March 21st - April 19th

May 2018

Saturn, now working its way backwards through Capricorn, may demand that you examine the obstacles you have tried to confront recently in a different way, or consider why there is no progress in the area of your career and outer path. These need to be considered from the long term view, there are no short-cuts with some of the favoured or must-have objectives you’ve set your mind on. If you are wishing to circumnavigate barriers and pre-set parameters you must wait until the long transit of Mars has presented you with the second opportunity to clear hurdles in August. If April was a show of confidence or a call to arms then August through to September is the time when you can act on these.


Uranus leaves your sign in mid May and enters Taurus, so although your seven year period of transformation through difficult trials and choices has shown you the full results, the methods of making good on these, or of damage limitation, is set to unfold between now and October. Some finishing touches or corners left unswept are revealed in autumn as Uranus sweeps back into your sign in November and brings issues left dormant to a head, giving you until March of 2019 to recognize the solutions or to extricate yourself from the centre of things and know when enough is enough. Aries is not a sign to forget its greater challenges, but it is also not prone to wasting effort where there is no hope of return. What has transpired in the previous seven years has changed  your fundamental view of life, or has galvanized you into upgrading parts of it that are too erratic or troublesome to be productive. Moving on is not difficult for Aries people once they have the focus for the next large assignment.


The retrograde motion of Mars extends your vision of lifestyle prospects or gives you the wider nucleus of connection to sort out what is needed - May to July - but the real chance  of utilizing those sources is August when Venus graces your opposite polar house of partnership and close agreement, and then you can take those to a more bonded level in September. If things become a little too intricate or tangled in October it's because you took too much at face value previously and need to regroup or retrace and revise the exclusivity you think you need with certain people. However, the price may be too high, or too political, for the scenario you find yourself in amid your comfort zone with others. Don't get out of your depth, it may be fascinating to dabble at the start but it pales if you can't sustain the energy or the position you have created for yourself. September begins to show the extent and the value of what you have called up or created and as Jupiter continues to trawl through Scorpio and your eighth solar house in direct motion it requires a more passive look at the horizon before you become interactive in things which carry you along at a faster pace.



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