May 21st - June 21st

‘Abundantly Clear’


The long transit of Mars through your sign since August last will have given pause for restructure or second thoughts on various issues. It may also have caused you to delay or prevaricate .. or simply feel unmotivated. Middle of January changes everything, in that your re-set is complete from last September to then, and you have a fuller arsenal of ability to deal with stuff, or a clearer picture of the issues awaiting your greater confidence. As far as your security matters or your finances go, the first Mercury retrograde this year is a lingering aspect from late last year.. Mercury in Capricorn affects the areas of wealth in your solar chart where others are involved in the scheme of things or the greater whole. There may be a loop spanning the period between Xmas and New Year and the end of the first week of February while you wait on the input of those others, before you can see how the land lies. These may be employers, associates, allies of one kind and another - the usual ebb and flow between you might be under some strain or subject to the call for clarification before spending and finance is sorted. It could be April when Mars enters Cancer and your second solar house of personal money before you feel liberated enough to make financial decisions important to you, and vital to what you feel to be your heightened quality of life.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The main news this year is the changing of signs of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn in March enters Pisce, and Pluto leaves Capricorn for Aquarius at the end of the same month. Pluto takes seventeen to twenty years to traverse a sign, and it does not grip Aquarius until 2024. Even so, its departure from Capricorn and the area of your shared commitments and finance signals some kind of back-stop or anchor being taken up and either replaced or discarded. Between April and June there are possible gaps between where you have planned to put down next roots and what these portend in relation to joint or entailed security. The warning is about a sense of powerlessness as Saturn moves to Pisces - based on a limited set of choices, or choices not taken in time. By June there is the need to reassess and look at what was a better framework; showing you how to retrace steps possibly overlooked in the flying leaps to get ahead or bypass difficult maneuvers. Saturn in Pisces can make you seem very evasive or elusive to people looking on, it can make you remiss in communication - though you might think you are being tactful - and lose you the confidence and support of others integral to plans. Guard against being too cavalier in both attitude or approach as 2023 elapses. This is a year that is hard to rectify if things go awry. Jupiter in Aries again from January to May gives an opportunity to strengthen bridges begun in spring last year and to see the landing points needed when extending these from their smaller beginnings.



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