December 22nd - January 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


Pluto leaves your sign in late March and enters Aquarius your solar house of earning power. Although the planet retrogrades back into Capricorn in June, it should have given pointers to where you need to stake claims, lay markers or generally recognise the potential for greater investment in things which will materialise into prosperity or wealth. This may not be until you have released some of your past doubts (which might have concretised into visible blocks) between June and the start of next year. These may not be to do with money itself but exist in the realm of things that underpin or lay claim to security - security not always being translatable in monetary terms. Jupiter in Taurus in May gives a grounding or a greater potential to creative factors. The second Mercury retrograde motion in Taurus in April and May reveals the dead-ends or the tangled undergrowth to what may be clogging the work and preventing fulfillment in the more creative part of what you do for a living - or what you like to do as a sideline, or a potential ‘second string to the bow’. Everyone with expertise should look now to utilising it in greater ways than the everyday schedule may dictate. The window to display the wares - or prove the potential - is definitely August. By September the feeling of being one with a supportive group or collective is either a way you wish to go or a ‘view finder’ to a niche which makes you comfortable.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mars in Leo in late May through to early July is in an area of your solar chart dealing with matters private or known only to yourself. Responsible also for the growth and evolution arising from interaction with others. It gives a depth to the mere everyday existence, and bodes well for your self worth, and even more for your potential to increase life benefits. Venus joins the show in early June to enhance your appreciation of all things sacred in this respect, but having completed nearly a full transit of Leo, she retrogrades in the third week of July. Venus is the ‘Lesser Benefic’ and in this area of your chart depicts a sort of reticence to come forward and speak your mind, or to be afraid of asking for what it is you want - even though it may be well within your reach. You may see the need for patience .. but make sure it’s not just an excuse to cover the reluctance to be seen as wanting anything at all! In short, a self consciousness may descend and can be dismissed as modesty, but can easily work against you if taken too far. By late August and the third Mercury retrograde in Virgo, the question of how bold to be, or how outspoken, should be more easily tackled. And as Mercury goes direct in mid September it forms a loop with the first few days of August, whereby you have the full details of what previously was blurred detail or unclear positioning. Speak out then, and prepare to immerse in more intense or interesting times by October. To avoid being lost in a tangle of complex factors which tire you out as you try to sort them. You may like things black and white, as a Capricorn, or at least fairly transparent, but unfortunately a lot of life is anything but, and a lot people exploit the fact.



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