June 22nd - July 22nd

January 2019

Mars in Aries this January until mid February will make squares to Sun/Cancer at various times. This will spur on your efforts to forge paths and routes to destinations sought in the wider horizons scanned at the end of last year. By the middle of February there is a sturdier or more grounded flavour to the way you want things to go in these new directions, which thrives through March. But unsurprisingly some variations on the planned route arrive in April and possibly some conflicting choices stirring up the mix and springing from nowhere. As Saturn is slowing in Capricorn, your polar opposite sign, by the end of April it would seem that the development has gone far enough for then. It remains to be seen what takes root and what becomes yesterday's news by the time Mercury and Mars have transited Cancer by the middle of July. This is boosted by second retrograde motion of Mercury this year being in Cancer and Leo in July and August, and when this is done and Mercury is firmly straightforward in Leo by the third week of August the sincerity value of what has gone before is undeniable – both your own and that of other people.


The first retrograde motion of Mercury in March is in Pisces and is fairly short, touching no other sign. Some elusive or unknown people arrive on the scene from a distance, or from an area of life not normally included in your rounds. Or you might experience some hard to describe inspirations to take your communication to another level for making yourself better understood and translate feelings or notions that can not be given to ordinary words and language; the sort-out in July around what is yours and what isn’t gets necessitated by this complex period. Jupiter in Sagittarius in your sixth solar house sees the dawning of larger areas of devotion to matters which enrich you and offer reward and pleasure for committed time and effort. (see our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. Some Cancerains will be helping particular people in this respect, and others giving much effort to causes they are passionate about. The conjunction Venus makes to Jupiter in the last half of January pushes the boat out, and the conjunction Mercury makes to Saturn/Capricorn a few days earlier ensures that there is a solid understanding on what is needed and who is onboard.


Once Uranus enters Taurus for its full seven year transit in March the changes in lifestyle or other ambitious self definition, partly begun last spring, then begin to demand full attention if they are to be utilized at all. It is that March period when Mercury is firstly retrograde that you see the substance and worth of these ventures, and whether or not they were merely middle ground on the way to concluding outworn habits and broaching a freer horizon of fresh field potential: sometimes we need an illusion of effort within future striving to move us from past barren territory. There are no major shifts of heavy planets in 2019, if we exclude the re-entrance of Uranus into Taurus in March, and therefore there is a smoothness to this year that was lacking last year. The main thing for Cancarians is the loyalty and the endurance needed and tested in those who are close to you as they battle with their own problems and prove to you whether you are simply a useful ally during a hard time, or an indispensable player in the longer journey unfolding.



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