20th March - 20th April

‘Abundantly Clear’


Now that Jupiter has left Taurus and your solar house of wealth and money and is set to transit Gemini, you might see that the diversification of time and assets resulting from what you have learned or what has become due to you is well worth considering. It is of course what you feel most comfortable with, but this may become more than apparent to you in the last week of May and the first half of June as Venus then also graces Gemini and the area of your immediate hopes and notions, leading quite naturally to any changes in environment. If they don’t feel natural then question them. Your prevalent thought patterns are the highest point of your personal law of attraction, and these might be divided by two main objectives. Hence the duality mentioned above. May to the end of July is the time to consider or investigate, and August is the time to implement any changes directly. The dilemma of choice might peak in August but is signaling the need to utilize choice rather than simply debate it or wonder about it any further. Your confidence in May is perhaps given a boost by certain others, rendering information or supportive backing, but action in August is much aided by the Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo. Mercury not only co-rules that sign with Gemini - but helps to sort out the finer details of vocational issues and allegiances, and to test the sincerity of what is offered by whom.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mars, ruler of your sign, transits Aries in May and the start of June, and brings the natural elements which make up your nature to the fore: tenacity, forward-thinking and pioneering. And many of those qualities can spur you on to do what you have long considered doing but lacked the opportunity or the means. At least now you might make a start. And whether this lies in the direction of new territory or further steps in what is already established, it should not be ignored. Saturn in Pisces and your twelfth solar house may still blur some part of the horizon but has at least shifted from the first decanate to herald a more sympathetic or clearer atmosphere. This is made up of those who you want to mix with - birds of a feather! or contain the likelihood of responses which encourage and contain your hopes - Ringing Endorsements! What was missing in the last eighteen months was the humane essence, perhaps from the correct backing or the intended point of arrival. The fog is now lifted to reveal destination, especially in early June, and at the end of that month, forces both tangible and invisible gather to show you that life is a series of possibilities - if you ever doubted it - and that these are what as humans we work with, and what keep us evolving. Out until October you forge the more practical side of the ideals into something which can stand the test of time. So that by the end of the year you have your proof and your means, and the longer scope of the future is clearer in the areas of where you wish to head, not just where you felt you were bound to go.


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