December 22nd - January 19th

September 2017

As Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) prepares to re-enter your sign in January, it takes you through the last of some out-of-your-comfort-zone periods that are due to its last three year expedition through Sagittarius and your twelfth solar house. This for some of you has been exhilarating and much welcomed, while for others it has been too disquieting and insecure. Now that Saturn is looking to make the grandest re-entrance into its own territory, it will fall upon those born under the auspice of this autocratic planet to prepare the way for others via their own familiar territory. Whether this is home, work or something else the key word may be ‘responsibility’ - so you are either taking on more or reviewing the sort you have and thinking about renewing it in some way. The Mars transit in September and October through the other earth sign of Virgo, will call for formal communications in either locational, professional or legal matters as preliminaries to changes signaled in those areas. It is a refining and defining period, one which in the latter half of October and November will offer an infrastructure or a new design which can be accessed in weeks to come.


In Many ways Mars always paves the ways for Saturn to concretize. And with Saturn/Capricorn the thing we know for certain is that these will be permanent, lasting and probably very durable. They will have been built on methods and routes taken in previous months and years, but the part Capricorn people play for others is often that of gate-keeper or enabler. If you relieve this of its literal meaning it becomes clearer. The entrance of Jupiter into Scorpio in October brings a change of tempo quite marked as the planet leaves the more easy-going sign of Libra and plunges into the Scorpionic depth of your eleventh solar house overseeing lifestyle choices, recreational objectives and general main ambitions. There is usually a trial of some kind to see if the ambition is sustainable and the owner of it worthy to sustain it. Jupiter/Scorpio loves to issue subtle challenges of this kind, and we see such strategies taking place in November as Venus enters Scorpio in the first weeks to test or silently put in place the effects and conditions needed in time for Mars entrance to the sign in the second week of December. By the first week of January there is an enlargement of this trial and choice experience and you must decide then if you want to keep the pace of what may be a nail-biting period, taking you to the sudden end of a chapter and through to a different book. This is why September and October is so vital. The time to make the hard decisions is October, and then to be aware of what lies beneath in November and December.


The final Mercury retrograde motion of the year in December is helpful, falling in Sagittarius and your twelfth solar house, where Saturn is waiting to exit. This aspect of Mercury and Saturn together forces truthful accounts and communication in matters that previously have been unfairly or deceptively presented. The time for exaggeration and massively sweeping statements to be exposed is then. Venus entering your own sign over Christmas sees you in a stronger - if a somewhat more cautious - position to begin putting right the anomalies and errors you have found to be the flies in the proverbial ointment. Don’t think of it a discouraging time; on the contrary, the power of rightful fact sometimes comes only when there is someone capable of using it well.



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