21st May - 20th June

‘Abundantly Clear’


As the past few weeks may have shown, the need for substance in planning, or a firm basis from which to cultivate progress and confidence, is now behind you. It’s done or it’s not. The advent of Jupiter into your sign in May has brought the ideas to the forefront of thinking, or maybe to a point where you decide whether these are something you hold dear or put on a to-do list. Bearing in mind that Gemini loves ideas - and some of you might have a to-do list as long as your arm - a lot of it is not getting done. The trine Jupiter makes to Pluto/Aquarius in late May and June could be a deciding point. This applies especially to those of you born in the first ten days of Gemini, while other Geminians realize that some kind of intended move or shift is looming ever closer and needs addressing. The fact that Pluto is retrograde now until October might give a leaden feeling to some plans, but the good news is that it could also bring around the sinking of an anchor or a foundation stone ready for potential use. There could be a call to review the support or resource you hope to rely on. So be ready literally in the middle of October to make the best of what is shown - or to abandon the vessel completely and move to the next (provided you have one in view). Negotiations in late June are set to make you feel good, if you are prepared to be one-to-one and totally engaged for a while with whoever it is you are dealing with. July and August then allows for you to shift gear - from slow to moderate speed. Saturn in your solar house of worldly matters is requiring (perhaps demanding) a validation of your long-term intentions. Possibly from those others you need to be more personable with. And only then are barriers lifted.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


As August brings the second Mercury retrograde phase in Virgo to your solar house of emotional and domestic experience, it may be best in July to demonstrate your affections in some kind of meaningful gesture. So that you are not put to the trouble of explaining yourself - or extricating yourself - in matters which have become sensitive to how those near to you are trying to understand your motives. If you are merely paying lip service to something important to them and not really fully committed, you will be called out on that in August and may have to reverse or make amends for behavior in July which brings a dampener to communication, or stops liaisons in their tracks. The impasse can appear in the middle of September and is cleared by the last week of the month once and for all: you are from then devoted to a joint understanding, or wary of whatever has replaced it. At the end of May some warning shots are fired in respect of all this perhaps, and may be of the verbal kind, or the written kind, and to ignore them is not wise. The real ammunition is rolled out towards the middle of July, so if you have not taken note of the May alerts then you might not see it coming. The ruler of both Gemini and VIrgo is Mercury, therefore your Sun ruler is trying to bring your attention to a couple of the other qualities valued by the planet; integrity and reliability.



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