March 21st - April 19th



Last year’s long transit of your ruler Mars through your own sign from July 20 to January 21 has most likely shown you where your best efforts should be directed - and may still be directed if the efforts have shown fruit. But the retrograde motion of both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius going direct in October requires that you look at any inhibitions or reservations on lifestyle aims, discovering what they are made of, or their true origin, before fruitful development can become stable or substantial. Mars in Libra from the middle of September brings the support of any others needed to underpin the groundwork. Better co-operative progress assists in a subtle and more effective way, allowing you to make private choices, perhaps with the input of these integral people supporting. The influence of transiting Mars and Mercury in Scorpio in November is favourable to slow-burning and irreversible investment in security or funds. And December gives the go ahead for speculative or accumulative ventures of an open-ended nature. Or of the sort which must be trusted and monitored as things roll. Adjust, tweak and clarify before the year is out and allow for the greater expertise or wisdom of those around who might have been in the game longer and have more access to sources of material or data that shorten things timewise.





Mercury is set to retrograde at the end of September in your opposing sign of LIbra, until the middle of October, turning everything connected with partnership or close alliance into a question of the need for better understanding. Especially as Mars enters Libra in the middle of September. But you should try not to be too pushy with others, or to be pushed yourself. Until Jupiter is direct in Aquarius in mid October, you are unsure whether your lifestyle is better where it was prior to May, or whether new chapters and greater comfort should be attempted, in line with the subtle needs Venus kindles while she transits your eighth solar house in Scorpio in September. When Venus retrogrades in Capricorn in your solar house of career or worldly pursuit in late December, you might discover the going tougher, or in need of a tougher approach, if the revelations of September have been ignored in parts that did not appeal or required too much effort to adjust. A pause for these matters is then on the cards until late January. The work of Mercury over the autumn reveals more of these personal - and increasingly less personal - developments in the most sacred part of your private life from mid October until the second week of November. In that eleventh month you may wish to begin speaking out on ideas for improvement - quite low key at first - with a resolve that no-one can deny you have as November rolls into the last month of the year and Mars joins the other fire sign of Sagittarius to give visions and views the bolder veneer of your natural temperament, even if it is more privately engineered than publicly displayed.



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