December 22nd - January 19th

May 2018

Mars leaves your sign in the middle of May for a four week stint in Aquarius, your second solar house, and this may mean for you a glimpse into further fields financially and in the earnings sense. But this is only a reconnaissance or a taster for things that can be established later in the year when Mars finally goes straight forward though Aquarius and allows you to pass the limitations or blocks you might encounter in late June, until the second week of August when Mars retrogrades back into your sign and allows for alterations or modifications on the whole subject which could not be implemented in April or early May. The doorways are narrow perhaps until later in the year, but they are apparent to you on this long haul transit of Mars out to November, giving clues as to how to proceed once you know it is where you want to go for certain, and how you want to sustain things. By the second week of November it may be to late to change what is already carving itself into stone. So the delays may be a blessing in disguise.


Whilst Jupiter is still in Scoprio and your eleventh solar house the accent is on how you expand life choices and on what terms. These will be taking a substantial leap forward from July and the planet's second leg of its transit. As Uranus leaves Aries in mid May and heads for Taurus you will feel that a seven year hazardous personal campaign to settle down in either a personal or domestic sense is over with.You have reached a more permanent phase. This is one you will have seen coming or happened upon by courtesy of a convoluted trail as you rounded a corner.The pattern for a few weeks may be confusing, but in the middle of August is one you feel you can arrange or manage to your liking. You may wish to go farther or you may wish to stay where you are, but whichever, the one way you cannot go is back. Something about your private or inner life has changed and your circumstances at an outer level change with it.Things from the weeks prior to May need to be finalized and this can be accomplished in the last two months of this year, in time for next spring when a fixity of circumstances is set to dawn in new chapters. The financial matters we referred to earlier play a large part in decisions made now and down the line this year.But the need to break out of restriction urges you, either in full consciousness or in partial awareness, until the fetters of past frustrations and battles are seen as memories only.


The second Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Leo in July reveals how loyal people round about are to you, and how loved you are in certain quarters. Others walk their talk for you then, or not. And the first half of September opens up farther avenues which smooth the design already to hand by October.There is then a fairness or balance to your exterior world where you see co-operation from those whom you need on your side. The Mercury retrograde motion in Aries in April may have burned bridges for you but better connectivity means those are unnecessary once autumn arrives. Saturn has your back in its own sign of Capricorn to a large extent, while Pluto also in your sign gives you the power of authority - either your own or someone lending you theirs. You cannot fall or fail if you remember all the values that your vibration was naturally endowed with. Endeavor and tenacity being two of the main ones. It is not an easy ride this year perhaps, not until December at least, but it is one well worth the expense of the ticket in the long haul.



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