21st December - 19th January

‘Abundantly Clear’


Pluto is in Aquarius, as you are no doubt aware, but doubles back into Capricorn for the last time by September, becoming direct in mid October and finally re-entering Aquarius by the year end where it remains for the rest of its twenty year transit. This to-ing and fro-ing between your sign and Aquarius has been nudging, tweaking and messing with your solar house of self-earned money and personal security. It has perhaps been tempting you with fairly radical ideas (or even choices) about how next to make ends meet, or to make more money - some of these quite radical. May/June can see that backward journey again, in which you feel yourself moving in a direction opposite to the one you embarked on in January/February, and perhaps thought of as final. It could be you have left behind something valuable in the way of resource, or recourse, which can be used more expediently or more cleverly for financial gain. By September you will know, and you may have revisited, or rewound back to the first couple of months of 2023 to salvage what was lost, or prematurely abandoned. From then you will have increasing certainty and closure in matters that might have been bugging you: the question of whether you did the right thing by moving from that time-space of spring 23 in relation to finance. If you feel mistakes were made, then mend sails, and pick up the slack from that chapter and go forward, being the better off for hindsight. Otherwise, leave those pages of the book behind and stop lamenting them and giving them undue importance in your memory. In June, as Jupiter grips Gemini, you see your horizons widen (though they may appear like decreasing circles until mid July). Through to September the branch roads presenting alternative options can be astonishing in the rapidity with which they loom from the mist.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


April may have been a little like peeling one of those stickers off the bargain goods in supermarkets; they come off clean or they leave half of the paper behind in a galvanized mess. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus triggered the area of your pleasure, creativity and enjoyment in that month, beckoning both endings and beginnings. Space should be cleared for new starts, but you may personally not want some of them to be entirely cleared. You may wish to linger half in and half out of some arrangements, until it becomes obvious by the middle of May that one of the positions is preferable to the other. It has a lot to do with your comfort zone, but it has even more to do with your need to experience something unique .. or territory which is exciting in its unfamiliarity. Capricorn famously enjoys routine, but now there are new factors begging to be sewn into the well trodden familiar. So, think about using the framework already built to extend into untried areas, while the access points are still available and reachable and at the same time not taking away the boundaries of the tried and tested. It may be a case of lifting some of the bars which keep you inside - as much as they stop interference from without. Your ruler, Saturn, still in Pisces, is resting from May, which makes it easier in the first weeks of July for Mars/Taurus to begin draining the swamp of confusion or dismal dwelling and bringing in a lighter and variable vibe to your private or personal life by the end of summer. The second Mercury retrograde motion in August is in Virgo, doubling back into Leo until the second week of September. You are reminded in that period of some past glory, or some past emotional high-point, and you might go about seeking that again, and reconnecting in September in a new way but one that better fulfills the requirements of the now.



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