December 22nd - January 19th

January 2017

By the 6th February Jupiter will have retrograded in Libra, and a compromising situation for many of you (mostly those born in the latter half of Capricorn ) could have presented itself  from the issues and developments of the previous six months. This could be partially sorted during the pause of Jupiter's direct motion out to the second week of June, but then the final pieces of a jig-saw or a baffling circumstance do not fall into place until September/October. This episode is possibly deterring you from building outwards on the extension to your world that has been of importance to you since last autumn, but the complexities of it are not fully dealt with until February – first you have to get an excess of emoti0n out of the way in January, or be in touch with an issue which makes you feel vulnerable or overly sentimental, and be strategic in the way you see this going out to the mid summer. To not do so is to invite extra responsibility on yourself which you feel isolated within or forced to shoulder in March. There is a Venus retrograde motion then which coincides with the Mercury retrograde transit in Taurus. These two personal planets at that time are allowing you to dawdle over areas of choice and personal pleasure, and make smoother ways through situations which are otherwise minefields. It may not seem that way while it is happening, but by mid-May the feelings of constriction have turned into controllable methods of gaining what you want without massive cost.


Capricorn is always thrifty, and not just in terms of money, but in everything containing an exchange rate or a negotiable commodity. You will see what you need to input in exchange for what you want to get back, and be nudged towards logic – your favorite state – in February to April. This pause between the second month of the year and the second week of June in the transit of Jupiter is one of unlimited viewing vantages, and you have almost a three hundred and sixty degree angle to assess where you have been out to where you intend to go.  Many a slip between intention and completion, of course!  But the narrowing of the road after May point to the tracks that have been laid, with good reason and from a greater wisdom than your own.


The trine between Uranus/Aries and Saturn/Sagittarius is still operative until the late spring, and has allowed you to go between camps or play with structures that whilst immovable and heavily guarded are enabling you to run with ideas or forge routes that eventually break with habit or indebtedness and let you escape a limiting way of life or a frustratration known only to yourself.  The private resentments or anxieties you felt may have forced extremes in your lifestyle, without the recourse to complaint or relief, but it is these that are now shifting – and the more you are aware of how you can help yourself, even against some of your own values, the easier it is for you to instate a new regime which then benefits everyone around you as well.  Shakespeare once said: ‘To do a great right, do a little wrong’. To reap the advantages of 2017 you may need to bend the rules, play the system or even keep up a charade for a while.


More Insights in May.


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