May 21st - June 21st

May 2018

The Sun entering your sign on the 21st of May is preceded a few days before by Mars having entered Aquarius, one of the other air signs, and ruling your ninth solar house of location, profession and profound communication. Mars is set to go into retrograde motion in the last few days of June, thereby delaying and highlighting all matters concerning these subjects until you have looked at the why's and wherefore's more thoroughly or waited for strictures to lift and for better validation of the support needed in August and September as Mars backs into Capricorn, before you can proceed once more in October with the detail and grey areas left over from May/June - they might have seemed okay in April for example, but the time since then has shown variances and anomalies in need of repair. Meanwhile, Jupiter is idling in Scorpio in your solar sixth house until July, giving a pause in arrangements or discussions on requirements and priority issues that underpin your own welfare or that of others. There is grace here to get a boost or a break in tedious procedures attendant on all matters of service, work to be done, and obligations overdue.


Meanwhile  Saturn covers old ground again dating back from the start of the year until September, when the problems seem not so much to be yours as those of governing forces or conditions, and the effort to widen the mechanism for changing things intensifies, deepening and almost disappearing before it increases chances of success. By mid September silent or subtle connections have made quite a lot of difference to outcome and the tying up of loose end is not finished until November. The second Mercury retrograde motion in Leo in July /August may slow down news on communications already delayed by distance or formality, but in the long run the sincerity of those concerned is better known than it was in the spring… your impatience to have progress may have caused some divergent routes or mistakes earlier in the year, and these need to be compensated for or made good on while the possibility is present.


In May, Uranus leaving Aries for Taurus, your twelfth solar house, and unknown potential yet to materialize will close a seven year chapter of lifestyle changes and transformations. For some Gemini people these have been drastic and for others they have been more pre-planned - but you will from May begin to see the pattern of what you have designed take shape, though it is not until  until March of 2019 when it becomes more within your control to manage. Before that the last fragments and struggles with old problems has to be dealt with from November to the end of February next. Everyday life and its impact on the future was never more important to the outcome of plans this year for Gemini - that and the cementing of solid ties and bonds with others integral to your way forward. Much as you may like to skip their interference or annoying ways, you can't do so without losing some solid backing, without which you may sail by the seat of your pants. Hold onto your forbearance and bide time.



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