March 21st - April 19th

September 2017

By the end of September Mars, Mercury and Venus have all graced Virgo and your sixth solar house pertaining to matters contractual or obligational, and the retrograde motion that Mercury makes from the second week of August to the 5th September is set to clear all false notions from your path. Not to say your mind. The idea that things can not be rectified goes out the window by the middle of the month and sweeps before it the outworn or out-dated restrictions that have taken root in professional or geographical matters, and to some extent barred the way since the start of the year. As Saturn prepares to go direct and Jupiter prepares to leave Libra between August and October respectively, the more important connections and powerful lines of exchanges and liaisons are established as the year begins to fold.


These can be lost, of course, by the Neptunian forces in the rear action of your solar chart, affecting things out of your control or within your own deeper consciousness. But the trine Neptune forges with Jupiter/Scorpio at the end of November and through December enables the more difficult – or almost impossible – to be accomplished by efforts backed or enabled by support from others close by or in the equation somehow. Mars in Scorpio in December chases Jupiter into the New Year to urge the kind of larger scale developments that cannot be missed or doubted by anyone interested enough to observe. These last weeks of 2017 are very impactful - significant times for Aries people. And the last Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in Sagittarius for a short time only in December, turning the tables around and somewhat changing the views or the understanding made earlier on, and althougb this may be too ‘out there’ or riskier than previously thought, the chances of moving more quickly into firmer and more positive agreement are enhanced as a result.


You cannot lag behind and hope just to observe – you must show willingness to get a little ‘battle scarred’ in order to win the trust of those who will go with you in the New Year, and very willingly too, once the vaguer areas of an itinerary have been turned into a sounder plan. As Jupiter leaves Libra to enter Scorpio in October, the building of infrastructure and the making of grand designs evolves into the serious business of making good and getting the fundamentals of who does what and when, in line. The first phase of this is completed by the end of February, and what isn’t done is to be left undone until mid-summer next year. Certainly Rome was not built in a day, but neither was much left to chance by the architects. Forge ahead Aries! others are watching you – not so much for critical observation, but for guidance on how to do well what has not before been attempted. Or at least how to do it with the best hope of succeeding. Pioneering is in your nature, but this next few months is as much about prospecting as anything else.



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