Janruary 20th - February 18th

‘Abundantly Clear’


As Saturn weaves its way by September to the position it took in March - floating between your own sign and Pisces - it may be a good idea to look at areas of financial life which either defeated or overwhelmed you back then and see if there are strategies you intended to use but omitted to put into place. The fact that Mars in September and October is occupying Libra and your ninth solar house makes the difference between then and now, in that then you may have had conflicting ideas or thoughts on how to divide your intentions - or your energy - and as a consequence, back then, failed to understand how gaps had happened in your grasp of fundamentals governing personal economy, These were either the result of changes sneaking in as you remained unawares, or of you taking a too trusting approach to people who convinced you they were trustworthy when they were not. Either way, the advantage you have now is that you can instate (or even dictate) a better balance from which to ensure long-term and concealed measures to the canvas as it develops. As Mars/Scoprio makes an opposition to retrograde Jupiter/Taurus in late October it invites you to back away from transformations that looked likely in spring and summer but for whatever reason did not transpire. Allow life to show different sides of interest, before you make too much of one feature. By December you might see another plan of action which achieves the same effect with a lesser risk factor and a more economical basis.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


The third retrograde Mercury motion this year has been in Virgo since late August and ends in mid September. Mercury scrutinizes fine detail in many areas of life. For Aquarians it will have a profound impact on the more private or hidden parts where you connect with others, either mentally, emotionally or physically. After the tumble drier effects in September you tend to have more inkling into what may before have seemed like irksome details or facts that were not to be shared or exposed. This planet’s retrograde began whilst the other personal planet of Venus was also retrograde - in Leo. When she goes direct at the beginning of September she tends to loop back to matters in June, bringing them full circle. Venus makes for the prominence and presence of innate desire, while Mercury makes for the facts and figures supporting those. As Mercury gets into stride again connecting the dots, Venus has configured new understanding around partnership and those close to you with whom you have bonds or agreements integral to everyday life. Much has needed to be outlined more clearly - so that misunderstandings, trust, honesty and the integrity required of these things can place greater priority on getting matters right and aligned and not just rolling round the same old circles. By the end of October you will know what is acceptable to you based on your own feelings of rightness, not just on what fits situations in which you have become embroiled and feel the need to serve, whatever the cost to yourself. You cannot relax into yourself if you are not comfortable with where you feel you’ve become trapped.



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