Janruary 20th - February 18th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The turbulent presence of Saturn in Pisces and its influence on your earnings and wealth may have brought circumstances that wrought havoc within that area, or overwhelmed you back in March. By now you should have developed the knack of keeping afloat at least in the choppy waters. The depth of Saturn/Pisces is literally ‘fathomless’ - like the ocean. By the end of this year you will perhaps have learned how it flows, or flows for you. June to October is a time for assessment, before going back in a sense to the proverbial drawing board in October - in order to avoid the overwhelm again - and starting something again or adding to it in ways which provides ballast or ‘anchorage’ - lest it float away in these seas of limitless change. The anchorage is a useful nautical term now when applied to schemes or objectives you put forward in the financial or security-based agenda. Something needs a better anchor, by the middle of July, in order to let it surface once it has traveled or reached points in your calculation - without sinking and floating into obscurity. The anchor is a metaphor for a base of understanding or a point of return. It provides an invincible motive for which you work and strive in the first place. Late August sees the third Mercury retrograde motion in Virgo go out until mid September and deal with the finer points or the requisite details of matters alluded to here, especially where they concern the input of others. If your trust is tested then, allow October to bring a better balance or an outside assessment to what has been an unsupported option or matter of unprecedented ground.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mercury retrograde in Taurus, completing in May, will leave you wiser about the details of your private life. So that what was previously a lottery or an unchartered water is then a more negotiable set of circumstances revealing the thoughts or intentions of others. Mars in Leo in late May and all of June in your polar opposite sign concerning partnership, or others close to you, brings some kind of priority of position, Find out if this is real or implied. It is imperative then to give important relationships their value - until Venus retrogrades in Leo in the third week of July when you must wait and have patience. Having entered the sign in July, two weeks after Mars, she then begs a pause in the pace or a more in-depth scrutiny of what you feel you know well but might not in reality fully understand. You may need to better observe some significant person in your life. Or perhaps you must wait for them to explain themself on issues they have rendered complicated - or that you have misconstrued the meaning of. By mid September Venus in direct motion is showing you how vital connections can be maintained; your patience has paid off, or you have stepped away from the scene. Mercury turning for the third time this year in Virgo in August clarifies the truth and integrity and by mid September this allows the solutions to unanswered questions or doubts from early August. By the time October is half way through a trust based on proof or solid evidence takes you into powerful waters. But you must put right any anomalies or misconceptions between September and December so that negative conditions do not repeat.



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