July 23rd - August 23rd

May 2017

Venus direct again in Aries in May trines the Sun of Leo people throughout the month at various times – this means that the things you have struggled with which you believe will bring you pleasure or comfort are now more transparent; what it is you have to do or to give in order to make progress towards them. Nothing comes free in life, there is always a price to pay or a sacrifice to be made. The long transit of Venus through the ninth house of your solar chart has increased your sense of needing to belong. For some of you this has revolved around your professional life and for others it is around locations not quite in reach. Distant Shores are both mental and environmental in life’s canvass. When Venus and Uranus conjoin in Aries at the beginning of June, there can be sudden breaks in the view you have of these. The direct motion of Jupiter on the 10th June then unfolds a ladder out to October – this certainly requires steadying before you mount the first rungs, but it is a conveyance that was absent prior to June and one which at first you may not entirely trust..


Mars through Cancer in June and opposing Pluto/Capricorn at the end of the month brings the stabilizing of feelings and a need to get practical around sensibilities which otherwise stop you in your tracks. It requires organized compassion to get through this time period. Or polarized sensitivity. A foot in the instinct and another foot on the ground. In the third week of July you begin to feel easily in your element as Mars transits your sign until the first few days of September. It is after that time when the financial enters the scene and accountability for what has gone on in the summer months, or the need to find more sustainable sources. The third Mercury retrograde motion in August makes a nonsense of some of the former planning as the finest of figures and facts pop up for questioning from obscure or hidden places which make you wonder how you could have missed them. In the middle of that month it is impossible to go farther until demanding people or situations have been tackled for what they really are. By October you are either up to your neck in shared schemes and situations or you are free to pursue a private pathway without needing anyone’s say-so.


Jupiter direct again in Libra in June can be seen as the leveling of ground previously raised from autumn last year, but it needs a certain amount of nourishment before it is solid enough to carry weight. Don’t overlook stones that are actually submerged boulders. The influence of people who love and admire you could not be mistaken this past nine months or so. And now some of them are preparing to go a more arduous or profound mile or two with you on some of your ventures. While others may go to ground and prefer not to be included. Such is life! The entrance of Jupiter into Scorpio in October poses dramatic things for Leos as the planet makes a square at different times to your Sun. The need for drama is often very unconscious in Leo, if it is not worked out consciously through some creative endeavor. And Jupiter will summon the circumstances to a stage which is most convenient. This is building from June as Mars in your twelfth solar house and Mercury in your eleventh gather a cast of characters and a fascinating few scenarios, out to August, when the gravitas or the genuinely of the situation has to be measured against the costs involved in staying ignorant and allowing things to simply happen.




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