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May 2018

The big happening for you is the long transit of Mars through your sign between May and November. This includes a retrograde motion back into Capricorn briefly in mid August to the second week of September, giving a window of time in which to get a better grip on situations which could not be managed or concluded in the first half of May, but from a hidden perspective or a silent angle, from which issues might be judged or accepted differently. From the 28th August they can proceed with a surer basis, until the second week of September allows ground to be reappraised and takes you beyond the sticking points of late June to freer or newer points of progress out to November. Your sign is not one for shirking the unique or the untried territory of life, it could even be said you court such ventures, but the delays this year are for the purpose of establishing yourself in places where you were not previously known, or with people previously unacquainted with you.


Jupiter in Scorpio in your tenth solar house until November has been thickening plans and schemes to give a depth or breadth to your view of the world and where you belong in the scheme of your life path or career in general. Ways in which you can prosper are slow in showing with Jupiter/Scorpio but what goes down during this transit is set to last a good while after the year has elapsed. If you want to join the flow of what you see then the time is now (if you do not decide to opt out before the end of August) or some lasting connections and links may tie you to situations and places with almost invisible forces that take some undoing before they are severed or released. Drama and intensity are present in spades, and for some of you, mostly people born in the last two deconates of Scorpio, the emphasis is on unusual situations which turn quickly into battles or campaigns of strange origin, leaving you wondering how such paths unfolded from small beginnings. The second Mercury retrograde motion of the year in late July in mid August turns the tables on some of the people or information you need to see in a different light before you can dedicate your time and effort wisely with the knowledge of what can be relied on and what is worth pursuing.


Mercury and Venus in Cancer and Leo respectively in June herald the sort of empathy and rapport you seek as you make the quest for more comfort or cohesion in personal encounters that will last. While the change of Uranus from Aries to Taurus in May again indicates patters breaking or tearing to allow fresh breezes and clear air to circulate in stale and stagnant places. Some of this might be wrenching you from untenable situations or letting you see the horizons not before visible. And some of this may be locking down the foundations to what we referred to in the above paragraphs. Cut free from the unwanted by autumn and keep the sights on where you decided to go at the start of the year. Worrying about loose ends is futile, but May to November may put them under a spotlight enabling you to distinguish between obligations unfinished and echoes of the past few years taking their time to ebb away. The latter part the year is a time of pioneering or of ground-breaking for Aquarians in general. But there are caveats or limitations on how fast you can pick up speed.



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