March 21st - April 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The knack maybe knowing how to turn an unlooked-for opportunity to your advantage in the first week of June, from something which was just about visible in the third week of April and then seemed to disappear again. Or even how to convert a bad situation into the opposite. Jupiter enters Taurus - your solar house of money and finance - in the middle of May and yields what before was evasive or not sustainable. But only if the work was done prior to this to stablise or contain the substance shown. The knack is about discerning, but also about making room - which means letting go of what is no longer serving you or is obstructing clearer pathways to one cohesive point to which attention should be focused. This will vary for different Aries people, but the trine made from Mars/Leo in the latter half of May, all of June and the first week of July shows up the jewel in the crown - or the breaks in the veneer which obscure a truer meaning or a deeper reasoning behind the more complex path you have been following. Saturn in Pisces now is in the area of things obscured from you, beginning with your own deeper consciousness and ending with the blocks or restrictions in the outer scheme preventing the definitive picture from forming. A better view emerges in July and August when Mars enters Virgo and highlights loyalties and services making up your routine life.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The third Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo in late August to mid September forces a sort out in vocational issues, obligations or dedications to other assorted causes - perhaps you have to re-label some of these in order to prioritise. And as Mars trawls Libra in September it dangles the question of who you will eventually agree to trust or align with. Though it may be too late by the end of the month to go back and change your vote, or your choice. Pause in the third week of July as Venus retrogrades in Leo, and watch who changes their colours, as well as who steps forward from the shadows (or the past) to present a complete game-changer, by the end of September. The circle made by Saturn/Pisces between March and November will cause something of a whirlpool effect, in which you feel the undercurrent but find no means to control it. Let it pass or move to calmer waters from where you can keep distant surveillance. The experience this summer is of allowing change and preserving what is precious from a rapidly closing chapter. Moving with the times is sometimes overrated, but keeping abreast of them is a necessary facet of survival. April has seen you take on a more heart felt or sentimental attachment to what is cherished, and also allowed for the enjoyment or pleasures you fought to maintain in the first three months of the year, and perhaps the last two months of 2022.


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