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The birth chart holds your story, from soul through to personality and activity.

Understanding the energies at work in the map is the key to progressive unfoldment.

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  • Life Script Definition

    Life Scripting simply means understanding the way you are seeing your life and your energies …. the life script we run is to do with our pre-conscious urges, latent desires, and even more to do with the definition our ego has of self.  So much of it is down to the patterns we are repeating from the less conscious awareness. These can be traced by the astrological chart when the right approach is taken.  “I look at the patterns you predominantly carry: both the ones you are using and the ones which are using you.”


    Life Scripting is a process to help you become more aware of the potential of your life and your connection to it.  It generally requires more than one session, but sometimes not.



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  • Self Enhancement

    Self Enhancement is similar to 'Life Scripting' but is more directed to the conscious areas of the life which the person feels are causing problems or in which they feel they are lacking.



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  • Relationships

    Covering the dynamic between two people from comparison of their independent planetary influence.  Sometimes called Synastry. Plus personal proclivities and tendencies from patterning in the chart carrying into relationship values..



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  • Professional/Business

    Influences pertaining to the working life and the earning of money or worldly pursuits which comprise professional or vocational matters.



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"Perceptivity is the art of awareness..."









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