March 21st - April 19th

January 2019

Mars - your Sun ruler - starts the year in your sign, taking you to a much better place than you were when battling with Mars in Capricorn and Aquarius last autumn. That period in May to October 18 may have shredded timetables and delayed objectives or aims from becoming possible. These vistas might now have changed, due to your having had time to rethink or get involved in different areas of activity, but the keenness you have to move stuff forward is if anything increased. This is due in part to Jupiter entering Sagittarius last November, where it threatens to broaden horizons and usher you into some of them before this year is out. Trouble with Jupiter in Sagittarius is that if things are not claimed and nailed at certain points they disappear when the transit is done, dissolving or proving unrealistic. Jupiter in its own sign is nothing if not ambitious and optimistic, but it leaves the groundwork or the spadework of substantiating to other vibrations or cosmic rhythms. (see our blog on Jupiter in Sagittarius this year @ cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. Fortunately a grand trine between Venus, Pluto and Saturn in February means that a lot of Aries people only have to ask and the assistance for maintaining present and future frameworks is more easily obtained. Saturn in Capricorn is still making crucial aspect to the Sun of those Aries born in the second and third deconates and will continue to do so all year, but at least the planet is on the move now so blocks are not insurmountable in most cases and in certain cases actually supply vital cornerstones to difficult frameworks that have been shifting and unsteady in recent months.


Mars enters Taurus in February, your second solar house of earnings and security, and sweeps the floor ready for the re-entrance of Uranus in March into the sign for its full transit of seven years. The minor foray Uranus did in 2018 may have been enough to show you the pitfalls of any new ground or the new era you need to embark upon. Or the measures needed to ease financial pressure or to establish entirely new infrastructure in which to house or create resource. Uranus itself meanwhile is finishing off the dismantling of old ways and routines and tying up the loose ends from previous chapters which some of you feel loathe to leave behind. Some of it may be salvaged or taken into the emerging frameworks, and this is to be decided by the end of March. But by the middle of May you are feeling better about breaks and revolutionary moves you may have had little choice in making. However, it's best not to make your mind up about certain people or situations too soon, no matter how amenable things may seem.


There are no large shifts or changes of sign for the major planets this year, and so it bodes well for smoother or less harrowing pastures than last year. And once the first Mercury retrograde motion of the year in Pisces is over – happening for most of March – it clears away foggy notions and doubts, and clarifies the warning signs seen in December last, leaving the way clear for you to travel it in late April, assisted by Venus and Mercury, and to have friends, close associates or relatives listening more closely to what you clearly see which may benefit them also. Jupiter then has set some scenes colorfully and given hope to areas of life that were without it; it remains only for the exaggerations and more unworkable facets of the plan to be winkled out of the mix before the end of July.



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