June 22nd - July 22nd

January 2018

Saturn has now entered Capricorn – your polar opposite sign and seventh solar house. It brings to light the area around partnerships and significant others, but also over the next two years gives the undeniable evidence of who it is you are taking with you on the long haul and who you can rely on to do what they say they will. Every sign takes something of its opposite sign in terms of quality and essence, so Cancer has within it that same dogged resolve as Capricorn, but with perhaps a more emotional or sensitive edge. This sensitivity will make itself felt at times this year by courtesy of the Jupiter/Scorpio transit, falling in your fifth solar house. The call is to be willing to go more deeply than usual into the feelings and the motives of those you love, and those who claim to love you. Love takes different forms, and the difficulties arise when we expect lovers and others to feel exactly as we do. The second week to the middle of January throws up some hard choices or negotiations with people who are demanding too much or making boundaries where ease of movement should be. Over the next couple of years all Cancarians will feel the need to address the question of just how much to give and how much to withhold on these matters. But January can be particularly challenging because Saturn in its own sign is testing metal as far as tolerance, empathy and integrity are concerned. Jupiter in January is also making a conjunction with Mars in Scorpio, so there could be storms, or even hurricanes, and the discovery of what is hype rather than what is caused by inexperience or turgid emotion. If you’ve been involved in an on-off love argument or affair in the previous few months expect this to take a turn into unchartered terrain, as Jupiter thickens the broth of jealousy or longing and the kind of emotions only seen at certain times in life.


In March the chances are that the first retrograde Mercury motion of the year in Aries may make some career or worldly matters difficult to manage. But by the middle of April things are clearer. Time then to be circumspect and to parse them down to the bone. Otherwise Mars and Saturn acting in conjunction in the first week of April give frustrations and points of no return – it may take these to highlight the realizations you’ve been waiting for, but don’t let the power be taken from your part of the equation, so that you feel you are tripped into corners that diminish your optimism and faith.


In the second week of May Mercury closes with Uranus in Aries, as Uranus leaves the sign after a seven year transit. And naturally this is dynamic. It takes your projects (whatever they are) to a pivotal peak and delivers results. The more mellow vibration of Taurus welcomes Uranus then, and patterns or regimes are forged from the old ways. It may have nothing to do with your love life, but it may also have everything to do with it. It may show you over the next twelve months how to combine the personal with the ambitious. By November you need to know whether you have left behind something valuable and want to retrieve it or to leave it in the hallows of time. Mars in Sagittarius in your sixth solar house in February widens your expectations of what you can achieve and who can assist you. It is a question of the perseverance, of yourself and others. And on that note we are back to the theme which opened this overview in the first paragraph.



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