December 22nd - January 19th



Big sighs of relief as Saturn, your Sun ruler, finally vacates your sign after almost three years. Whilst it has been grounding and consolidating for many, it has reaped some draconian and extreme results for others. The entrance of Saturn to Aquarius is accompanied at the start of January by Jupter; this is an inhibitive combination: Jupiter loves to expand and Saturn loves to conserve. Your second solar house of earnings and wealth is where the substance builds from the second week of January and through February. But as Mars enters Taurus the conjunction it makes to Uranus in the second week of January renders the process more complex. The creative ground you have perhaps been breaking since 2018 is where the nub of progress lies. If this is your unique expertise then let it now become ‘groundbreaking’ in your own terms. The details of the financial data are somewhat topsy turvy during the first Mercury retrograde motion in Aquarius in February, again touching your earning life, so the trick is not to see anything as permanent or reliable until the end of February. The ways to better planned choices then widen as Mars goes through Gemini and stirs up vocation and service. Some things just slip through your fingers unless they are made firm or realistic by the end of March. At that time the campaign or long haul journey you began last July tends to give ‘handrails’ to previously hard paths, especially as April arrives. Jupiter into Pisces from May until July proves your belief in what you did in the first few weeks of the year viable, or more in need of innovativation. Money for you this year lies in taking the leap from being shackled to a routine - outworn maybe - or of shaping the timing and pace your own way to suit your method of doing things.





Even Jupiter in your sign this past year had a hard time dispersing the mercy. Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, so it lent the two big guns - Saturn and Pluto - all the power of thunderous exposure. The threesome has divided consciousness and awareness on a huge scale. That apart, what Capricorns have experienced during the last two years in particular has perhaps revolutionised your life and the way you see it. The time now is for ‘fresh air’ or ‘fresh fields’. It does not have to mean moving to the other side of the world, it can mean moving your mind-set for now. The widening of your loyalties is required in March, when Mars/Gemini trines Saturn/Aquarius. And loyalties can be in any compartment of life. The bridge (metaphorically speaking) that you might have seen last May or June was narrow or short and perhaps not durable. But this, if it is significant at all, becomes accessible this year. By October it can be utilised for trying or assessing new loyalties, to discern which are worthy of your splendid fortitude and effort. Not everyone deserves your effort and your integrity - and you will know by now who qualifies. The bridge and the new horizons for experience leading to progress are one and the same. Jupiter is now in Aquarius with your ruler for the rest of 2021 and once the start of the year has shown what and who can be trusted the combination of the two planets part ways fully by the end of March. Jupiter moves on and enters your area of everyday life in May. You are sure of what you can leave to chance by that time, and what you need to keep checking in on. Go for the more sublime way of thinking until you are called on to strengthen what was accomplished in the first four months. Your whole area of experience this year is based on what can help you further the comfort or security side of life. But bear in mind that this is not always about money, it is as much about who you have on your side or in your emotional radar.



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