June 22nd - July 22nd



The responsibilities you had, or those thrust upon you by others, have either changed now or lifted with Saturn out of Capricorn and into Aquarius accompanied by Jupiter. But Pluto in that area of your solar chart still holds ground, so for some Cancerians the obligations to others, or to the terms others have set, are still very real and binding. Mars in Cancer in May and some of June highlights finance and security, Cancer being the money vibe and Mars being the movement. So there is considerable debate about how to use money, shift it or distribute it wisely. Choice is a wonderful thing so to have such option surely means you have the stuff in the first place.. Yes, but not all of it may be in liquid asset. It is this that needs the most attention. Pluto not only rules long-term investment, but world economy - and that is shaky or untrustworthy. The opposition from the Sun to Pluto in the second week to mid July is the thing to watch; it tells you where the blocks are liable to come from and, conversely, where the value of things can hold without too much variance. Finance is very much a vibration, hard cash is another matter. Decide by September, if possible, which is most important to you. The guidelines might become obvious after June. and they certainly might point to the parameters that offer the safe ground. Notions and speculations are clearer by mid October. But again, the personal insights or desires are the ones highlighted. To get where you want to be now financially you have only yourself to rely on, even if there is support from outside it is only an auxiliary measure.





Mars in your sign in May and half of June is - - for those born in the first twelve days of Cancer - in pleasant aspect to Uranus/Taurus. And this shakes up or revolutionises certain parts of your lifestyle which needed revision or revitalisation. Those born in later degrees of Cancer begin to plan for such contingencies, but all Cancerians benefit now from the departure of Saturn from Capricorn, leaving the hard and unyielding ground of last year behind and giving more freedom of will or decision entirely in your hands. After Mars enters Leo in June some of the new habits or proposed changes will be holding fast by the start of July. A lot of unexpected developments will affect how things need to be modified by courtesy of the Mercury/Gemini retrograde motion in June, and many of the problems around new routines or settings can dissolve following exposure of what was before not clear or hidden in the picture somewhere. The more steadfast or reliable options and opportunities are gaining ground by August and by late September to mid October there is a style and a plan to how you proceed as Jupiter tightens and strengthens the rails on which everything should run. These have to some extent been in place since April - awaiting perhaps the firmness or hold that only Saturn can bring.



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