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January 2019

As Uranus goes direct in January in your eleventh solar house of lifestyle and aims associated with it, it regroups and rekindles a lot of the things you have been grappling with over the year in an effort to tie up the loose ends on your pathways over the last seven years. Either second thoughts on some of the issues, or an inability to bring things to resolution on your own part has meant that small areas of life are hampering the new picture which began to unfold between last May and August without losing some of the value of acquisition or experience gained from the past seven year chapter. Uranus is the pioneer among the planetary influences, and often a ruthless one at that, quite disinterested in policy or politeness it is capable of riding rough-shod through what has been carefully constructed or built in its all out attempts to break old ground so that new can be established. Uranus is a force you both invite and accept as being a vital ingredient in your quest for variety or unlimited access to what you feel you need to know. And sometimes who you feel you need to know.


What has been initiated or planned well last year will proceed to unfold, once those loose ends have been tided and you are sure what it is you are leaving behind or ascribing to past experience. To try to bring into this year remnants of history simply from nostalgia or sentiment would be a mistake. Only what has been proven or been seen to have lasting advantage should be given time and effort as March arrives. March is the month when Uranus enters Taurus for a full seven year shift. Taurus rules your twelfth solar house and therefore a lot of what takes place there is out of your direct control. So it can be a case of sheer reversals unless you know exactly what and who you are dealing with when giving the benefit of the doubt or handing over the control of vital elements to other people. Jupiter now well and truly in your opposing sign of Sagittarius shines a magnifying light on those to whom you are quite attached. Jupiter, planet of expansion and beneficence, enlarges wherever it goes, and in its own sign of Sagittarius is so magnanimous in reach that almost anything goes. (see our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. So watch the egos or the developments of partners or cohorts, some of them will swell your expectations and hopes beyond your wildest dreams in some cases, or beyond sensible potentiality. It is good to be optimistic and sometimes it takes us over sticking points and ingrained fears so well that we emerge into a new light and horizon. But this is not entirely your own optimism or enthusiasm here, it is bestowed upon you by courtesy of others and calls for some monitoring.


May is the time, as we have said before, when you have to let go of the cleaning utensils and allow the place to shine in its own right and be used for its rightful purpose; the preparation of the space you have designed to step into for the new chapter has then to be left to build more resonance and more substance, and the time for tweaking and modifying and holding back for alterations is over. Until then the confidence must be tended to as well as the practicalities dealt with. |It is as important to get comfortable with what is new and unfamiliar as to perfect it materially. The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in Pisces in March and this sees to areas of whimsical folly and lack of realism – showing up the flaws and the irregularities like dust particles in sun rays – so that by the time April comes your flights of fancy are married to crucial details and brought into stark relief before being scaled down to workable size, or ascribed to a list of future goals for later times.



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