May 21st - June 21st

‘Abundantly Clear’


The long transit of Mars in Gemini ended in March and has affected Gemini people in different areas of life, but always bringing a division in direction or thought, or a rift in lifestyle somewhere. By April you may have seen the effect on your finances as either greater disposable assets and income or the need to be more careful where the demands of others are lending an emotional element to spending or earning. The details of these things might have shifted and changed between late April and mid May with the Mercury/Taurus retrograde transit and might be subject to a lack of direct control or a need to be definitive - or even stubborn - where there is a gap in choices. A chess game may ensue, but as Mercury goes into your own sign in the second week of June this could prove to be more to your advantage than previously thought. Certainly better than black and white decisions on matters which clearly call for subtler dealings and careful strategies. Geminians excel at these complex kinds of schemes and it only remains for you to stay free of overwhelm as Saturn enters more deeply into Pisces out until June. Then the picture is set, and the time between then and October is for going over what you feel is the best plan and spotting the need for amendment or outright change. Those of you born in the first decanate of the sign will require the greatest amount of care where negotiation concerns those who influence your world and hold a lot of aces. You are not home and dry in some battles of power-play until the start of 2004.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Jupiter enters Taurus in mid May and the area of your twelfth solar house governing all things unknown, out of your direct control or out of sight. It’s a great time to ask for - and receive - assistance or other help not normally so accessible. Jupiter the ‘Great Benefic’ in this area of the chart seeks to bring reward for past effort. Luck is another name for fate in many ways, and fate is always linked to cause and effect in some way. There is nothing we receive or get without calling it up, however obscure the root may be. This year is the time to call in favours or ask for help not normally available, and to recognise the magnanimous nature of the universe. In Taurus the earth sign these things are very fixed; they are not ‘flash in the pan’. So what you may experience - especially until September - is the increasing roll up of long term planning or effort yielding substance. Often this comes from places not previously linked to us, but the universal flow of energy does not discriminate - If you are entitled to prosper you do. And some of what you are storing up now needs to be seen as a reserve resource for projects which come to fruition with time. Your good fortune here is, however, monitored by Saturn/Pisces for a while and the warning is not to lose your grounding and to check who you are dealing with as you build this year. May sees your popularity grow alongside your need for more recognition from some parties and in some quarters, but the long transit of Venus in Leo from June to October asks you to be patient in forging the right understanding with the connections who seek to assist you, and to not imagine you have the full knowledge of everything until at least early September.



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