June 22nd - July 22nd



Mercury in Aquarius in your 8th solar house in January might bring round again the conflicts of last May and June, and these may point to diversity in uncharted waters which as yet remains untried. It might have been that last spring was too premature for you to try some of the things your vocational life invited you to try. It might be that you feared getting in too deep too soon, or allowing yourself to become too scattered. Either way the time may be now to make a little silent foray into the unknown without shouting about it. Jupiter in your house of silent development and unconscious desire invites you this year to cast the net more widely and expect assistance or help from surprising quarters. When March arrives you will see the choices crystal clearly, and also feel the urge to follow them. Abundance abounds most when you feel the world widen and the doors previously closed opening - even just inches - to allow a view followed by a single step. The steps you take then are small ones perhaps but they lead to easier responses in May and a heightened self belief in what you are doing by June. Now that Saturn has left Capricorn, your polar opposite sign, and entered Aquarius to align with Jupiter until February, you are urged to see where the long term dividends lie, rather than the short term gain.





Your stability with others you have come to trust in the first four months of the year is the cornerstone of something good building. Over the past two or three years you have perhaps come to rely only on yourself, or to not rely on others too much. But now the bridge to distant lands or territory that seemed too far away is opened fully; it ties in with the diversity which beckoned in the spring of last year.To span the gulf you needed to test the water, and this being your natural element, you were able to skim the surface without drowning.The bridge now is for walking over and not just for surveillance. By May you can seek inspiration from the future rather than the past. Although there is no getting away from the fact that time is a construct. What we have done in the past is relevant to the future by courtesy of knowledge stored - and shared. The sharing of knowledge now is uppermost. The transposing or transmitting of information is what much of the modern world is occupied with. Some of it is vital and some of it is highly disposable. But the freedom to choose is the right of everyone. Therefore to consign some of your experience to the past is counter-productive if you wish to maximise experience and not just observe it. Maybe you have built up to this point in time slowly, or maybe you will only just realize what you can do with some of your experience. It is the period in June and July which can bring the ah-ha moment and you then decide what you want to retain from the generosity of new contacts and more plentiful benefit. Being frugal and being benevolent at the same time is the juggling act others envy you for Cancer. It might be a trick of the light, or it might be the hindsight of previous lifetimes. But it awards you responsibilities which are also privileges to be enjoyed.


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