May 21st - June 21st

September 2018

The second Mercury retrograde motion in July to August falling in Leo and your third solar house may have messed with your thoughts on everyday planning for the future, but the third and final Mercury retrograde phase in November to the second week of December in Sagittarius, your polar opposite sign, gives pause for the greater understanding of what those close by are not telling you. Or for the exaggeration you may have kindled regarding plans concerning them. Others may have tempted you to do this, but it falls to you to sort out the practicalities from the mere wishing. September sees Saturn go direct again in Capricorn and your eighth solar house, and this offers a better grip of activities and plans which require the firm co-operation of others. Even if it takes you round on a loop back to January, but is one which brings a completion to the hold-ups and the objections which prevented cohesion or liaison from producing fruit.


As Jupiter completes its final lap of Scorpio in direct motion towards November the area of vocation, health and enduring loyalties sees the results of some deeper inspection taken in almost an involuntary manner, and reveals to you the flaws which may not have been apparent before. As Mars goes forward in Aquarius in September – taking the obstacles and delays of late June with it - it makes a square to Jupiter and brings difficult or unusual circumstances and situations to a head. Or even creates fresh ones, as the need to communicate on a new and upgraded level signals the chance to enter more powerful areas of work and research, and to possibly move these to new locations or bases of activity. If your calling or vocation is not in the frame here then the area of your expertise and long-term passions are. The grand passion is a term not just applied to love, but to the sort of longing the soul has to express itself in other creative endeavors, which equate love in unspecified or alternative terms. You cannot dwell in the shallows much longer and hope for a stronger tide to take you, you must stride or swim out to meet it.


As Jupiter enters Sagittarius in November, aided by that afore mentioned Mercury movement, the people you need to connect with are wanting to connect with you. And at the very least, the generosity or munificence of others is something that you can expect, once you have discerned who is seriously on your wavelength and who is simply along for the curiosity of the ride. All this after Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius in the latter half of December. And When Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces in the second week of December you will be able to anchor some of the more evasive ideas and promises or dismiss them as passing fancies, having nothing to do with you, and all to do with those we referred to as along for the curiosity of the ride. Christmas is always a strange time of half completed tasks which lose momentum because of the festive overload. Or lose ground that can't be properly regained in he New Year. For this reason you would do well to close important work by the middle of December, or draw a deadline for things which you don't want to see linger into the misty neverlands of another year. This has been a year of tying up lose ends for a lot people, but it is not wise to allow many lose ends to become unravelled as 2018 closes.



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