May 21st - June 21st

May 2017

Mars transiting your sign in May of course is a double edged sword – Gemini loves diversity, and Mars brings the widening of that to dizzy extremes for some Geminis. The fact that Saturn is opposing Mars from Sagittarius in your seventh solar house, gives you pause for thought - if not a full halt to proceedings - in the last week of May and early June, while the Sun – in your own sign until June 21st – sorts out the probabilities from the weak potentiality, especially where the support or promises of others are concerned. By the middle of that month you will know which is which, and you can end negotiations and start to test things up close and personal. Just how personal depends on the nature and intensity of the relationships you have with others you’re involved with. But when Mercury joins Mars in Cancer in late June making easy aspect to Venus in Taurus – your twelfth solar house – you can expect some very strong messages of intent which Jupiter direct in Libra again helps enlarge upon and embellish from the middle of June onwards.


Love may be in the air, but so too is creative fulfillment, one of the many forms of love. And the second half of this year is meant to give you the canvas from which to be inspirational in both those areas – or perhaps all of them. When Jupiter enters Scorpio in early October, the power within your devotions and loyalties begins to be heightened. If the things you devote to or serve do not serve you back, there is nothing to be gained from pursuing them; any kind of sacred intention or commitment must be a two way street if it is not to become mere empty habit or ritual. Put a different way, if you do not feel in sync with what has been mooted or laid down by September, then October will give you opportunity to understand more and to change track.


The Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo in August will highlight the glitter from the gold, until September weighs the final strength of the metal ready for a change in tempo and frequency in October. Some of you are hedging your bets, pondering whether to leap off and try the unchartered. And some of you are trying to pretend things can go on the way they are forever – middling., mediocre or static where dealings with people close by are concerned, and the worse affected are Geminis born in the first two deconates of the sign. But the sort out in May is of the kind which trips you or tips you into seeing parallel paths, these particular changes do not happen by head-on conflict – at least not at first. When Mars enters Libra in mid October it begins to dismantle the structures or frameworks which held some of your more valuable assets in place during the previous year, so that new and better arrangements can come into being at the year end and the taboos or restrictions to pleasure and comfort are re-evaluated as Saturn prepares to leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn in December.



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