March 21st - April 19th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The existence of Uranus in your second house of money and security is still warning against precipitous leaps of faith before the time is right, and March will urge you towards looking closely at others who are heading in the same direction, or alongside you in terms of finances and new beginnings. Around the 10th to the 14th of the month there are vital turning points; you should be like-minded with these others: whether to stay or not, whether to part company .. these are the questions begging answers. The first Mercury retrograde motion this year is in Capricorn and lingers from last December until the middle of January, breaking the code of hitherto hidden agendas or complex problems within career. Cracking the impenetrable shell of how the future may lead more effectively from the present. It is not until the second week of February that you see where the more ‘off piste’ proposals or methods have a place in the scheme of things, or whether they have a place at all. It’s the second Mercury retrograde motion in April which perhaps has the greatest impact, occurring in Taurus and your solar house of self-earned money. Expect reversals, surprising twists etc between then and the middle of May as Mercury triggers the precarious Uranus whilst making its turn. The unexpected may then throw things out of kilter, only to regain balance properly at the end of May. The world being the unpredictable way it is at present, you might want to take the hint then - however inconvenient - and swerve from the planned route or jump suddenly into new territory.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Now that Jupier is moving into your sign again on January 1st you can expect to feel an invigoration - or at least a rekindling of the enthusiasm for some things felt last spring and summer. Whilst the direct motion of your ruler Mars in Gemini in January second week brings to a close the pause or hiatus which incurred alternative paths, second thoughts and other ways of thinking linked into the immediate view you have on your outer life and experiences. You should at least be sure of where not to tread, and what definitely to re-thread, for better personal security or sense of confidence heading out to April. The presence of Venus in your everyday life area from mid April allows the furious campaign of Mars to sync well and bring a feeling of stability within perhaps diverse or divided places of loyalty and responsibility. The entrance of Pluto into Aquarius in late March after so many years in Capricorn suggests the need to put down some kind of marker or stake a claim to what you see as revolutionary or useful to the way the world (and your own world) is going. Even if this does not start to take shape until the early winter of 2024. You will know by March if the wheels are coming off some current vehicle and needing replacing with a more efficient mode of movement in months to come. Ariens are fond of being innovative, although many of you need a lot of encouragement or approval before believing in your ideas, so gather what you need in the way of information and head however loosely in the diection towards it.



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