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January 2017

Mars at the start of the year in Pisces and your solar house of locational belonging, understanding and profound communication, gives the sort of need for company and pleasure to be found in distinct places and certain people.  You might be homesick, lovesick or simply nostalgic for things of by-gone times. There is a tendency to dwell in sentimental states, given fuel by Venus joining Mars throughout January, so that there is a sombre emotion of the kind that water signs love to dwell in. It needs only the accompaniment of a melodious saxophone to complete the mood. However, the presence of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn throughout the latter part of December and some of January has kept the practical side of your nature rooted to things which need close scrutiny, and has stopped them going off at a tangent between the second and third weeks of the month.


By mid January there is a feeling of deja vu as you review details you thought you had dealt with in January 2016 and moved away from in December last.  These first month of this year present themselves in a much better light, having been repaired or renewed by people close to you and those who matter in your general scheme, all without your knowledge or your interference.  And as February comes in will give you the feeling of raw courage or stronger self definition allowing for wider circulation of facts pertaining to shared finances or assets giving greater security.  But do not mistake mere acquaintance for intimacy in mid February, or casual association for tried and trusted co-operation.  At least not yet awhile.
The transit of Jupiter through Libra halts in the second week of February to give pause to the unfoldment of liaison and bonding which has been happening since last September, so that you can allow it to breath and become what it’s meant to be rather than what those concerned try to make it.  It begins to unravel again and go forward in the second week of June, and this time presenting a better idea of things that were very unclear in November.


Venus takes a long retrograde motion in Aries this spring, and it begins in March and ends in mid April, taking it straight through Aries direct once May is here. This coincides with the second Mercury retrograde motion also in April, laying greater emphasis on career or public life and bringing a renaissance or reinvention to concepts and ventures that take some flair or originality before they are running properly or achieving what you intended.  The first four months of 2017 are ones of personal encounter with things very important to your private world.  The sort of lone quests that can’t be done without others, but ones that you are responsible for.  By the latter part of May and June you have established the pleasures or the popularity from the current lifestyle and your emotions can be given free reign then in ways which were too risky or costly in previous months, and the sentiments of the first weeks of the year are more manageable or more worthwhile.



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