June 22nd - July 22nd

‘Abundantly Clear’


As Saturn exits Aquarius in March and the area of money and acquisitions which rely not just on yourself but also on the input of others, the unusual or quirky arrangements put in place over several years come to an end. The more up-in-the-air situations which were both convenient and not so easy to administer perhaps. These may once have suited the bill but are fast becoming outworn or outdated as more innovative projects and needs slide into position. It might be true that you cannot properly cut some of these with ease until August - without tearing some of the fabric which gives them value - but you can begin to see how it can be done. The build up from January to May can see better arrangements start to fit alongside the old ones, so that it then is just a matter of transferring the necessary goods in August and discarding the rest. Certainly by the middle of February you have the features needed for long-term sustainable growth, even if some of it is having to be configured in the imagination or without the testing just yet. Characters and connections tend to swim in from some indistinct horizon as ambassadors of possibilities. They can take some figuring out as to where they fit or what they mean, but the unique quality may rely on this divergence from the sheer mundane. By mid March they have got your message clearly and you have got theirs. Singing from the same hymn sheet is a maxim which might sum matters up.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The transit of Mars through Gemini from August last to March this year is affecting the area of your preparations for future life, or your attitude to needs not yet met. Perhaps your unconscious beliefs about certain subjects. The planet’s long retrograde motion from last November to mid January may have split your thinking even more, or created a hiatus that seems unmendable. It is not: it just requires more understanding before you can decide which foot to put forward and when. The change of sign of both Saturn and Pluto in March have an effect. Saturn into Pisces and your ninth solar house may give a feeling of not knowing where you belong, or more importantly of where you want to belong. So a sense of powerlessness, caused merely by lack of rightful choice, might prevail for a ten day period in mid March. And at the end of the month Pluto into Aquarius is another matter entirely. Taking seventeen to twenty years to traverse a sign, this planet is responsible - among other things - for overseeing cycles of time. There is very little grip for the mighty planet between March and October, when it goes back into Capricorn to get a better hold on some of your loser but increasingly important scenarios with others. The first retrograde motion of Mercury this year in Capricorn extends from December last until mid January and deals with the close affiliations or partnerships you share. It sorts the casual from the serious intentions within these and establishes ground on which they are to be set, conjuncting Pluto in late January and early February. The arena for financial and co-operative measures are to a large extent concretised then, mainly because it’s clear where the strengths lie.


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