June 22nd - July 22nd

September 2018

When Venus retrogrades in Scorpio in October it does so in your solar fifth house, bringing some slow and passive resistance to your pleasures or passions, either from your own desire to be secretive about things, or the desires others have to keep their own feelings or intentions from you. This is short lived, as Venus is direct again by mid November, but the presence of Mercury in Scorpio in October also brings an active element to what would otherwise not require action at all. The likelihood of friends and associates in the mix means that you cannot avoid unravelling secrets or anomalies before Christmas. To some of you it is intriguing and to others it is just annoying – depending on the circumstances and your individual chart. And as Jupiter gets set to leave Scorpio in November there is very little to be left to the imagination as the scenarios work themselves into the mainstream fabric of life and render explanations.


In September when Mars once more enters Aquarius and this time goes straight ahead – bypassing the delays or disturbances of June – the arena of intention and close exchange is activated. This exacerbates or enlivens the situations referred to in the above paragraph and that whole area of life with those who mean a lot to your everyday life quality is liable to be widening or transforming in ways which you may find hard to believe or keep track of. Just as Jupiter leaves Scorpio in the first week of November it makes a hurried square to Mars and pushes for commitment or exposure of your deepest urges or wishes - if these are to find function in the year ahead. It is not suitable any moe to hide your real needs from those who might be able to realize them for you, or help them become part of the script. And when Mars enters Pisces in mid November it sees these things ripen to fruition or dissolve for want of understanding and light. The conjunction Mars makes to Neptune in the first week of December is a largely invisible influence but one that is felt as the reverberation from information needing verification in late November as Mercury retrogrades for the last time this year in Sagittarius: either there are false assertions or wrong assumptions, and when the little planet is direct again in the middle of December it becomes clear where the errors lie. What to do about it is something for you to decide, and something which changes your patterns of loyalty and obligation whatever you do or don’t do.


It is a matter of seeing that all loose ends are tied up now, and especially as Uranus goes back into Aries in November for a last round up of what was left unfinished in the preceding six months. Next March sees Uranus enter Taurus and stay there for another seven years, so the overhaul and transformation of lifestyle is completing itself in that next six months of 2019 and can not be held up for things which should have been cleared or disposed of in the latter weeks of 2018. Uranus oversees the dissolution of things mostly, and does so with a view to fresh creation. In Taurus it takes no prisoners and breaks habits and structures ruthlessly. See our blog … Uranus into Taurus – Moving Heaven & Earth. Jupiter in Sagittarius is expansive, and is often fast paced. What you prepared for so thoroughly in Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio, October 17 to November 18, has to be allowed to grow with the natural rhythms of the universe. To pretend not to want it or to deny its existence is not an option if it is to render its true part in your evolving life.



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