Janruary 20th - February 18th



Saturn still resident in your own sign will be a double edged sword - at times it will make you feel as if you are lodged in a never ending circle of planning and then re-planning. At others it will offer support or solidarity from unlikely places. Whilst it is necessary to remember that it influences differently for different people, depending on their natal chart, it is fair to say that most Aquarians are feeling the need to rein in the venturesome side of their progress - which may curb all development for a while - but it is also possible to make substantial inroads into areas which appeal from joint ideas or notions shared with like-minded others. As Jupiter goes direct again in mid October, some ten days after Saturn is direct, the final push out to January is the one which sees the possibility of bringing on an easier or much hoped for set of conditions in the financial area of life. Provided there is a grounding to the looser facts or details. The feeling of optimism or good-will coming into things in October is accompanied by the balancing of the long-term conditions or budget as Mercury finishes its final retrograde in Libra in the third week of that month and assists Jupiter in leading the way to wider areas of connection. Some clashes of interest may need to be sorted out as November comes and before the second week of December - when there is a stamp of approval or definite agreements going into place.





If there is one thing certain it is that the start of this year bears little or no resemblance to where you are in September, in terms of private or domestic life or that area which is intimate and personal. This may be because you broke free of conditions which wre outworn or unacceptable over the spring. Or because you persevered with the difficult or more untried design for altering your life in the parts which you and you alone control. If you did not do this then the middle of November tends to wrench apart the doors that are sealed against the interference of others or the intrusion to plans you are kindling carefully; the pace of matters then is increased whether you welcome it or not. November may be a time of trial and error, as these new chapters open, or it may be something you welcome as the intervention you need to end stalemate or dead ends. Your world offers interesting possibilities in November and December, and is perhaps shrouded in shadows you prefer not to look into. It may be a little of both, but by mid December you will need to step into the brightly lit areas you were bidding for and then had doubts about. February to November this year has seen a corale of development or detail, which by December you will know how to use towards the change you need … or see it pass and chalk it off to experience.



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