21st May - 20th June

‘Abundantly Clear’


The second lap of transiting Jupiter through Taurus in your twelfth solar house going direct again, brings a renewed set of strengths to matters you might have left to simmer since September last. Or it brings the assistance and support you sought then but were unable to find. Ascertaining where this lies enables plans put on hold in the autumn and early winter to be brought back into the fore. The recent Mercury retrograde transit in your solar eighth house doubled back in December to reprise the opinions or inclusion of significant others who perhaps have had second thoughts now on what they were unprepared or unwilling to do previously. If this is the case they should set the record straight, or do irreversible moves in the latter part of January which prove their intention; judge things from that latter half of the month and make preparation to go with them from the middle of February. Unusual methods of finance or economic planning might be the norm for them, but by the end of the third week of February the arguments or differences are not so much wrangles as strategies which have elastic frameworks and movable parts. Pluto has fully entered Aquarius for many a year then, and the bias of power is not what it was when last you may have ventured into these kinds of speculations or upwardly mobile schemes. Money is to be seen differently in the coming times. The bias of power is with the specialist knowledge and not with the speculator. It means in short that trust must be the cornerstone of any such dealings, and the lack of it is the indicator of losses. The trust you might have shown in waiting for people in this respect over the last year is proven by March and you are good to go with support at your back.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


There is a point in the third week of February, featuring Venus and Mars, where things begin to rise to a climax in the first ten days of March and break a deadlock in futurist terms which have prevented you moving ahead, either in the geographical sense or in the professional sense - or maybe both. The intentions for this must be clear, or it tends to spin off into a vacuum or a bewildering lack of direction. You have long wanted the chance to have a certain genre of new experience within your life, and you might have been clear about it - or it might have been a hazy fantasy. Much forward planning begins in fantasy, some may say imagination, but there is a time when it kicks in as real possibility or transmutes into something more realistic. One of these times is upon you. It could be once in a lifetime, and it could be amazingly liberating. But you have to know how much you are committed to it beyond just an idea. Gemini loves ideas, and to a large extent lives in a world of changing ideas. Ideals are not the same thing. Know the ideals now, for when the fog circling since March 23 in your long long-term view of horizons lifts in February it will bring stark relief to where you are as opposed to where you want to be going. Sometimes we come back to starting points to find better routes forward we missed in the first instance. The second Mercury retrograde motion in April in Aries says much about how involved and determined you feel about profound lifestyle changes, and it deepens your need for self assertion and autonomy and shakes up the pattern as it weaves itself. So Mars in Aries in May drives momentum beyond the usual speed, or the speed in which you had settled.



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