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September 2017

So do you wish to change track now September has arrived? The third Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Virgo by the second week of September should have sorted the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. And it will naturally take into account those not worthy of you, or your attention. It may be the middle of the month before it’s clear why, and as Venus enters Virgo the desire to be modest and laid back about your decisions in this area can be very appealing to some, while others see it as red rag to a bull. The grip of Saturn in your solar house of partnership is about to weaken as the year folds and Saturn heads for Capricorn, its own sign. A distinct change of tempo and atmosphere completely as it applies newly laid flooring on old ground. The changes made are ones that are liable to be permanent and agreements no less durable. If it takes until the New Year to make your intentions crystal clear, then so be it, but the extreme difficulties of the past two years in partnership matters are something that are now showing as rapidly receding, so it’s evident that common sense is taking over where risky proceedings were once the norm. Whether these are being replaced by difficulties of another nature will be down to the way you re-framed the problem. In other words, if you simply re-potted them to look better then they will appear somewhere else.


The shift Jupiter does from Libra into Scorpio in October, is one which affects your loyalties or your habitual agenda. Some habits in the itinerary become increasingly uncomfortable as the year winds down. And as Jupiter picks up speed, Mars in that same sign begins to exacerbate the compromises made in the previous twelve months, now untenable or outworn and requiring possible dismantling in December. This processes starts in a stealthy way in November and somewhat paves the ground for development which can move smoothly and almost silently through the area of your vocational life, taking into account other areas of service you have loaded onto your cart. But by early next year there will be reverberations or even thunder claps which draw attention to what you are doing, and the need to have the sort-outs with people who are forcing your hand is a not easily avoided. The only way may be complete evasive action. There are tines when it is right to just pull the plug and call a halt and let the reasons for doing so speak for themselves, or those others involved figure it out in their own way. When in a hole stop digging may be appropriate advice here.


Don’t close your mind to what else is possible, simply because it seems like just more hassle or too much strain in the gaining of it. Neptune/Pisces is affecting all first ten days of June Gemini’s in perhaps a disquieting way on occasions, making it impossible to muster resolve or stamina where objectives are too sensitive or painful. And those of you born in the rest of the Gemini vibration are feeling this in a lesser sense. The searching and pruning of September - especially late September - and October, will bring about a fairer climate, if sometimes a little scary in its unfamiliar conditions, from which wider understanding is to be gleaned from the information of people who before may have been reluctant to speak or express the reality of situations. This alone is not the cue to act, but it signals the point of change in what has been a stagnant or barren period of time. Planting and growing can begin again with greater success. In December there is more empathy where before there was a stone wall or a dead end. This is everything in terms of what can begin or what can be re-kindled.



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