March 21st - April 19th



The long transit of Mars through your sign has obviously been something that has pushed, urged or moved you to change – whether that be mentally through to actively or simply in approach or view point. The salient points of success are stabilised by early January when your ruler Mars enters Taurus and your second solar house of security and money. The fact that Mars will conjunct Uranus/Taurus by the middle of January and square Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius is foretelling the end of some old routes or resources. But the wider you now spread your net with your talents and expertise – even if you have to push yourself mentally or in terms of boundaries – the less likely you are to regret any old models or patterns of security dying. And more to the point, the less inclined you may feel to cling to sinking ships or life rafts with holes. Watch the first three weeks of February for reversals in direction or gaps in access points and then tread carefully until April. Mars sees options and variances in the norm, so tread carefully until the end of April. Last part of March and first half of April bring out the anomalies or the sticky places, don’t be lazy correcting them. Whilst the latter part of April brings to you in response what has been generated in effort, and with ease.





The gridwork position of your recent exploring or road to new life is more stable by mid January as Mars enters Taurus and your second solar house. The New Year begins with Jupiter entering Aquarius, quickly joined by Saturn and the conjunction makes for some ponderance on whether to stay or whether to leave. From what and to where is something for individual Aries people to decide. But the past weeks have seen you driven or enthusiastic for new ground, or just restless beyond the norm, and not knowing what to do about it. The strong Mercury retrograde movement in Aquarius in February rocks the rhythm of Jupiter and Saturn and hastens decisions through widening of fact and connection. Busy, busy in March - or at least in a mind sense if not bodily - as Mars/Gemini cuts branch roads into the major highways of life and offers shorter cuts or more interesting stopping points. But mid February might whip a few of these away or see dead-ends loom where before the signs seemed clear. Mercury retrogrades and renders disclarity then. So wait until the end of March when Venus enters your sign and allows you to simply receive information and guidance, making it easier to grip conflicting ideas in the first week of April and bring them to a fine point of cohesion. This may be made possible by being able to better communicate with those behind the notions and understand them in a way you feel good with. Or let some of the connections go without wasting time.



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