May 21st - June 21st



Now that Mars has traversed your sign during March and April you will have an inkling of where your ideas can take you. Loving ideas as you do, it is time you exercised a few new ones, perhaps. And the presence of Mars in Cancer and your second solar house of wealth and earnings during May and the first half of June will reveal which of any new projects may bring you better prospects and potential. This is promoted or suggested by the closer presence of those who respond well to you or those whose input you find necessary. But only those whom you know you have an affinity with, or the brief transit of Jupiter in Pisces from May to August may disperse the idea into shards of ineffective tangents which mislead. It is a deceptive time, and one which needs to be subjected to the scrutiny of facts that seem convoluted or overly fanciful - especially throughout June when Mercury is retrograde in your sign. The straightening out period is the first half of July and the proving period is the latter half, when the said facts convert to paper or other proof, if they are going to. Long term investment is favoured, especially anything mooted or conceived in January and February. In fact this is a year of securing future assets of any kind, but be patient until the end of October before relying on steady progress which can be more relied on in 2022.





Anything which adds mystery, intrigue or inexplicable circumstances to life can be relied on to deepen or become more entangled when Mercury retrogrades in Gemini in June. Whatever seemed ‘up your street’ or ‘plain sailing’ is turned on its head as June messes with details and agendas and probabilities. Whilst Saturn in Aquarius stands guard over your future geographical or career area it is wise to ensure that you know where you are going and what you are doing and have the map to hand. Getting lost or out of your depth is perhaps not your own fault, or choice, but if you cannot afford the frivolity of the experience then do not venture into the unknown or into uncharted waters - however appealing they seem - until next year. They will still be there at that time, but with less haze around the signs that spell danger or caution. Nothing worth doing, or experiencing, is free of some hazard, but May to September end is trying to get you to re-focus and re-jig the framework of new paths before you walk them. You can rely on support mechanisms or enabling systems after October, when they have got the balance right for your particular notions of enhancement or providence.



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