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January 2018

Mars begins the year in your sixth solar house of Scorpio, closing up to Jupiter by the end of the first week of January. This gives a depth to your vocational life and your obligations that perhaps you will dislike or perhaps you will see as a opportunities to play in a more powerful league. The intensity that Jupiter through Scorpio brings to life is not to be underestimated, as you will see when the year unfolds and brings the question of how far you want to go with certain pioneering ventures – some of them not ones of your own volition but concerns you have been coerced into. By February Mars enters Sagittarius, your seventh solar house, and the tempo seems to change quite markedly. It follows on from the Mercury/Sagittarius retrograde effects of December last and calls for the facts and the terms that were not clear then - or were deliberately left unsaid - to be made clear by people who hope to be partnered or allied with you in important ways.


The two major planetary moves this year are Saturn into Capricorn, at the start of January. And Uranus into Taurus in May. Saturn in your eighth solar house gives rise to some tough negotiations where joint finances go, and also signals the end of or the turning points in some close associations. The turning points are based on the need to take things back to basics or to cut out the unnecessary prevarications and deadlines that made life impossible. Saturn through Capricorn calls for straight dealing and a more black and white approach to things like shared space, finance and intimacy. It presents complete full stops to some ongoing enquires and makes the path to greater knowledge impassible. When Mars closes with Saturn in Capricorn in early April there is no denying the full stops put on some associations and previous arrangements. And there is an even clearer warning about other peoples’ intolerance. But the exit of Uranus from Aries after seven years sees doubts about some of your connections and the hopes you pin on them cease completely and a more moderate and stable vibration emerges as Uranus enters Taurus and your twelfth solar house. This brings more certainty in matters which are someway out of your hands, and the odds are evened in issues where you were on the losing side. The tables will turn several times during the following seven years. And February gives you clues about who could bring the best and who needs to be dropped from the plan.


Mercury retrogrades for the first time this year in Aries in March and April. So it is not until May that some delayed or questionable plans for lifestyle improvement can begin. And some of the people who are integral to those plans are able to show their hand or stand up and be counted. Jupiter in Scorpio this year ensures that any new loyalties and affiliations – or even old ones rekindled - are not to be considered lightly; they are part of a long haul and need to be nurtured and cultivated and pruned at the start if the deadwood is not to choke off the real growth and flowering of things with long term potential and longevity of purpose.



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