December 22nd - January 19th

September 2021



Mercury in LIbra aspects the Sun of most Capricorn people in September, before retrograding on the 26th of the month and remaining retrograde until the third week of October. The only people exempt from having their previously held plans or views turned about or upset are those Capricorns born in the last three days of the sign. The clearing of the tumble-washed issues is not until the third week of November, when it becomes clear whether the matters under review can be changed to your liking, or not. The balance of affairs affects a lot of your view out to next year, or your career hopes, but it remains for Venus through your sign, in November - turning retrograde in mid December - to determine how comfortable you feel with accepting terms which could be most beneficial come next February. Or whether perhaps a more passive and supportive approach will ease the way until then. In February you may be sitting pretty, as the saying goes, but you may also be able to configure expenses, outgoings and other financial terms more to your liking. The last two months of this year are ones which benefit you most by sitting back and observing how things play out around you, rather than instigating negotiation or processes which have an unknown outcome. Your ruler Saturn moving direct again in Aquarius in the middle of October strengthens your financial position by giving the gravitas to whoever and whatever you serve, and what serves you best. Aided closely by Jupiter in the same month and the same sign, also moving direct. One grounds while the other develops, and the combination is more than advantageous.





The planning you do for the next eighteen months or so leads to a greater sense of individual power or freedom in 2023. But the planning stage is definitely now. The presence of Jupiter in Pisces next January can make you lazy, hazy or indifferent to outcome. Though the urges and insights accessible May to August last, when latched onto the common sense factors of the first few months of 2021 and combined from mid October, will appear as an obvious choice, or course. If you allowed the more uncharted or unknown realms to speak for themselves via your imagination, or your more unconscious urges, and put them on the to-do-when-you-are-able list! The final Mercury retrograde phase is in Libra in late September and most of October, when the area of career or worldly pursuits takes a roundabout tour of the houses, not by your own volition maybe but by courtesy of world affairs and the intents of others integral to your future. In November the omens and elements making up your ambitions or current aims are deepened and made significant - either because you cannot ignore your urges and needs, or because you see the way to more powerful areas of pursuit. These might be in lifestyle or in other objectives which enhance lifestyle, but good fortune is with you by the second week of December with Mars in Sagittarius. Fortune favours the prepared mind, so everything we have said above is applicable to how you plot, plan and make your grander schemes with the unknown destination points.



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