July 23rd - August 23rd



The brief entrance of Jupiter into the first two degrees of Pisces, May to June, reveals something of the anomalies posed in your financial security where it feeds into that of those close or intimate with you. It shows grey areas eventually in late June, and these you need to know about. Your partnerships or close liaisons need fortified facts and figures - the nuts and bolts of forward progress. So you may be thankful by July that you were shown this glimpse into the relatively unknown, as May and June see Mars trawl your twelfth solar house and urge greater response or sensitivity to what is not talked of or seen but keenly felt and needing address before you feel confident in your part of a bargain on which you were perhaps undecided in March but determined to get control of in April. That control is only possible with more transparency. By September you have some surety from those who pledge to a more sustainable framework of financial gain with you. The third Mercury retrograde motion in the last few days of September and end of October tends to settle out the balance of matters. Only then can you know how to overcome the weaker points, or avoid the pitfalls, as Neptune clears the worst of its aspects which may trip you, at much the same time that Mercury has ironed out the t’s c’s and finer points. If you have to be cagey or circumspect during November it is for the best as you secure cornerstones (which become immovable) without too much interference.





Widening of lifestyle choice was perhaps presented in March and April, but May is the time to test the water, allowing June to sort the temperature and the condition….naturally these are metaphors, but as Mercury retrogrades in June in Gemini it - as always turns things on their head and plays with the agenda and even the truths. It is not until mid July when you feel you are reading the small print rightly, and by then you are also in sync with friends and peers and your own self worth, as Venus and Mars trawl Leo. The temptation may be to be a little too full-on. By August you are explaining how and why you feel the way you do and want the things you want, in just the way you want them, but this is done only by getting up close and personal to some of the main players or the key facets. By the end of September the time is ready to sort the inbetweeners who lurk on the parameters of your life areas - those who are neither in or out but hovering to assess their next move and play their hand accordingly. All this should be obvious by mid October but the vagaries of some in the first seven days may lead you to become impatient even if you cannot pin down the lack of trust or the duplicity. It is a time between May and September to know exactly who you are dealing with before Jupiter goes direct again, along with Saturn, and takes the story into its next phase.



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