March 21st - April 19th



Mars entering your first house towards the end of May follows Jupiter some days before. So the words prepare to advance best describe the future until the first few days of July. By then you will have the ground which has been selected with care or honed instinct since January. But as the second Mercury retrograde motion of the year takes place at roughly the same time in Gemini and Taurus, your finances and the wherewithal or substance they equate is to be much deliberated. Splitting of resources or efforts needs observation (possibly some trial and error maneuvers) until the findings prove more black and white by the end of the first week of June. Then you can proceed from the middle of that month to divide what might be seen as your immediate loyalties or your concentration, without fear of weakening what needs to be kept firm and solid. Mars carries you forward, whatever the picture, until the second week of July offers the basis only speculated upon a few weeks previously - take the opportunity by the end of August to assure yourself the balance between good money management and exploration into territory unknown, before this needs to be once more monitored or examined carefully with the long transit of Mars/Gemini (from October to March 2023). It will be an eventful and eye opening journey to wider minds and possibly a wider environment. The change of tempo offered by Jupier entering Aries in May and leaving Pisces, is dramatic for man in lots of situations - rather like the front door blowing open in a gale and allowing stark draughts to disturb an even temperature. If you are too hot then fine, if you are just right then prepare to make adjustments to maintaining the status quo.





The long transit of Mars in Gemini beginning in late August affecting your loyalties or intentions within current agendas and their consequent growth is something which might not start to show cracks until Mars retrogrades in late October. From that time it might also show access points to interesting people or places. Either way, it needs to be planned for; much as an excursion needs to be viewed from the current location forwards. Venus in Taurus in June in your solar house of money and ownership will feed into Gemini at the end of that month and by then you know what you are comfortable with and how far you are prepared to go by September to ascertain the things cherished or desired. The smaller planets of Venus and Mercury in October will highlight the cost of placing style above substance and show you whether you can afford a compromise or whether you wish to re-evaluate a possible diversion in everyday living before the Mars retrograde motion in Gemini pushes you to splitting and dividing too many resources or demanding too much energy to make the game worth the candle. The game may well be, but it is wiser not make that decision until the middle of October.


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