March 21st - April 19th

September 2018

As Uranus has left your sign and entered Taurus as of May, some structures of life might be changing quite markedly. A lot of you will feel the reverberation in the area of self earned money or finance. The Uranus transit of the last seven years has taken you on some transformational journeys, but now these may have to be put to better use by investing in different security structures or changing the way you see your monetary affairs. This may be forced upon you or be something you see occurring without your sanction. But the retrograde motion of Uranus in August begins the chance to go back over what has built or materialized since May so that tweaking and modifying can be done as necessary. In early November Uranus is back in the late stages of your sign, and presents these things in angles that show unfinished business or issues needing salvaging in a more manageable way before the new habits and regimes are properly established. It isn't until March next year when Uranus enters Taurus finally and takes hold of what can only be described as fresh ground to be cultivated for better prospects, or for some Arians better prosperity in general.

Jupiter leaving Scoprio in November also plays a part: The deeper sources of divided income and exchange of effort is then able to be taken into new pastures which call for a risk or two, or just common old expansion of territory. Most Aries people see the benefit of the coalition or partnership input presented in August as November gets underway. But the need for discretion in October – when negotiation and pooled knowledge is apparent - falls in the areas of what was investigated or negotiated in September. It is good to be noncommittal or discerning until the retrograde motion of Venus in Scorpio has passed in December, when Jupiter allows for the optimism to flow with wider connections as it graces Sagittarius. It might be useful to go back to the original design or planning in the second half of November and to plan for better balance before becoming immersed in the thick of plans unfolding with quite long term consequences, or results which you are not sure how to manage properly. The conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces in early December will show where the worst illusions lie and where the strongest supports are liable to disappear into thin air without warning. If they have not already done so. You may just catch some of this in time to rebuild or strengthen them before moving forward. In some cases, however, the plans have to be abandoned pending a more appropriate period or another set of conditions more likely to survive, and these may not be forthcoming until late February or March of 2019.

The third and final Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in November in Sagittarius, and aids Jupiter in sorting the fact from the fiction in futuristic developments on the table. Some rumour or inaccurate information leads to the correcting of misdirection or misunderstanding in the latter part of December, and unless this is done there cannot be a surety of purpose without trial and error. As much as you would like to leave some important factors to chance, or to the responsibility of others, you cannot without retracing the steps they have taken in early November once again as the Christmas season draws near. For many Arians the shift of Uranus brings a sigh of relief – the pioneers of your sign and the instigators - and the real work of building bridges or passages between two worlds before the new can be established begins in earnest as September takes takes hold. See our blog: Uranus into Taurus Moving Heaven & Earth


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