Janruary 20th - February 18th

January 2019

Venus in Capricorn joining Saturn in your twelfth solar house in February may cramp your style a little, but not for long. Once Venus enters your own sign in mid March the parameters start to widen and allow the friends, contacts and access points to greater expectations that have been previously denied. The bid you might have made in January to escape the rigidity of former times pays off once the mid March point comes and you see at least how you can overcome the impediments to a wider highway and a brighter social scene – if that is what you are looking for. It may be that what you actually seek is the chance to get your teeth into new ventures that provide stimulus and where you do not have to rely on other people for pleasure. Either way, the chances of finding what you want is greatly enhanced as you discover what you don’t want and what is falsely claiming to be the end of the rainbow. This can only happen when Mercury has retrograded in Pisces throughout March and squared its ruler Neptune at the end of the month, turning certain notions and hopes on their head and disposing of the false values they carried.


This may be an arduous or daunting thing while it occurs, but in the long run it will feel like a mist clearing to reveal not just new territory but pastures you didn't know existed. So you may well feel you have been spared a massive error of judgement or wrong move as Mercury direct chases Venus through Pisces and enters Aries in late April, giving that informational highway mentioned earlier a road map that makes perfect sense. Associates or pioneering spirits of a like mind loom into view then and the quest – whatever its purpose – is one which begins to reduce the harder sums of its parts to a conclusive whole that can lift the curtain on the new scenarios you had in mind since May 18. You have needed to close some static or outworn chapters down for good, and it has taken time since last year. Only if these are completely defunct and behind you can you shift the emphasis to upholding and fueling the more productive and satisfying methods that have replaced them. This now is the time of shifted values and if you are feeling bemused by where you find yourself to be it’s because you have not moved with the flow and are disconnected from the tangent that has brought in the surroundings and circumstances of this year.


Jupiter now in Sagittarius of course, wants to enlarge everything concerning your lifestyle or main aims. (See our blog: Jupiter in Sagittarius at cartouche-perceptivity.blogspot.com. And when the main aims start to grow the lifestyle can’t help but be shaken and stirred. Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius is benefic and generous and sometimes over eggs the pudding. So that it is necessary to claim what you see as beneficial and plant it in soil that allows it to take root, and then to weed out the extra or unwanted bits before the weeds choke the bloom as the autumn arrives. Jupiter/Sagittarius is famous for carrying everything before it and disappearing into the wild blue yonder with the opportunities that have not been turned to advantage. So between April and mid August try to understand what serves you and what will simply entertain for a while and prove a waste of time. The year ends with the need to stabilize or galvanize the productivity and effort chosen to lead the way into the next decade.



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