June 22nd - July 22nd



The longer term investment plans, if you have any, look set to show the way in November, as Mars in Scorpio colludes with Mercury. This is the time to see the ventures or ideas - which have taken an historic route or long while to manifest - become fruitful and display buds which rapidly increase to blooms. Possibly by March of 2022. But perhaps you need to let them take a path which you find hard to observe and control in any hands-on way. In other words, you must surrender something over to those who know more than you about what is needed next and how to implement it. A hands-off approach is called for soon - and whether this is in a financial world of convoluted corridors, or a commercial world of specialist knowledge, the message is still one of trusting connections that are profound and often invisible to you. The monetary world is changing, but the value of money is even so in the realm of understanding how it can be utilised. Your talent for conserving and nurturing whilst remaining patient and intuitive is the thing which carries the plan into better background security. Jupiter with Saturn in your eighth solar house this year is demanding that your involvement with others, often unknown to you at this point, be figured into the equation.





Mars in LIbra squaring the Sun of Cancerian people during September and October will throw emphasis on various aspects of personal and home life - if not the very sacred inner life of emotions - and beg a review of these matters as they become more vital to fulfillment or well-being. And with the last Mercury retrograde motion of the year falling in Libra in late September to mid October, the chances are that matters as they lie following that time will look very different. People figuring large in them will either be more disposed to assisting ongoing plans or showing reluctance to support. It is not until the planet of action (Mars) has entered Scorpio at the start of November that you may find ways into longer lasting methods of both sustaining desired results, or of the sources which yield them. The stunning conjunction of Mercury with Mars which squares Jupiter in Aquarius in the third week of November tends to open deep and wide channels of longed for refurbishment or reinvention. Something of a renaissance is due in your more creative or innate system of desires. But this must be given the basis or ground in which to flourish, and for that you should not ignore the pattern formed - and what and who was included - between February and the end of October.



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