December 22nd - January 19th

January 2019

Now that Mars is in Aries after its lengthy retrograde stint last year through Aquarius, which ended in mid November, you may feel spurred on by an urgency within your personal affairs that is felt as an itch you cannot scratch or a frustration which has no obvious cause. So much as you seek to quench this in the outer world development, you must prepare inwardly to meet certain challenges or to level a growing anxiety with what you see is needed in the way of change. The outer world reflects the inner word, and the inner world is the leader here, even if it is hard to grasp that notion. The foray into wider horizons may be the mission, for all Capricorns have felt the cramping of style from the influence of their Sun ruler Saturn over the past year. And even for Capricorns with their ability to contain emotions and endure in straightened circumstances it may have been a Herculean task not to break out of parameters and throw caution to the winds. It might also have been that you were just unable to do so, but would have done had the opportunity occurred; either way, the signs are now for braver beliefs about the unknown and the passions you have held dear for maybe a long while. As Uranus enters Taurus finally in March, gripping strongly in April, it shows a clearer picture of what began last spring but needed some convolute navigation or careful investigation.


By mid February the Venusian territory of Taurus yields substance to your hopes and efforts as Mars grips the solar house concerned with self expression and creative joys. For many Capricorns the stronger emotions are not to be resisted now, especially as they have been fought for or hard won, and the transit of Jupiter through your twelfth solar house until next December gives a supportive background and a lot of luck to what it is you are trying for. (See our blog on Jupiter/Sagittarius at http://cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. Not that we believe too much in luck, but fortune and serendipity are a similar influence. Ask for help or favour this year and you will tend to get it, calling in debts and favours from a general good account in the karmic balance if you have it. It’s very much the time of focused speculative direction. Which means a wildness you will feel in a stable sort of way. Let your hair down, loosen the corsets and and follow the music.


The first Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in Pisces in March for most of the month and does not touch any other sign. It may cloud certain views you had of the near future, and make vaguer the opinions you had formed of some people, but it will be a clearing of the ways by the middle of April so that you are able to legislate, negotiate or communicate the little details of the canvass you envisaged at the start of the year, introducing yourself to different habits and allowing the habits to become known as part and parcel of who you are when perceived by those who need to know you better. It is a time to grow without hindrance or fear for many Capricorns, to let light shine in places of drabness or shade, to the benefit of not just yourself but those around you. It is true to say that life may never be the same again once 2019 has elapsed.


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