July 23rd - August 23rd



For Leo the effects and influences of others close by is paramount this year as Saturn travels your solar house dealing with those issues. Mars in your area of vocational or paid work in January tends to give you a daunting view, but this is only if you have not seen ground arriving which needed prepping in advance. The exit of Saturn from Capricorn since December has either left you feeling that some efforts towards securing financial ground have been for nothing. Or that you can now leave behind responsibilities which were essential to helping you to new bridgework and lighter or easier means of achieving what was previously tough going. There are those around you who will enable you in other ways to get to where you want to be, especially in January and February. The long transit Mars took of your ninth solar house in the last six months of 2020 has shown the specific destinations of importance in working life and therefore in resultant gain. What is needed is the test of experience or traditional response on what you are offering, and this is apparent in the latter half of January through to April. If you do not work but have other sources of income you should look at the state of the economy, subject now to much misinformation, fluctuation and change that only individual summary shows where the mop flops and how it affects people singularly. Nothing is as it seems, and anyone who does not understand that they must think for themselves as times unfold need a sharp wake-up call. Money is an energy, it is not a material stable commodity. Leo people tend - in common with Taurus - to be able to make money appear when they need it. The lack of this facility is bound in with the heart chakra. Money and love (or harmony if you prefer) are on the same wavelength.





The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in Aquarius in February, and travels your seventh solar house of partnership and close association. The signs are that some difficult to understand or awkward situations may go round in circles then, to be sorted in the last week of February but lingering and awaiting clarification by mid March. You seem to have some widening of choices in March and some decisions arising from them which are enhanced or heightened by the Sun’s entrance into Aries in the last week of March, soothed somewhat by the presence of Venus at the same time. Venus/Aries is not famous for smooth voyaging, but still lends a greater subtlety to the raw vibration of Aries and the need to grasp matters and push forward at all costs. It might be expedient to do so as March proceeds but there has to be a subtlety clause preventing things from becoming too pressured or overheated. Meantime, the entrance of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius in early January is a stop-start rhythm which begs observation or insight into what is actually valid and what is pure philosophy built onto speculation. This is the prelude to new and incipient dealings or alliances, and it needs the careful and painstaking positioning which Mercury in Aquarius will lend in order to stop things becoming chaotic. In the absence of this others will vie to be in charge of issues they hope to learn about as they go, so that the airy-fairy impractical results in late March will make some matters impossible to manage. Access to places offering better foundation, or to freer modus operandi, should be kept open until the end of April when everything tends to do what is says on the tin. There is an ordering of preparation and uneven planning. As Saturn progresses through your opposing sign, the strengths and weaknesses of others near by become abundantly clear.



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