June 22nd - July 22nd

May 2017

Retrograde Jupiter in square to Sun in Cancer at various times since last September has made considerable progress in obtaining for you better balance within certain life areas. This is an all time lesson perhaps, or one that will not recur for another twelve years. Jupiter is due to go direct again in June and takes you on the second lap of the adventures which it has been your privilege to experience (with slight sarcasm) since this urbanely generous planet has dallied with your Sun. It is true to say that those of you born in the first two deconates of Cancer will be most impacted by the transit, and the probabilities are that come October you will have a new set of working rules pertaining to the framework of your pleasures or your more valuable creative output. The excursion Jupiter then takes you on may be something of a baptism of fire, by courtesy of its entrance into Scorpio – a deeply reaching and searching vibration to say the least – and you are either prepared for this or you are taken by surprise. The transit of Uranus in Aries has attempted over the last couple of years to haul all Cancerains beyond their boundaries and taboos by the scruff of the neck, and if you are not at least somewhat ready for upgraded effort pending results it may be because you went into hiding.


June sees the end of the long transit of Venus through Aries, which began in February, retrograding in March and finally going direct in April, and it should have made you more comfortable with the baptism described earlier, evoked by Uranus and spearheaded by Mars and finally given strength and backing by the Sun until the start of May, which might bring surprising or unexpected fresh choice from places obscure or unlikely – and that alone could make you feel more comfortable or in control of what in the first months of the year has been either chaotic or unfathomable. It even amounted to scary, but becomes either a welcome stimulant or an unnecessary rollercoaster and it’s for you to know which as you head into the new chapter of your life brooking no turning back: it’s straight ahead or it’s a branch road, but both are taking you away from a past that has a line drawn beneath it in one compartment or another.


Mars entering your own sign in June will sensitize you to what perhaps can’t be seen or touched, but can be felt strongly, as the next layer of unfoldment happens out to October in your immediate environment (either shared or totally intimate) and the only thing you can be certain of is that in the last ten or so days of June and out to the end of July there must be continued and substantial communication with people on whom you are reliant for support or knowledge. If necessary you may have to put on a show or somehow sustain a popularity you may not really welcome. Sometimes it’s necessary to play the game of life, and it requires a little performance skill. As long as you know what the true worth is, you can leave when necessary and realize that a job was completed and nothing more. The scenery changes based on your choices in May, and no-one will blame you for cutting through the nonsense and finding the real opportunities and routes in August when the third Mercury retrograde motion happens in Virgo. The pruning happens between Mercury direct and Mars in September, and then it’s even ground again for new agreements or at the very least better understanding of existing ones.



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