June 22nd - July 22nd

May 2018

With Retrograde Jupiter idling in Scoprio and your fifth solar house until July, it gives time for you to reflect and maybe pause in what might be a dramatic period for your love life or your purpose for living. Both these should bring great joy, but when Jupiter is busy in Scorpio the red light is on for drama, intensity, and all things beyond the usual complexity.  (See our blog 'Jupiter in Scorpio - evoking the drama - http://cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.co.uk ).This is compounded in June by the long transit of Mars happening through Aquarius and Capricorn. Mars dawdles its way through these areas until mid November and in that time will ensure that all past experience of your self expression and the present mind-set you have on it is aligned, eradicating the false notions of who you are in relation to others and how you can express that and take things to another level. Cancer is not forthcoming in regard to honesty around emotion, even though it may feel and sense a lot - and even say a lot on the subject. Guarding themselves preciously, Cancarians often hide what is foremost in their hearts and minds. But the second retrograde motion of Mercury this year is in Leo, ruling the heart of matters, and your second solar house, so this tends to separate your confusion around security and passion. The two are often not good bed fellows, and choices are made with a bias toward one or the other. By mid August you are clearer about why you are doing certain things and why you are involved with certain people.


Saturn meanwhile traverses Capricorn and your solar seventh house, and although retrograde until early September this too poses big questions over partnership, the lack of it, or the need to bring down barricades you may not even realize you have. For Cancarians involved in long-term partnership the significant other may themselves be cause for concern, either because they have their own problems, or because you are not looking at what is missing from your interaction with them. Or because you are ignoring that side of your life in other ways. Whatever … September takes you round again in a circle where the first three months of the year have already been and by the last two months of 2018 you are being pressed, urged or coerced into further levels of understanding and experience. We live so we may further our understanding and grow. So to not see where you are selling yourself short is to make others very impatient or annoyed. What benefits one benefits the other, or others. Mars direct in Aquarius until the end of June may give some awkward or disquieting circumstances, but these are on firmer ground once Mars is back into Capricorn in August for a three week span, and you can see what was missed in May, or what was too hard to handle in March and April.


The essence of the last seven year’s life script in your world is revealed by May, as Uranus enters Taurus and sums up what you have been striving for in lifestyle terms by breaking old habits and patterns of struggle and allowing for a clearer basis for building what you need. Lifestyle grows out of choices and values, not out of finance or status.Your choices have changed quite a lot over the past twelve months, and your values are upgrading to include things you never thought you would need or have. June is the time for you to speak out, especially the latter half of the month. You may do so then with the sort of honesty or language that actually depicts who you are so that others can hear. Only those who are able to hear in that way can respond then, so you have nothing whatever to fear.  It is a time to get straight about what you owe those close, or those who matter. It is also a time to get clear about what you deserve in return.  2018 is a defining of where you belong, spiritually and environmentally.



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