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May 2017

You will by now be familiar with the ups and downs caused by Uranus, ruler of your sign, in the area of your immediate environment and your understanding of what you wish to do with that. It has raised some turmoil in the last months, and this may have peaked as Uranus met Mars in April. But as May comes in there is clearer definition as you tread silently in places where you might even have feared to be, and so remained passive, in March and April. It remains to be seen whether you begin to make any noise, pending impact which attracts attention to yourself, but following the third Mercury retrograde motion in Aries and Taurus which clears in early May you should know where your stronger loyalties lie and what your feelings are on taking forward the issues which led to the tempestuous days in mid April. Best to wait until July before addressing sensitive matters. Better too using close up snd personal methods of approach, rather than hands off and distance communication. because loyalties or long standing bonds demand that you not overlook people as the individuals they clearly feel they should be in what is a joint of more collective situation.


The entrance of Jupiter into Scorpio in October will deepen or make more profound the need to be serious about what before has been lightweight or casual. The last stage of Jupiter through Libra happens from June to October and completes the styling or the design of the professional and locational road to more interaction with the people mentioned in the paragraph above. The integrity and the fine details of who gels or is compatible with whom in this complex framework is something for September to sort. But meantime the run up is full of the kind of small print and minor detail which can lead to wrangles or disagreements if not given full attention when needed. Enemies appear in all forms and shapes, and some present as friends or helpers, so weed out the double dealers, back stabbers and neigh sayers as August turns the corner in to autumn.


Mars through Gemini in your fifth solar house during May is in some conflict with Neptune in your second, so there is a warning not to prevaricate or split the energies or the resources too far in order to avoid loss, either of direction or ground, thus resulting in a need to go back to square one to recoup what is seen as valuable after the time has gone to capitalize on it. Altogether there is a lack of strength or cohesion in the plans for some Aquarians until the third Mercury retrograde motion has taken place between August and September for this strengthens and clarifies understanding in partnerships and those issues requiring the trust or co-operation of people who may be an unknown quantum in the up and coming scene. When both Venus and Jupiter have graced your professional arena and shown who belongs where in November the talk is about wider horizons within existing territory, and greater speculation possible for even further along the line.



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