June 22nd - July 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


Many of you will have seen openings, opportunities or offers appear in the previous blank canvas of your earning power or your financial resume - since Mars traversed your second solar house Leo between May and early July. And although Venus was retrograde in the sign between late July and early September - giving time to see where you fitted in all of this or where it fitted you - the stability and smoother ongoing motion of whatever you decided to go with should have been given a basis and a firmer foundation as Mars transited Virgo in July and August, so that by September the balance between your personal ambitions and what is being made possible has an easier ride into the arena of your lifestyle objectives by the end of that month. Mars and Mercury meet in Scorpio in the last few days of October and oppose Jupiter as it backs away from opposition to allow a pause for thought before a precipitous leap into unchartered or unknown territory, or to plan better for such an eventuality. It may be that there are other ways to accomplish things and the end of December tends to bring access points through existing channels revealing these. The connections you may acquire at the end of October are certainly worth cultivating though; the depth and resilience they offer is something worth maintaining for its own right. We may be looking at potentially different strands within the same pursuit here, and only time will tell as to whether you keep these separate without risking them tangling into complex situations. Or perhaps you allow them to be mutually inclusive to the ultimate goal.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Saturn in Pisces in the area of your spiritual unfoldment (or some might say your philosophical awareness) is doing another round, back the other way, of where it trod between March and June. It’s retrograde movement denotes the better understanding of what you have seen in the last few months which bewildered or bemused you - or just pulled your spirits low. It is asking for a re-think on matters which begged extreme measures - and perhaps got them - so that you can handle them in a better way without evading issues that are prime to your future harmony. Progress without understanding is a lottery, but with it the pathways are bountiful, once you know the pitfalls, or the blind alleys. The minefield that was March to July is now set to be free of blind-spots or hidden clauses and by late October the syncing of your efforts with the input of others necessary to your life is one which brings the ability to invest energy, time and emotion without the fear of being out of your depth. Jupiter is on a retrograde stint through Taurus and attempts to rethread or bring back the pleasures or plans you let go of, or sacrificed for a reason, as August went by. Wherever possible this is successful, and often we mistake lapses of time with errors of direction. Cancer above all signs has the ability to move in a tangential or sideways motion which belies time and foils the lapses of it that can destroy so much possibility when little is understood or appreciated.



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