December 22nd - January 19th

September 2018

As Mars continues direct through Aquarius and your second solar house, representing money and security, you may wish to review some of the options you thought good in previous weeks. These may be proving difficult to sustain or to push forward. But the second look you took at things in late August may have given the better foundation that the developments of May failed to give. In the first part of September something is re-launched or given a new footing, so that the obstacles you met with in June tend to be surpassed once mid October is here. The entrance of Uranus into Taurus plays a large part in the overhaul of your personal or leisure time as it seeks to urge you to find new windows in which to pursue pursuits or activities discovered in the summer months. See our blog: Uranus into Taurus – Moving Heaven & Earth @ Moving Heaven & Earth


You may wish to stay quiet on some of your more personal objectives or passions in October – you may be keeping your cards close to your chest. Or waiting for others to reveal their hand first. This may prove futile, but it gives you the added sense of safety or confidence you seem to need right then. But what it does do is take matters to the quest for better balance or distribution of responsibility at the start of November, and so certain things in your outer world hang in the balance until the middle of that month arrives and there is more agreement upon which all concerned are decided. If your career or worldly pursuits are concerned in this then you should be aware of where the disappointment springs from, where the negative opinions are likely to originate, long before they can usurp or undermine your efforts. So it’s best to see all and say little in October. And by the time Mercury has done with its final retrograde motion of the year in early December you will see where the inaccuracies may have originated. Though you will not be able to rectify matters until the second week of December. After then you can set certain people straight without fear of contradiction, and hear the last of exaggerated or wild facts.


Jupiter on its final stage through Scorpio in September and October may bring tense situations to a head, others to an end, but not before the planet makes a brief square to Mars in Aquarius in the first week of November and has more to say about the money matters and the effects on lifestyle mentioned in the first paragraph. There may be some awkward dilemmas to be dealt with before you can leave behind places or situations you are trying to transform into fresh territory. As Uranus also goes back into Aries in November there are old personal issues needing to be consolidated with what you have seen possible or desirable between May and September. These cannot take seed until you have left behind the idea of something you think you missed out on; the shadow of whatever this is obstructs new light and life. Saturn, your ruler, in its own sign of Capricorn can make the past seem as real as the present to you very often. But Saturn requires you currently to acknowledge history, not necessarily to repeat it. This year has been one of seeing to lose ends for a lot of us. For Capricorn people the trine Saturn makes with Uranus shows many of you an escape route that should be claimed before the end of November. But of course this is only worthy and believable if you knew in the summer months what you wanted to do on the other side of it.



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