July 23rd - August 23rd

‘Abundantly Clear’


The main news in 2023 is Saturn changing sign - from Aquarius to Pisces - in March. Together with Pluto meandering for a spell in Aquarius, in late March, for a quick look, then retrograding back into Capricorn in June. The presence of Saturn in your solar house concerning the joint financial and security matters shared with others warns of a period of powerlessness or lack of cohesion - caused by either too much indecision or too much prevarication prior to March, where stronger initiatives and moves should be made. This ends in June with a stand-off position or a point of retreat from further advancement while things are addressed and strategies overhauled. The long haul of Mars/Gemini is set to end in March, meaning that where you took time for deeper reflection or consideration of the views of others - between November and January - you can now see how divisions of thought and view can be brought into a semblance of order. But these need to be sewn together or mended in April so that the picture is clear to all concerned by mid May. The Saturn foray into Pisces impacts to some extent your self-reliance and independence. And the second Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Taurus in April and May could see reversals of plans in early June, or the termination of routes previously taken, to escalate the speed with which you act in a career sense or with issues affecting your worldly structure. These possibilities are particularly relevant to those born in the latter half of Leo.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


When Jupiter re-enters Aries, the first fire sign, in January, you could experience a re-run of where you went or what you wanted to achieve last May to August. This time you can go further or you can use last year’s experiences as a basis; knowing what not to do this time round. Try not to fall into the temptation of re-inventing the wheel but do see how your idea structure can be made more fit for purpose than earlier attempts. Undoubtedly this affects your extracurricular wishes or your lifestyle choices, and may not be vital to survival itself. Even so, life is nothing if not amenable to fresh ventures of one kind or another when the fancy takes us. So the long transit of Mars may have completely altered what you thought you needed to try, or where you thought you might gain better wisdom of self - by the end of January. But in February your ability to be more personally involved or at home with the needs Jupiter is magnifying in this respect can present a now-or-never feeling of going for it. The latter half of March requires strong minded direction or even stronger tactics for negotiation and expression, but with the bit between your teeth you head out to May and June determined to increase either your status in some areas or your starting point for more prominence of position: if this is a career based move then you can expect to have proof of how you are doing by June. In other areas you may at least have the substance or the foundation for moving towards goals by then.



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