Janruary 20th - February 18th



Everything having been in your sign in January you will know by May just how much onus there is on you to deliver what it is you do best, or what you have not been delivering previously. It may be that the onus is simply something put there by yourself, but if that is the case then it has come about because of your awareness of the world closest to you. Saturn and Jupiter are the two planets traversing Aquarius now, and Jupiuter is set to exit for a short while in May as it enters your second solar house of Pisces, ruling earnings and wealth. It gives you a chance to take your foot of the gas and cruise somewhat - not through idleness but because that is the only way you will see the more spontaneously creative side of what you are doing, You may not be doing it for money but for satisfaction in other ways; even so, some kind of greater benefit is to be had by not being so tick-listing in your approach and more inclined to observing the example of others, or their endeavours in the same field, at that time. By September their sincerity or integrity is manifest as they begin to introduce or lead you to a wider pool of knowledge and experience via connections on their own side which quickly become available to you. June is a time of personal and up close contact and only empathetic energy will gell and stick. Get to know the people whose goodwill you need and don’t be afraid of allowing them to see who you really are.





Mercury/Gemini retrograde in June stirs your fifth solar house of pleasure and creativity, and may bring uncertainty to reliability of communication, cohesion and promises. Though it might also bring a deeper understanding of people who were hard to understand. In general it is not until the end of June that things stop twisting, and it may be the middle of July before you feel you are in sync with everything that matters most, including people. Venus in Cancer in June may give you the pointers to where you may need to soften your approach or be more open and willing to listen before responding, but you may not be in a position to do so in the right way until the end of July. Jupiter goes back into your sign then, and anything you wish to approach differently is obvious to you. Although it may feel like covering old ground or prompting history to repeat itself it is necessary if things which are valuable are not to be by-passed. History never repeats itself in exactly the same way, so the experience you have gleaned using another side of your mind between May and August, can be used to reprise or revitalise issues that have been left to stagnate for lack of the right kind of attention. The clarity others render about their true feelings or thoughts in close and intimate matters is obvious throughout August, but there may be some misunderstandings which need to be addressed during the last ten days of August. To not right these can upset the future balance in October, when Mercury retrogrades in Libra, and prevent support from coming in the way it needs to come. From mid October you are able to move ahead and stop the feeling of going around in circles or covering the same ground without much progress.



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