July 21st - August 21st

‘Abundantly Clear’


In March Pluto finally grips Aquarius properly for the next twenty years. This is an epoch change, not simply a mood change. Pluto denotes and oversees cycles of time, karma as it may be referred to, in which life in third dimensional terms plays out. For most Cancerians it marks a new way of dealing with others and exchanging fundamental commodities. like money or equity or responsibility. What you have been flirting with, or speculating on, since March last becomes a more stark paradigm. Relieved of possibilities and hazy potential. It becomes something you either believe in or remain suspicious of. But really you cannot do both for much longer. You saw between last June and now the errors and weak links, and how they should be strengthened or altered, as Pluto backed off again into Capricorn late degrees for a final round of negotiation or analysis. This now is the time to recognise the results and put store by results of the future, if you are ever going to. Cancer is much concerned with money, and sustenance of all kinds, and the September/October period this year sees Mars transit Cancer and show the yield to long term investment, and make closer or binding arrangements with people you need, who in turn are willing to trust you. These alignments go deep and speak of contracts which underpin security or other fundamentals and segway into channels which separate the partial success of investments from the lasting and lucrative kind which need to be taken seriously.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The signs of firming and proving the support and presence of those significant other people in your life are given by Mars/Capricorn in January. Having transited the more erratic vibe of Sagittarius the red planet enters Capricorn in the first week of the year and shows its strength through those qualities you need to see in those you find necessary or dear to you. Sometimes it's ‘tough love’ with this duo, but nonetheless welcome in terms of steady progress. The one thing you can always be sure of is that there is purpose and sense to what is happening, even if it is not quite in the style you intended or in the way you wished. Even so, the destination or the ultimate aim is in sight. The last Mercury retrograde motion in January in Capricorn earthed the understanding and sealed the deal, whatever it might be, and the growth of things may be silent but is in motion by mid February when Mars follows Mercury into Aquarius. Mercury/Aries in April, making squares to the various Cancer Sun placements, drives and guides an accelerated path that may appear slow or hazy until May, when the world beyond your door as you see it and are planning calls for identification and beckons a more personal or individual approach in time for June when Venus and Mercury enter your sign together in the middle of the month. This marks an interesting and invigorating time, as Jupiter enters Gemini and your twelfth solar house, denoting progress in more than one facet of the main plan. To be aligned and brought into a nucleus of advancement by October. The requirement then is for fine tuning or more selective ordering in time for February 25. At that point the shares and divisions of responsibility are the main requisite to stable forces of development.


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