23rd August - 22nd September

‘Abundantly Clear’


Jupiter is due to start its final lap of Taurus and your area of career and worldly acquisition in early January. It loops back to last June in many ways and gives a fuller and rounder picture of what needs to be done to complete or accomplish the bids for progress made then. The end of October may have caused you to be dogged about tackling obstacles or taking on opposition. Or it may have swerved you off onto a more subtle, or alternative path, which might be thought of as a substitute to the desired destination. Either way, there are variances from what you wanted or planned in June which need to be stitched in by the end of February. These could actually be preferable to the original intentions. But the first Mercury retrograde motion this year in April falls in Aries and calls for more strategic thinking or a pause in progress to allow for the best of everything to take precedence over the unnecessary parts which might be hard to dispense with. By May, Mars has entered Aries and the momentum then can be ferocious in pushing you to the brink of new things, professionally or futuristically in other ways. Even though Venus accompanies Mercury through Aries in April and makes for a more comfortable position of negotiation, there is a way to go before things become more personally comfortable in July, and access to wider choices of increment or privilege render the freedom to acquire what is needed.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


When Pluto finally enters Aquarius properly in March for a full transit taking twenty years, it begins to activate your solar houses of partnership. You may have felt the reverberations a little in 2023 as it leads you gradually to reviewing firmer and more lasting commitments made - or already in consideration of being made. The foggy or unclear feelings regarding partners since spring last year, or the confusing activities around these areas, should lessen as February elapses. Lightning a daunting or heavy feeling left possibly by developments and moods of October last. The significant movement caused by Mars and Venus in February and March mean a new set of circumstances which prove less intense, or even completely original within your life experience so far. Life is nothing if not a set of experiences, and those given by partners or other significant people close by are the ones you need to understand more about this first quarter of 2024. As Jupiter grips Taurus on its second phase out to June, the security of things increases, or at least things which you deem important as the background or basis for where you want to belong or who you want to be with. Saturn changing deconate in Pisces in March gives way to a more comfortable period of growth, where you can go into a vastly changing world with the support of those you wish to journey with - they are perhaps just as disconcerted as you are about changes ahead, but the support you gain from each other makes it more of a shared discovery and less a solitary gamble into the unknown The familiarity of allies and intimates raises a vibration which makes everything more understandable. Even if the one unquantified field is finance or shared economy. Adjustment is all in these changing times, and the disagreements of spring should be put to one side in favour of shared objectives.



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