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September 2018

Mars going direct in your sign since September has pushed, jolted or coerced you into moving forward with the developments or actions that were started in mid May but may have lurched to a halt or been more gently delayed at the end of June. By the beginning of October you can see where or why things were de-railed and the latter part of August and first week of September will have either put them in a better framework or realigned them in a different way. The transit of Mars through Aquarius has perhaps been frustrating – running as it did from May to June – but the long and short of it is that the widening of horizons or territory you envisaged earlier in the year may have been premature in the way you attempted them or subject to the clarification and input from outside sources.


The entrance Jupiter makes to Sagittarius in November is preceded by a square Mars makes to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, briefly in the first days of the month, showing the more unique angles that have to be taken seriously, or the dilemmas facing you if contradictions in aim are not considered. Those might have been in regard to others involved or to the way they see matters unfolding in contradiction to your own views. Both scenarios are worthy of your attention before this year is out. And the third and final Mercury retrograde motion of the year in November is also in Sagittarius, aiding Jupiter with the major intentions in your lifestyle or general ambitions. Mercury/Sagittarius is famous for over egging the pudding, or blowing things out of proportion, and whilst there is a place for optimistic imaginings the need for restraint or caution in what you believe and then rely on is ever present. So the rightful boundaries present themselves between the middle of November and the 7th of December, after which you should quickly see what can be sensibly maintained and what is to become redundant. The Neptune-Mars conjunction in Pisces in the first six days of December adds the finishing touches to this by dissolving false notions - like a soluble tablet - when you try to immerse non-productive stuff into the plans. Or by taking problematic or unreliable people out of the equation. Aquarians are often known for being eclectic and taking all collective view points into account, but there could be a need to weed out time wasting or roads that do not lead anywhere in particular before January.


As Uranus begins to go back into the late degrees of Aries in November it somehow makes sense of what has happened between May and October by showing comparison between the old patterns you may have laid in the previous few years and the ones which began to emerge in spring and summer this year. When Uranus goes into Taurus for the final time in March 2019 and starts in for the long haul over the next seven years you have no choice but to look to the future in terms of your personal or domestic situation, possibly due to new and interesting personalities being introduced to your sphere of activity. Or of fresh locations bringing the need for new attitudes or approach to everyday life. In the meantime, the closing of doors in the right way, or the tying up of lose ends is key as this year lapses and unfolds to next spring. See our blog: Uranus into Taurus – Moving Heaven & Earth @ Moving Heaven & Earth



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