May 21st - June 21st



The combination of Saturn and Jupiter in the part of your solar chart representing your preferred destination points gives an ambiguous start to the year, in that you have the decision of whether to preserve certain facets of your past achievements or whether to leave behind the safety of those and move on. For some of you the first Mercury retrograde motion of this year in Aquarius in February will sort out detai/ls by fine tooth-combing the small facts which enable or contribute to the larger ones. The financial area of your life looks set to get interesting, but possibly you may at first feel like it is more obscure. But when Mars enters your own sign you will have choices which help define the division between what is no longer yielding fruit and what needs to be nurtured because it possibly could lead to good things by mid May. There is a distinct difference to what you might want to do - based on what you feel you do best - and what you can see will add to increment if you do things a little differently. We may be only talking a tweak in methodology. In short, taking some skill sets and aiming them at a new focus in which you use them in a more individual way. So whereby in the past you have needed to consider the set or rigid framework of others before you merged and got results, you now have the freedom to apply something which revolutionises their world as well as your own expertise. You are seen in a different light. And perhaps you have to bathe in it for a while without setting too many terms or expectations. By mid June you are on top of the game, or you have gotten the backing of those who upgrade your expectations through to success. Let February guide your marker and do not take distance or remote connection as a setback. Ignore awkward people with pernickety standards. Take it in your stride and remember the original idea.





Experience teaches us that when we do something well and achieve by it we should always plough that field. But sometimes that alone deters us from trying other things, or excelling elsewhere. Becoming a victim of our own success resonates when we feel trapped into what we have become known for or what we do best. Some Geminians took a flight of fancy in December, after a lot of soul searching or deeper revelations, and this March and April will be the time to investigate the depth of these and to instigate tiny steps which broaden out as May arrives into larger pools of light and direction. Jupiter enters Pisces in May for a brief stay until late July. The inspirations, or more daring leaps of faith, illuminate the skyline and prompt an excursion into a wider arena of knowledge in May, based on those flights of fancy or urges to take a left turn instead of a right, which perhaps began in December. The imagination goes firstly where the total movement eventually decides to follow. Not all inspirations are reality based, or reality checked, but some must at least see the light of day before something deep within is satisfied. We are creatures of exploration as well as creatures of habit. The time for Gemini to start factoring and levelling is now. You may do many things, and complete some, but regret only what you have not tried or encountered. The second Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in late May and June in Gemini, when your ruler is with you and backing your ideas or taking earlier effort to a wider audience. Flipping the frame is what Gemini does well.



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