May 21st - June 21st

‘Abundantly Clear’


When Mars sailed through your second solar house of Cancer.in late May to early July the accent was still on the area of your proposed intentions and the behind-the-scenes-planning, all by courtesy of Jupiter/Taurus. Matters involved here have perhaps been proved or approved by now, but still await a joining of forces or a balancing with other needs - and that should be completed by mid October. The emphasis is on the need for balance, and all things domestic or private, and if your private life doesn’t include ‘domesticity’ then there are other factors which quantify the peace and harmony of how you feel when you shut your front door - these need to be made to blend or sync with your other intensive of expensive pursuits, as either way they cost a lot in terms of energy or collateral - and a funding programme is on the cards as October brings Saturn round again to the position in Pisces where in March it began to cause you overwhelm in planned economic outlook. Sometimes the only way is to keep matters to yourself - the privacy angle again - but if it's not possible you must have powerful verbal strategies for forming an explanation weighty enough to make itself heard as a solid proposal rather than an excuse for over-spending or indulgence. Whether this involves a personal connection, or a connection with power in the personal sense, it equates the same thing in terms of leeway allotted or curtailed between October and December.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


As Saturn heads back in retrograde motion in September/October to where it was in March it once again threatens a sense of overwhelm in matters of how you see your outer world. Taking into consideration the fact that the greater world in general is in a mess, the likes of which perhaps never seen in modern history, your world - anyone’s world - is personal to them, including your outer vision of things. This may be an inbetween stage .. March, September to October and finally December - when whatever has been the biggest reason for the overwhelm, or the desolation, is something that can be figured out rather than merely endured. The third retrograde motion in Virgo will, by the end of September, most likely have defined the people and their contribution centering it all. And going forwards you can see more clearly where the stops and the back-stops need to be reinforced, because they were there in January and if not recognised then they appeared again in May, and await verification by the end of the year. Technicalities or bureaucracies are getting increasingly more sympathetic to your wishes than they were back in spring and summer, and may disappear altogether, so that you see a sweeping path to the ultimate of the plans - which in itself can be daunting if you are unprepared. Those around you of any significance in your life are in readiness by late autumn to amaze you with support from the rear or disclosures from seemingly nowhere.



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