July 23rd - August 23rd

January 2017

The presence of Mars through your opposite sign of Aquarius in December brought a wider arc of understanding to where partnership matters could lead, or be more diverse.  But not necessarily the means to bring this about.  It’s perhaps March before it becomes possible, while friends and associates in February can make the difference between getting the right introductions or speaking in the right terms and you standing on the sideline of some new organization or event and starting off on the right credentials and with the right approach.  Standing apart and looking at yourself as if from third person perspective is uncomfortable, and can only be done for a short while before a decision has to be taken on what action is needed. The isolation you may have been feeling from significant others, or those you feel are important, in recent weeks has led to your sacrificing too much anticipation or expectation of your movement forward into more interesting times.  Anticipation is part of the Law of Attraction, and the right mind set needs to be addressed. It should have changed a little with the last Mercury retrograde motion in Capricorn from December to January, when the lacks and deprivations were underlined and brought home to you the realization that you might have been going in circles.


Jupiter transiting in the area of your solar chart which makes you feel keenly your environment is paused for now and the developments of last September to the second week of February must be examined and understood for flaws of the kind which may not be noticeable, due to the urbane charm of the presence of other people involved in matters which although very dynamic could be also very costly in money or resources. It’s in March when Venus rests in Aries that you can sense these things and can also better define your future role. The retrograde motion of both Venus and Mercury in January and March lead to a springtime of renewed associations on different lines or with different rules and conditions. Mid April brings forth the real support mechanisms and helps sort the divisions seen previously as unavoidable. Leading to gentler ways of dealing with tough situations as June arrives.


The square that Mars from Taurus will make to Sun Leo at various times through March and April, depending when in Leo you were born, tends to cement career or outer world routes so that you move with a surer tread.  But the retrograde motion of Venus until the middle or third week of April warns against backing certain people into a corner and then relying on them to do what they have said they will – maybe just to please you momentarily.  People are notoriously fickle, and you don’t need us to remind you mostly.  But when you are feeling strong resolve you might get carried away. Some allies are very much in your corner without wanting direct participation or responsibility.



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