March 21st - April 19th

January 2017

In January your ruler Mars begins the year in Pisces, your twelfth solar house, from which it passes Neptune (ruler of Pisces) in the first week of January and conjuncts Venus at the same time. Could there be some secret pleasures or hidden assignations occurring?  If so, these have to become more open by February when both Mars and Venus have entered your own sign – but that may be because you want more transparency to be the case; your impatience to have things out in the open is just too much perhaps as Jupiter retrogrades in Libra and marks the end of the first layer of expansive developments concerning partnerships and meaningful arrangements.  There is no avoiding the need for transformation as Mercury supports the Sun/Aquarius in the second week of February in the area of you ambitions and lifestyle. Metaphorically speaking, last year was about securing the land and this year could be about building on it.  Last year was about overcoming difficulties and this year is about making that battle worthwhile.


The presence of Mars in your own sign in February and first week of March gives you the sense of being at your best or spurs you to make yourself known and be shown in ways which you feel enhance your appeal and potential in future situations. The latter part of February however brings a show-down between Mars and Uranus and the result in terms of lasting damage or triumphant acquisition is seen as Mars enters Taurus in the second week of the month and trawls your area of earnings and security.  Security is not always about money; it can concern the standing or position you have with those roundabout who are supportive, or obstructive, and whose input or interference means the difference between progress or stagnation.  Best then not to upset people unduly at the end of February, but to take the line of least resistance where it’s sensible to do so, without actually capitulating to unwelcome demands or unreasonable terms and conditions which could have been apparent for some months now. These either dissolve or make themselves more prevalent as February lapses into March.


The long transit of Venus through your sign from February to June connects with Pisces in April, taking you back to matters from January which need reflection or require clarification before they can have the solidity which Venus/Taurus can offer  in June.  If matters of personal desire or gratification are not grounded through the latter part of April and into May the window of opportunity is lost due to mixed signals and crossed wires, caused mainly by the Mercury retrograde motion in Taurus in April which calls for stronger definition of the facts or the people involved.  Mars in Gemini in May will begin to carry the facts and the details into a faster or wider ocean of movement and there has to be cohesion for the newly hatched plans to work without dissent, destabilization or a sense of overwhelm; maybe this is a process which is just too ambitious or unwieldy for its own good and needs to be taken back to the drawing board.  If this trap can be avoided then the second layer of development is sanctioned by others, and their greater commitment can be counted on. 2017 involves the understanding and co-operation of other people in partnership arrangement, either loosely or more personally, and that cannot be avoided at some points of the year whatever you do.



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