Janruary 21th - February 18th

‘Abundantly Clear’


As Saturn retrogrades in Pisces in late June, the pressure on financial concerns perhaps eases, or perhaps you accept defeat in certain matters. Of course, defeat is not necessarily a final loss. In May, when Mars enters Aries, your mind might go into overload with new ideas and inspiration. You could then be busy with other issues, but even so the momentum from one area of life leads to another; there is no such thing as isolated motion. To pursue the more ambitious or challenging ideas between June and mid autumn is something you will feel impelled to do. At the end of June, Saturn is retrograde again, so the inroads and ideas analysed during the planet's resting period until mid November brings opportunity to go where normally there is little access or forbidden knowledge. Saturn is a keen taskmaster, but a fair assessor of merit and worth. After much effort and correction, the rewards are often surprisingly more than thought to be possible. The stubbornness of Mars/Taurus in June and some of July gives way to a sudden break in the clouds or an unscheduled shifting of gears in the middle of July as the planet passes Uranus in Taurus. It talks, amongst other things, of money already in your possession, or in reserve, and the ability to move, release or use it in ways which help to overcome present difficulties. The prospect of winning, speculating and receiving windfalls is more likely at that period than any other in the year.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


You might feel comfortable in personal matters in May and June, and possibly free to go your own way. However, the final Mercury retrograde period this year is in Virgo in August, doubling back to Leo in the middle of that month. This for many Aquarians takes into account their partnerships, close arrangements and people with whom they have mutual and vital arrangements. The transparency of matters is under the spotlight in the first week of August to the middle of that month, and it could make others reconsider what has been the status quo or what was previously agreed on. Making you regret certain decisions taken around March or April. It might be too late to pull out of these, but you might find ways of altering them; allowing others to ignore what you said and the way they responded, or vice versa. The reckoning comes in some form around the 17th to 19th of September when Mercury/Virgo opposes Saturn/Pisces. It is perhaps a question of what can be proven or validated. By that time the trust or the goodwill has seen a reckoning, and although you may not have the same estimation of people or their intentions after that, it is perhaps better to give them the benefit of the doubt until then. The future is not carved in tablets of stone, and this issue can go either way, depending on who else and what else is involved. Very much you might be in the position of having to prove yourself now, or prove what you are capable of. Do not set impossible standards for yourself, it isn’t necessary. And if it is thought that it is, then the focus reverses onto whoever is demanding this kind of criterion. Because what is to stop them setting these sort of conditions at their whim in the times ahead.



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