March 21st - April 19th

January 2018

The major news for Aries people this year is the exit of Uranus from your sign. It enters Taurus in May after a seven year stint in Aries. You may breathe a sigh of relief, but when you reflect or look back you will see that it pushed, pulled or coerced you into breaking ground or changing habit and patterns in a way that could not be repeated for another seventy odd years. As Uranus leaves Aries it meets with the little planet Mercury and together they cause some powerful concepts to become reality, and some very exciting beginnings to take root in your solar house of Money and Earnings. If you have struggled with the ups and downs of finances over the last seven years then you now either relenquish what it was which caused such volatility or you see how and where to take your hard earned experiences to the next stage of first base security.


Mars begins the year in Scorpio and your eighth solar house, where she cozies up to Jupiter in late January and enlarges the issues or the questions referred to above. This aspect reveals also the deep holes caused by lack of information or lack of confidence. The latter is the vital key, so if you feel it missing then try to acquire it before you go much further, or else put things on hold until September when you may have more gravitas and self belief. By the end of January Mars has moved into Sagittarius and your ninth solar house, and this forces matters forward. Then the question of who takes final responsibility for important moves - or in fact any responsibility at all - needs to be decided before the third week of March when Mercury retrogrades in your own sign and can put plans right back to square one or push the whole mechanism off at a tangent, unless a firmer understanding of who does what and why has been reached by then.


Saturn has moved into Capricorn in January for a three year transit. The planet’s last transit was a three year stint in Sagittarius, which brought restrictive areas to fire sign people when they least expected it. How you dealt with those restrictions shows results from January out to the middle of April, and from these you should be able to create stability in your affairs or see how you can acquire it and gain ground you might have been denied over the recent months or years. Saturn in Capricorn brings the best of foundations, but the hardest or most exacting of terms and conditions if preparation has not been made objectively. We see the real from the illusory and the genuine from the fake. Saturn in its own sign takes things down to the bone and builds from what it has in its grip. It values integrity, thoroughness, diligence and, above all, pure determination. The puzzling or frustrating time given to you by stationary Mercury in March/April will warn you of short-falls, lack of patience and the vagaries of people who need to be more constant if you and they are to get ahead in the world you are planning for yourselves.



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