December 22nd - January 19th

May 2017

If you needed evidence that things are improving for you by leaps and bounds you have only to consider the area of vocation or work, where opportunity and choice is an increasing agenda. Or the part of your life where your well-being and routine now yield more satisfaction than this time last year and is giving – if not increased activity - incentive via ideas which may need pruning right down but can be enlarged upon in June. Whether you are the kind of Capricorn who likes to get involved in multi faceted enterprise or the sort who ploughs a line of focus and prefers to specialize in one particular field, you cannot help but feel that the world is a wider place since last summer, and that the appreciation of who you are has grown exponentially. Not that life is completely stress free. Is it ever! The square between Pluto in your sign and Uranus/Aries in your solar fourth house may be giving you some gyp, causing as it does the need to step back from deeply convoluted issues regarding personal or emotional life – probably the issues of others rather than your own. Capricorn love to think of themselves as straightforward and uncomplicated, so that it is others who cause the unrest or the strain, and for once you may be right. But your need to get more involved grows as August gets underway, so you may either dig in your heels and refuse greater responsibility or pull away from the scene entirely towards September as the aspect loses its urgency. Before that time, take care that you don’t come off as smug or indifferent in your efforts to play down what you may see as an overly exaggerated situation in which you are not to blame.


The second phase of Jupiter through Libra in June sheds light once again on the career path or the world beyond your front door which beckons with better structure or design and almost sends you invitations to get joined in or signed up for things you never thought you would get the chance to pursue or that you did not really relish doing. Surprising how life can change – well actually it is us who change - life itself in its organic state stays much the same, while we play with what it offers and view the scenery from different perspectives.


Not only did you not think you would be enjoying certain new things that you begin to enjoy this summer, but neither did you think you'd have much in common with those who are already established within them. Venus in Taurus in June and Mars in Cancer both grace the solar houses concerned with love and togetherness or pleasure shared with others. Whichever, you can’t go far wrong in the happiness stakes if you let your guard down long enough to trust those who invite you in, and reserve your judgement on whether they gel with your views on life. They do not have to if you make the kind of bond which does not rely on opinion or past experience, where energy is key and offers everything to play for in the feel good factor. The third Mercury retrograde motion in Aries and Taurus in April and May will see to the smaller details of these things, or to what can be taken seriously and what has to be seen as beyond the pale. And then in August with the third Mercury retrograde in Virgo and Leo, dealing with the future via shared interaction, the game is really underway and the loyalty and longevity of things that were possibly seen lightly or as transient will have to acquire new meaning or get lost in the ever increasing speed of your journey. Only you know how you want to play it, but let the deciding factor come from the heart either way and not from any outside pressure or consideration.



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