December 22nd - January 19th



Recovering from the trials and travails of the last couple of years may have been tough, but those of you with the stamina - which is most Capricorns under the age of ninety - are perhaps well on your way to making up for lost ground. It’s true to say that Saturn, your ruler, is now in the second solar house of your chart governing earnings and wealth of the self generated kind, and this gives the grip you need to install processes and mechanisms that have longevity of purpose, whether these are employment from others or ventures where you are solely accountable. The presence of Jupiter in your sign with Saturn is a double edged-sword, because it will magnify whatever it encounters, which often with Saturn has a serious and not-easily-swerved angle. Jupter in Pisces mid May to August gives respite from much of the hard scrutiny or attention to detail, while you maybe see a more effective way of doing things or you decide to shift tracks and cut losses. By August you will have the right framework under review, and it is vital that you check facts from March and April before trusting them to the overall impetus of financial motion. Once the middle of October arrives you can not change some of what you have agreed on or set in train. So May to the end of August is a preparation-inspection time like no other. Saturn and Jupiter are both direct by the third week of October and though quite far apart in degree both planets are focused on this area of your earning power. Power being energy it is best to make sure your personal energy levels are not depleted by excesses or the excessive demands of people close by.





Jupiter’s brief transit into Pisces in the middle of May to August gives the start of a radical shift in your thinking, or your perception of your lot, either personally or otherwise. This is a glimpse into what can become the norm next January, if you allow a remodelling or restructuring of the lines on which you operated in March and April; if these were much the same as previous years, which is doubtful, then you will see that the softer and more flexible edges glimpsed or sought in May and June are preferable and attainable. But after the re-fit between August and mid October it requires two levels of thought, one logical and the other creatively inspired from day to day. In other words, if you fly a kite you merely hold the string - the wind factors do the rest. Your ruler, Saturn, pauses in direct flow in the third week of May, so you might be able to ease up on responsibilities needing respite. Or you may see a way of making an easier path through what was viewed as a hard route. After the middle of October you have either understood this way or have acquired the greater stamina with which to tackle your obligations and strengthen your pleasures.



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