December 22nd - January 19th



In the early part of June Mars/Taurus in your fifth solar house in square to Saturn/Aquarius in your second solar house is trying to render some kind of financial decision final. Your desire for greater harmony or joy is made good on them, or you are curbing unnecessary spending on one particular feature or item as your doubts over it grow. Before that, Sun/Taurus in mid May shows where the ambivalence might be, and how to re-plan or rec-consider, whilst Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus in the last few days, going direct in the sign by the 3rd June. This is perhaps by no means the most weightiest of your concerns - although maybe it is, because one person’s cavalier approach to income is another’s sleepless night. The entrance of Jupiter into Aries in May by the middle of the month opens a more all-out campaign to what you personally feel about where you are or where you need to be. And Mars entering the sign by the last seven days lays siege to anything getting in the way of improvement. Jupiter’s transit of Aries lasts only until the end of July before it retrogrades, the rest of its stay - until late October - being mostly to take stock of what you might have embarked on or set in motion during the May to August period. The next stage of the campaign - which will be in January, and this time for real. Unless you change tack. As Mars/Aries will square your Sun at some point in late May, June and early July, depending when in Capricorn you were born, you may expect to encounter opposition to what you are intending, or at least some obstacle to doing things just the way you want to. Either you are securing a position via income which takes careful monitoring. Or you are being stopped from entering into long term expenditure for unsound reasons. The reasons might not be clear until early July with Saturn’s retrogradation allowing for more leeway or transparency on long-term results envisaged.





As Jupiter leaves Pisces finally in May and becomes your third solar house of everyday activity, it may bring you a sense of urgency about things left undone. This, as Jupiter enters Aries, your fourth solar house of ‘inner momentum’ and ‘private life’. But the Mercury retrograde motion in Gemini in May the habits and rituals you hold dear. Anything from how you take the first cup of coffee of the day, to people you feel the need to see regularly. The hum-drum may be overwhelming when compared to what you could encounter if you made a few small changes. These small changes will be made known - or at least become visible - in the early part of May, and from the middle of June you might start working on them. But it is the long transit of Mars through Gemini, which begins in August and ends next March, that will make you declare how serious or committed to them you are. Personal life in July and August will bring into your orb the chance of more intimate or personal associations, and these in part will be the reason for changing some of the long term habits or traditions you have set store by. Your popularity in August is not something which is highly flagged, but is of the kind that leaves you feeling accepted or wanted. In the last few days of that month you must decide whether you wish certain people to be more high profile and permanent, or whether you want to have low-key agreement without reaching a traditional destination. Tradition is high with you, but there is a time to see whether it serves you well or not. August to mid October the opportunity comes to change certain traditions to something more innovative or personally tailored.



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