July 23rd - August 23rd

January 2018

Jupiter in Scorpio makes dramatic aspect to most Sun Leo people in the first four months of the year, and those of you born in the last week of the sign may not feel significant effect until late summer. The need for balance between the heart and the discordant part of the ego is never more keenly felt. By that we mean that the generosity of your sign leads you to want to please and to be equable, but your innermost qualms, doubts and struggles are going to be underlined and highlighted by Jupiter's purging effect in Scorpio. If you are inclined to liking drama and cutting edge life then it may suit you fine - but will it suit others! It is a time of defining by action and by the impact you have on situations and people. The first half of January - when Mars is with Jupiter - will make sure you are close to the action and the action is very much within your grasp. This is highly personal stuff for most of you; issues that blow wide open and demand address and resolve. See our blog : Jupiter in Scorpio ... View


Saturn has entered Capricorn now and your sixth solar house, giving the bedrock in matters of vocation, obligation and the agenda in front of you which has the most priority in your life. Once Mercury and Saturn have joined forces in the second week of January you cannot but see the problems and blockages to be cleared, or the tougher negotiations needed before these areas of your life are understood and documented for the knowledge of others. Mercury joins forces with Uranus/Aries in May, after retrograding in March and April in that same sign, slowing down the confrontational clearing points until early May. Things then must give way to greater transformation in career matters and the more worldly issues you follow. Once Uranus leaves Aries and moves to Taurus, policies and structure replace the open planning of the last seven years. This for you may touch upon your professional life or your future security and yield more unusual means of getting to where you want to be.


Venus n Pisces in mid to late February joins forces with Neptune (ruler of Pisces) and falling in your eighth solar house it gives a nebulous and evasive quality to whatever it is you are trying to gain in the way of consolidation or intimacy with other people. It may mean some associates disappear when least expected or that they are silent rather than communicative when you require them to be. It can also mean that some Leo people are bitten by the love bug unrequited and suffer in silence – at least for a while. Again we look to March for a more out there approach and a basic foundation from which to build. It is an enigmatic time and one which requires your tact as much as your understanding. Compassion for the plight or feelings of others may be needed in the first two months of this year, but it is perhaps the only way to keep your own feelings in check.



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