June 22nd - July 22nd

September 2017

The third Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Virgo ends back in the sign of Leo in early September, before going direct again into Virgo and the area of your third solar house dealing with immediate schedules and obligations and your views on all of that. The motion began around the second week of August and will take matters from that time to a new point of solution or conclusion from the 10th September as it brings about the starting point to a lot of the confusion or hold up and offers the opportunity to start from a new perspective or angle. When Venus enters the scene in the third week of September you begin to feel better about awkward situations, or even good about yourself in the role you have carved in sorting them and reaching new contacts.


For those Cancarians born in the last deconate of the sign, the square Jupiter is making to your Sun from the last degrees of Libra may force compromise in personal or domestic matters until stronger and clearer agreements can be reached. These can’t be faked, so they may be a blessing in disguise if you relieve them of the emotional weight they have accumulated along the way. As Jupiter leaves Libra for good and enters Scorpio in the second week of October, things which have seemed lightweight or throw-away assume a greater depth. This will include people and locations, and those kind of enjoyments you hitherto thought frivolous or dispensable. The sign of Scorpio is given to the accruing of intensity or passion over time and often yields the strongest of attachments from the strangest of beginnings. Mercury entering the sign from the middle of October enhances the mix and the need for strategy in the midst of intrigue, and do not be surprised if this lengthens into something of a saga if you decide to take the bait. Some of it may linger from the previous months of the year, and even so it’s imbued with a new depth once the enigmatic Venus enters Scorpio in November. Female Cancarians are better off without their usual inclination to consider the whole of their world in their considerate planning, freeing them up to be more self indulgent and self gratifying in time for the pre-Christmas period as December arrives. But the final Mercury retrograde motion of the year lies in Sagittarius in December through to January and straightens out certain facts behind current loyalties or their place in the current scheme of things. It’s a case of fact from fiction as the exotic or exuberant vibration of Sagittarius hosts Venus alongside Mercury to incline towards the fanciful before finally resting with the practical.


Saturn is also set to change sign at the end of the year and to leave the more tempestuous sign of Sagittarius for Capricorn, so that the shift in temperature and atmosphere can be dramatic. Certainly the extremes of conditions or revelations via vocational experiments and commitments are over, but the results are certainly seen in the survival of connections which can be considered permanent, and the dissolution of others which have outlived their cycle of usefulness from both sides. Saturn is nothing if not scathing of the false or the fake, and the results of the experiences of the last two years are the sort which reveal very clearly the worth of connection and effort and show the way to make these even stronger and more productive. The loyalties of September and October forge bridgeworks to beneficial times in November if offers of support are taken at their word and trust is built in quiet or subtle ways.



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