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September 2017

As Jupiter prepares to leave Libra in October it rattles the cages mostly of those of you born in the first deconate of Aquarius as it plunges into the depth of Scorpio and leaves your ninth solar house of belonging and profound knowledge and heads for the tenth, which evokes or demands action from what the ninth has taught. And so it is for all Aquarians at some point during the year following October; generally there is more depth understanding on matters that before may have left you untroubled: some kind of moral integrity may prompt some of you to want to turn your back on a world you dislike. Whilst many other Aquarian people will experience the need for a better financial framework or better ways of securing money. The moves will be to question boundaries that previously have kept you hidden from certain pursuits and people, and you cannot help but wonder what lies on the other side of these. The third Mercury retrograde motion of the year is in Virgo in August to very early September opposes Neptune at two stages - in August and again in mid September on its final way past. This clears out of the picture the false notions presented by people you have been dealing with regarding either finance or backing - which perhaps equates the same. By the end of September the moral integrity you thought you had found earlier in the year is either much more apparent or missing completely.


After this stark appraisal of how the odds are weighed you can go forward into October and the remaining months of the year with a different set of plans with the same set of people, or a different set of people with the same set of plans. But something needs to be changed and September is that period of raking over the coals and finding the best from the heat of the purge. You may not have ordered the purge, or set into motion the wheels of the vehicle which led the campaign, but the outcome for you if you do not ignore vital pointers and signals is heartening as you look to next year and beyond. One of the key phrases for Jupiter in Scorpio is benefitting from ancient history. Or remembering from past hidden experiences. Memory is only hidden from us because we have no room to carry it or no use for it. But as we retread our karmic trail it starts to glimmer dimly and becomes starker as we join the dots. It often feels that history is repeating itself, or that we have walked a certain way before. So for many Aquarians throughout the twelve months from October to the following November there is a re-kindling or a re-awakening of career or worldly life which feels right and sets its own pace and path.


In December Saturn is due to enter your twelfth solar house of Capricorn, although it doesn't start to bite until next January. The change of tempo when Saturn moves sign is quite marked, and by Christmas you will know of some of the curbs it will ask you to make, and some of the restrictions, which is the price of what it is you are embarking on in 2018. This is part of what we were saying in the paragraph above. As Saturn leaves your eleventh solar house in December it conjuncts Venus, to remind you of what it is you covet or desire and may be forbidden until certain firmer strictures or restrictions in other areas are laid. Paying it forward is a maxim which often describes the kind of action or sacrifice you may wish to make.



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