittarius in November. When Uranus leaves Aries in May after seven years, and enters Taurus, your tenth solar house, the facts you are unable to deal with and the pieces of the jig-saw which remain misplaced are the signs of what it is you must leave to the past - until November, when briefly you can run between the old world and the one you are building. But only until January next year in may cases.




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