March 21st - April 19th



The transit of Mars in Cancer squaring your sign through May and the first ten days of June will bring emphasis on your personal life, and some pressing changes in domestic settings. Due somewhat to the ongoing transit of Uranus through your second solar house of Taurus, which for many of you will have brought - since the start of the year - new demands or responsibilities in the area of your private life. All of which will incur expense. However, some of it will be offset by Jupiter’s short excursion into Pisces from the middle of May until mid June (when the planet retrogrades). You may see some problems just dissolving. But until then Jupiter is triggered by both Venus and Mercury in Gemini, lending uncertainty to issues highlighted in January. These changes might be stopped or altered completely in late May by Saturn acting as a backstop. New plans or alternatives could come into force by August, and this gives breathing space to what otherwise may be costly or wasteful. Loyalties revealed in August and up to mid September show you what is worthwhile and what is just frivolity forced on you by the wishes of others. You may actually, by June, find yourself being better off than you expected at the start of upheavals.





If experience tells us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. Uranus in Taurus, your second solar house, completed a lap of honour between April and August last year on the first deconate of the sign. So your outworn habits sought the means of revitalising or being exchanged for alternatives. In January, when Mars joined Uranus, the access to new routines or better modes of movement broke open from where you currently were to where you are aiming for. Our aims are not always apparent, they are sometimes based on the collective of what we think and what we are aware of - and the two can be mutually exclusive. Since January/February this year thought and awareness perhaps came together to free up your world (despite political restriction) to allow fresh air into either your career life or your more ‘far-out’ aspirations to do things that are visionary to you alone. These may be locational or connective to what was previously not possible or not realized. When Venus and Mercury begin trawling your third solar house in May - and Mercury turns retrograde in the last days of the month - some of the details you were looking for in March appear and bring closer the facts needed to relate them to the correct parts of the plan. The people pivotal to the ability to widen your scope of everyday existence are those whom you are personally at ease with, or familiar with; they reveal a side of themselves which is new to you or newly enlightening - either way, it can mean that your personal view of life is completely different by late June and July and the area of vocation and well-being is into a settled and upgraded chapter.


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