21st December - 19th January

‘Abundantly Clear’


The transit of Mars and Venus through Aquarius and your area of earned money and security in February and March gives both a welcome feeling of change, and also a feeling of being isolated somewhat in terms of the understanding of where it might all be heading. The entrance of Pluto into Aquarius more fully in March, after last year’s little foray, is one which marks the start of a new epoch in your financial increment or investment for the future. Pluto rules the changing of time cycles and is irrefutable when offering back-stops and boundaries - these being a mixture of positives and negatives. By June, the solid outer framework to the more immediate financial outlook is in place. And you might want to test the strength of it in June and July. Anything showing weak links or anomalies should be subjected to the clearer terms aimed for - and possibly agreed to at the end of last year and the start of this. So that the prototype is without those flaws and ready to be in motion by January 2025. Next year is a definitive time, after tentative or draft plans this year. Mars through Capricorn this January and February lend an inflexible aura to whatever is most practical, as well as your own attitude towards it, but nothing is fixed without the authoritative presence of Saturn. And Saturn invites negotiation or new evidence into the mix in April. This tends to soften what may be otherwise hard and fast conditions by the end of that month. You need to be with those conditions and test run them in May, prior to any new framework going down.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Jupiter on its final lap of Taurus through January to June ensures the involvement of trust in planning with others. Although in April the movement of Mercury and Venus in your solar fourth house give a more restless flavour and things are not decided until following the first Mercury retrograde motion - also in April and due to go direct again in the last seven days. By May comes the will to put into action the ideas and motivations given by transiting Mars, and the need to make firm decisions if you are going to. If you have changed your mind then mark it down to experience and let a calmer atmosphere prevail as Jupiter moves to the last degrees of Taurus and adds common sense to the mix. Your mind will then be settled on which avenue to take: the one which necessitates you keeping your wits on high alert, or the one in which you allow the trust already built to do the job for you. Let others do their stuff, as you do yours. The final merging of the two concepts allows a wider choice eventually in all matters relating to schedule and the sharing of obligation. For there to be a wider spectrum of mutual choice within ultimate aims there has firstly to be a strong basis for maintaining it, and a reason to value it. The values can be seen as durable and the cohesion as genuine once the middle of July has eroded sticking points or undue tensions - either silently or by more visible and audible ways. Either is griss to the mill and makes for a relaxing of defenses.



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