December 22nd - January 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


As Saturn leaves your second solar house of earnings and money in March it does so to enter Pisces for the next two and a half years. This planetary movement is a double-edged sword: on one hand it takes away certain restrictions from financial areas or worries, but on the other it signifies the need to be wary of complacent or unclear paths in the schedule which might be inviting in late March or early April but may lead to dead-ends by June. Trick may be in knowing when to ride and when to jump off, The time out to mid June is for seeing what you can well do without, or looking at what is causing vacuums in the plan. Then maybe sealing some holes or anomalies in the planning. Jupiter back in Aries in January is bringing more power this time round; it is a road revisited, or a campaign re-started, provided you look at the findings or discoveries of last summer; these are good as base ingredients - and those are vital to the completion of things. The fact that Mercury begins the year retrograde in your own sign, since late December, shows a sluggishness or a reluctance where your directives are concerned. Maybe you feel instinctively that you need to back-up somewhat, or not attempt new ground, but the interaction of others, and how you liaise and connect with them, can bring the welcome support to forward movement, especially in March and April.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


If you are delayed or deterred from certain objectives in January it is possibly due to things not getting done or completed in the last two months of last year. This may not be down to you; it might be the oversight of people you were looking to or relying on. It might also be the Universe waving the ‘red flag’ to certain ventures that are not going to bring wholesale benefit. There is for sure a lack of integrity or good intent in large areas of life now, but in other parts there is the sort of heartfelt interest in what is being done and achieved and how that can be applied for good. Capricorn seldom looks for praise, or if it does then it has to be from the right sources. But it does look for respect, or integrity, and you are seeing in stark relief now the areas and the people who lack that - and those who have it in spades. Venus - the Minor Benefic and the goddess of love - enters Pisces in late January, and between then and late February she lights ground in time for March onward that might otherwise be inaccessible. She is attempting to give grace and favour - and the heads up - to what Saturn will reveal from March onwards. It is a short window, but by the last week of February you have the courage gained from your liaison with others to scale heights possible only by acquiring different perceptions and ways of approach. By then you see the return of trust invested or patience shown in new situations, and in the second Mercury retrograde phase in Taurus - late April to mid May - you have only to make good on former promises or pledge your loyalty, in order to see much reward (and possibly much love) come back to you.



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