March 21st - April 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


As Mercury moves direct again in Virgo after retrograding since the third week of August, you may see a rehash of terms and conditions previously agreed in vocation or work matters. Or there should be at least greater transparency which demands or presages reviews of some of these areas. And as the little planet enters your opposite sign of Libra in the first week of October, the connection - if not the co-operation - of significant figures and important others is smoothing the otherwise uneven processes which may have caused a blip in either your confidence or motivation, making you overly eager to compromise where none is actually required - yet. The best compromise position is one where the situation is improved and not simply made more appealing on the surface. This is a factor right now; this need to appease, people-please or toe some line set for the convenience of others. The remedying of this may demand tactical method or planning, and by the end of October it should be possible to begin the process so that it is not so obvious to opposers or adversaries, or even those with differing opinions, and it could be running on its own course by the end of November. By then Saturn is ready to move direct again in your twelfth house and there ought to be a different take on the blanketed limitations of March to November, so that you can at least see beyond the horizon to probably March next, when what you build and strive for has better chance of sustaining itself for your own benefit and not just that of others.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Those of you who think you have lost things which were vital to you in the course of the last two years, may be right, but we are here to remind you that no renewal can come unless the surrender of the old has come about. The retrograding of Pluto back into Capricorn has meant that certain past entrenchment of either habit or legislation is delaying revitalisation. This is set to change as October passes and between then and January you begin to see how certain plans or proposals or expectations at the start of this year were unrealistic in the face of what was developing or amassing around them. Change is never just in one place; it comes as the fertile ground surrounding it is purified or cleared - much of this is an inner process. The need to look carefully at where you may have felt overwhelmed or out of your depth - and unable to speak of it or express it - is one which could have kept you from seeing the changing nature of paths and people you know well. This is no longer the case as November comes and the way is both highlighted and visible and needs formalizing by mid December so that connections that were lost maybe July to September can be revisited or replaced by January 24 - though some of these might need to be kept under the radar or covert until January next. The terms of how things will work then are different from the way they once were and need to be preserved under new conditions until safe to stand independently. The Law of Compensation, is working relentlessly and should not be under-estimated.



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