December 22nd - January 19th

January 2018

The big news for the start of the year is the movement of the ruler of your sign, Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn for the next couple of years. As much as it may mean that when you look out at the world you see the sort of reorganization you value taking place in areas around you, and the kind of order in view that you feel makes for more efficiency in life, it is also good to remember that if you are not prepared for the added responsibility you have worked towards recently you must get a shift on to get things in place. Saturn demands more of you, or perhaps prompts you to demand more of yourself, than it does of other signs. Mercury’s transit through your sign in the second week of the year joins forces with Saturn and sets reminders or demands from people who seem to want to do the job of directing and managing better or differently than you feel you may be doing it. In short, a commanding sort of flavour prevails, or one which leaves little room for error.


As Mercury moves into your second solar house for the first three weeks of February the circulation of ideas and new blood gives a greater feeling of inclusion to a bigger field for those of you with plans either business or financially based. An adventurous phase may have dawns for all Capricorns, but it is also one prone to over-statement or inaccuracy of facts which stem from November or December last, and need to be adjusted by the middle of March as the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year happens in Aries by the third week of the month out until the middle of April. The combination of these two fire planets at that time will give a boost to morale, enthusiasm and optimism. The effects of all this are proven or combusted in the latter part of April as Saturn slows and prompts a lull for easier alteration or diversion of direction and energy until the beginning of September. When Saturn is in retrograde it is often the time to to go for the more challenging parts of any process or set the scene, before the forward motion of Saturn grips again and brings solidity and irrevocable force to life progress.


Jupiter is in Scorpio now, as you may well know, and will be so until November this year. The falls in your eleventh solar house and brings an intensification to ambition for many,or just a need to upgrade lifestyle for other Capricorns. For a few of you it will bring some issues that are profoundly involved or intricate to manage or sort out, as the planet makes aspect to your Sun. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are serious in their view on life, in that when something matters or engages their values they must work with that issue and see things resolved. Catch our blog : Jupiter in Scorpio ....evoking the drama … @ http://cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.co.uk. It is the February period again when these issues get started, or seem lure you into more fascinating depths than you have thought necessary, or even possible, and you either vacate the scene at the end of April or get very serious about how matters are to proceed and where you fit in.


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