March 21st - April 19th

May 2017

With both Mercury and Venus in your sign in May, the signals are clear if somewhat conflicting; reliable evidence of needing to pause in order to examine the facts that have passed since early March whilst fighting the urge to forge ahead to make up for lost time. To navigate the fork in the road at the end of May requires you to see the long term objectives and consider any blocks in those before taking set-in-stone decisions. Mercury having been slowed in your second house of finance in April and only just turning direct again at the beginning of May, has shown where sticking points will not be moved without a great deal of revision of former terms and conditions or agreements being revoked or rejigged. This cannot happen until June, probably when communication is heightened by the passage of Mercury through its own sign of Gemini and speeding up the process via the right connections.


Jupiter in June begins making its last lap through Libra direct until September and spins forward the stories and plans that mean much to you and your significant others. There is a lot of balance to be maintained, or even to be acquired, before the scene here is smooth or free of turbulence, and when Jupiter makes a full on opposition from Libra to Uranus in your sign, there is an acid test on some of the relationship issues you thought were going in the right direction. Time then to measure the strength of proposals and promises made at the end of last year or earlier in this. When Jupiter enters Scorpio in October the depth of interaction with some of the key players in your life increases, as do the risks of joint schemes or financial entailments. But there is a renaissance of sorts to be had from studying and preserving the plans put forward to you by people you have known a long while or those for whom you have maximum respect.


Venus in Gemini in July will ease the hard divisions or decisions which Mars in Gemini forced in June maybe, but you will also at the end of the month be expected to be in two places at once. Or perhaps you are unable to settle on one course of response or one line of approach in matters of blocked location or stalled professional development. These two issues may be linked but there is also a segregating process required whereby you can tell what is uppermost in your personal needs and not simply a must-do based on obligation. Even if you take the logical must-do route you will still have a strong urge to follow some inner desire and satisfy a part of yourself which won’t be fobbed off with compensations or substitutes for much longer. The square between Uranus in your sign and Pluto in Capricorn in your tenth solar house has driven you to exceed the limits of patience or endurance in the last couple of years and only the sort of respite gained from doing something which satisfies your soul and deeply comforts you will make those efforts worthwhile and restore your energies.



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