May 21st - June 21st



In November the chances of you wishing to take a more challenging or in-depth approach to your business or vocation is much heightened by Mars transiting Scorpio in that area of your life. But allow the last Mercury retrograde motion of the year to be over with and equalise by the very end of October before you splurge or trust too much to the unstable position of those dangling the carrots or encouraging you forward. It isn’t that they do not mean well, more that they do not know enough themselves to be able to give reassurance. Your expertise is certainly taking on a different slant or direction, and can be turned into something which benefits your progress in financial terms, once you have looked at the long-term obligations or the efforts time-wise and in terms of energy expended. It could be that some of this is in the digital area of the vastly unexplained, or the invisible territory of the greater and wider unknown (where good faith may come into the picture) and it matters not whether you are selling or buying or exchanging; you need to know how the whole fits together and fits with the rest of the financial pattern of sustainability for you. A lot of entrepreneurial ventures may loom into view now for you, and Gemini loves the variety and the thrill of such things. Holding your nerve is vital, and holding your cards close is even more vital - until December when certain declarations need to be made.





The last Mercury retrograde motion of the year in LIbra in late September to mid October falls in the solar house of your pleasure, love and self expression. It asks that the balance be addressed in terms of what you are asking of others, or expecting of them, before you exchange promises or agreements which have lasting effect. As Mars moves through LIbra in the same area until November, the need to seek new fulfillment or leisure outlets may push you to risk untried territory or things you know little about - if anything. Whilst intriguing, some of these pursuits may be costly or lead you to feeling out of your depth. The forward motion of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius after mid October gives a more grounded basis for stretching previous limitations of location or informational research into possibilities that could be steadily turned into practical levels by January next. The dangers or the pitfalls of these, plus the highlights and potential, were glimpsed somewhat in mid May to late July as Jupiter briefly touched down in Pisces and your tenth solar house. This period was perhaps whimsical but it gave the higher or more subtle indications of where you will feel most comfortable and more in touch with elements of yourself which may not usually be catered for.



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