May 21st - June 21st

January 2017

Venus and Mars in Pisces in your tenth solar house as the year begins bring some doubt and confusion to your career or worldly path, but this is alleviated by Venus making a conjunction to Neptune in the first half of the month showing that you are actually welcoming or inviting a break from too much  reality with feelings of harmonious pleasure or even euphoria as you get up close and personal to people and situations that cannot be described as merely mundane. On the other hand it may not be wise to ignore what is going on in other areas of your world, for fear you glide into a haze of ignorance from which things may slide from your control. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn in January since December, and tampers with the practicalities of life and planned changes until such time as they can be given a clearer path in February by Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius and a better or more informal canvass to connect with people in far off places or those in positions of authority who remain faceless.


Jupiter is retrograde in Libra from the second week of February until the second week of June and offers breathing space in the pursuit of happiness through pleasure with others; there needs to be a clearer definition of what is possible and what is probable. So that there aren’t misunderstandings or parts of the plan where the seams unravel and render the fabric useless. And this is what the four month period is good for - February to June - testing the spanning of time and emotions forming the bridge between what is probable and what is possible. By that time in February the Neptune to Saturn square has ended and the impasse or gulf which is not in your control but is caused by those round about, will show how it can be closed or left behind.  It has been stopping progress in to a more positive world. Nobody can estimate what you will fill it with now, but it should be something that inspired you in January – provided you did not succumb to the more unrealistic side of things which don’t or can’t live up to expectations.


Spurred on by your  passions or kindling desires in January, the period from February to the end of April bring you the objectives, if you get your priorities right and your concentration honed. The latter part of March when Mercury and the Sun in Aries collude, you will not be able to resist the more determined or dogged part of your nature from leading you on.  It maybe ill-advised and it may be some kind of folly, but you will leave behind a niggling doubt about your own shortcomings, even if things don’t pay off; they may just dissolve, and your resolution to do things differently and in a new way will automatically attract new avenues.  You cannot lose, but you can give yourself a hard time or a stressful one if you don’t do things calmly in spring.



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