July 23rd - August 23rd

January 2019

Since last year and that long transit of Mars in Aquarius - your polar opposite sign - the area of partners and partnership has perhaps taken on a new look for a new era, or cleared the way for braver moves in togetherness. Since last November some of you should realize that not all calls for change are negative, nor are they a personal attack on your abilities. The presence of Mars in Aries this January gives the signal to take forward the notions of last year that promoted a better sense of cohesion or security once the gear change had happened and the pioneering spirit of movement to frontiers unknown was embraced. The planning stage is over and the time is now for advancement. The false starts of last spring and summer, or the small experiments, have yielded what you need to know, or shown the grey areas, and by March you have to see that profound changes are upon you whether you welcome them or not. Stagnation occurs only when change is resisted against all odds and the past is looking like the perpetual future. Contentment with the status quo is not the same as stagnation, and it’s important to know the difference.


The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in March falls in Pisces over that one month and not touching any other sign. This for a lot of Leo people gives insights into how much others are keeping from you in the way of true feelings or thoughts. And may even tend to make you swerve or hesitate a little yourself in matters that you thought were settled. This is a prelude to clearing other confusion or doubts once mid April arrives and Mercury brings the positive and the definite to bear in the campaign to move your understanding onto a higher level so that the pace may quicken after the deliberations and hold-ups of the previous six or so weeks. The motion of Mercury is fairly rapid through signs but after a retrograde period it refuses to join the dots – and especially in a sign like Pisces – until the clarity is stark enough to make the whole worthwhile. This you should know by the third week of April. It is then that professional, geographical, financial and legal matters (or a mixture of all these) get the green light for the changes mentioned above.


Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the other fire sign of benevolence and optimism, it seems likely that your life will open up from the cramped conditions you might have felt last year. (see our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. This fifth solar house of pleasure and self expression urges you increasingly to healing wounds and taking a dip in the larger ocean of experience or self enhancement and self discovery and to shake the shackles of heavy routine. The second Mercury retrograde motion is in July in your own sign, going back into Cancer by the middle of the month, possibly bringing the secrets of others to your door, or maybe others who wish to share your own secrets. Until May there is the possibility of two ways in lifestyle direction, or within the paths leading to main objectives, but then the serious connections and involvements with others tend to force or demand decisions or a narrowing of options. If you go all out to please people instead of yourself simply to reach conclusions prematurely the probability is that July sees you having to redress an imbalance or tolerate an over sensitivity to what you know you are not admitting or expressing.



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