June 22nd - July 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


The transit of Mars through Leo in your second house of finance and earnings in late May to early July assures greater popularity if not actual incremental wealth. Obviously the former often denotes the latter, and to some extent your higher profile or greater exposure to what you do, and who needs it, is preferable then. Venus through Leo on a long and retrograde transit in late July to early August may bring the need for some privacy - or some back-to-the-drawing-board redress - but in the main the first half of June demands that you make a commitment to what it is you are aiming to secure. The entrance of Saturn into Pisces is one of complete change of atmosphere or tempo. What before was the holding down of a firm belief in untried territory becomes a visible or viable current in a moving tide - and needs to be better anchored to stop it from drifting. It might be November or December before any buoyancy or speed is significant in a slow moving and steady flow of abundance, but the future of what you intend as the mainstay of livelihood or funding has to be given heart and momentum in the spring by sheer presence and effort. For some Cancerians there is the need to put trust in another person and to let them have priority, and whether this is from love or from affiliation of some other kind, the drama or the glamour have to be set aside to allow for reality to reap its own value and deliver. The Mercury retrograde motion in Taurus in April and May see the nuts and bolts jangle and then sort, in a box which contains the full set of instruments and tools to be used at various stages and times.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mercury retrograde in Taurus goes direct as Jupiter enters the sign. The significant factor here is the pause which the retrograde period - 21st April to 14th May - gives for rethinking decisions or potential lifestyle choices and main objectives. Jupiter offers the chance to make good on some of these, or to put down firm basis for initial proceedings to begin. But the other possibility is that something preferable has shown itself and looks to be more fruitful or productive, demanding a change of track, as June and July offer connections and eventually credibility to what was before hopeful speculation. The long transit of Venus in Leo from early June to early October brings leeway or choice on just how involved you wish to become with some new project, or even how much personal involvement you wish with those who are also involved. Shyness is not unknown to Cancerians, but nor is the kind of all embracive quality to new people and new friendship. Between the third week of July and the first week of September you might pull back from deciding how much of yourself you wish to reveal, or how much attention you actually want to receive, but by October you are able to separate out the collective requirements of any group from the individual needs of its members. The summer this year is a time of heightened popularity for most Cancers - or at least of greater pleasure - and your reticence to be in full spotlight is not something which holds you back.



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