20th March - 20th April

‘Abundantly Clear’


The Mercury retrograde motion in Sagittarius and Capricorn has spilled over to the start of this year and will be direct again on 2nd January. It will perhaps have triggered stuff in the area of your future planning, or your more profound financial rostering which includes the long term agenda you thought needed. It may be telling you to ditch the agenda and go with the more practical changes - over which you will not have full control - as and when you see these appear. They will begin to make initial sense from the middle of January, when others start to expose or share the finer details required to make sense of obscure themes presented for joint examination. January and February is a very logical and down-to-earth period in which nothing that is not rooted in solid practicality or documented by history can hold sway. But the newness of things is not always without precedent, and that is a matter for those involved tasked with the responsibility. Jupiter on its second round through your area of earned money and fiance will be attempting to plump up the base you set in spring to autumn last year, and can only do this by looping back to June 2023 and weaving a circle of movement that allows the best of that period to extend to late May this year. Before opening up to fresh fields and diversity that had not been considered previously for lack of resource - or insight born of patience.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


It would seem there is much discussion in February about your lifestyle choices, or new features which you want to figure in the times not allocated to duty or work. These will be pinned and nailed by the end of the month as Pluto grips Aquarius finally and sails with intention into the depths deemed important - or vital enough - to become cornerstones or linchpins of everyday existence for you; strange as some of these may seem. Sometimes the things we find ourselves gravitating towards are not always seen as pleasurable, but are things we feel we should experience. Nowadays life is as much (if not more) about experience than it is about acquisition. In a changing world, a mad world some might say, what is precious to us is becoming clearer and clearer. Some turbulence is inevitable, in February and March as Mars assails Aquarius and clears ground and awareness and Pisces and Jupiter brings the desires - and the means to meet them, for now - and it could be said that the whole of 2024 relies on the faith or the fortitude to go for what is required in the first quarter of the year. The ability to nurture yourself and cater to your own emotional or personal gaps has to be addressed in April as Mars conjuncts Saturn/Pisces. No-one is going to do it for you - partly because they do not know what is needed. And partly because you will not allow it. The second retrograde motion of Mercury is in your sign for the majority of April, and Venus graces Aries too, giving an impatience to an existing reluctance, and the mix is not one for easily gaining what you want. Leaping forward without support is risky, but it may be better than not leaping forward at all.



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