December 22nd - January 19th

September 2023

‘Abundantly Clear’


As Pluto moves direct in your sign again in October at late degrees, you can almost sense the weighty issues of financial security or growth beginning to gather momentum and reprise details or situations of January to March this year. But this time with a view to going on from where they started to become stuck or lacking clearer horizon. The lull or waiting time of late March to mid June may have been a blessing in terms of giving you the chance to see where stronger agreements or stipulations need putting into place. And if these have been introduced by late September then mid October will lift restrictions and bring about a better footing with others whose close alliance you need at this time. It could be spring next year before you are sure of what you are doing in ventures involving the unknown or a risk element, but the signs are there of strong growth in matters where your will-power gives the deciding factor to long-term achievement. The dual indications of last November to March 23 should have given way to better working conditions or practices and by this November your self-esteem is in a place where you may see that the once ‘impossible’ is more than ‘possible’ - it’s highly probable. Careful steps out to March prove this. Capricorn has been through a melting pot these last couple of years - a baptism of fire for some, and a stripping away of unnecessary boundaries for others - and your latent qualities of tenacity and self-purpose are free to join forces with those of optimism and innovation.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


As Jupiter/Taurus slows to retrograde in very early September your love, creativity and greatest joys become more prominent in importance due to their need for attention. Where before they may have sailed along as you took them for granted, they are now needing to be nudged, prodded or investigated to discover the reason for the stagnation - or the lack of dynamic. For many of you Capricorns the Mercury/Virgo retrograde in mid August to mid September will shift perspective away from places or people who previously held a lot of clout or a lot importance to what you value most, or where you wish to be Even while you're looking to get a better balance on your outer world without help, and to prove to both yourself and others, in October, that you can use this to good benefit. Invites, automatic inclusion in groups and so on are something you may start to question by the end of that month. But as Jupiter/Taurus begins to prune the ground you thought you knew so well, you might delve deeper into other lifestyle choices which you wish to discover alone, or without too much interference from people who previously may have been included. The shift of your priorities away from some associates or friends is not something you broadcast, but by the end of the year you are experiencing the freedom to come and go without question, and to enjoy the rights to seclusion or privacy in areas or places that are made more valuable by your freedom to move as and when you please and to change your mind at the last minute when something beckons which was not previously known about.



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