Janruary 21st - February 18th

‘Abundantly Clear’


It may be a good idea to look closely at matters of a financial nature that are snarled or snagged, or stuck in other ways, before February comes, and then to widen your understanding around these to discover if anything needs better definition; which something probably does. All this to avoid confusion, misunderstanding or gray areas in late March and April. Some clues are perhaps forthcoming in the first half of February. As Neptune continues through Pisces and the area of your chart governing earnings and personal wealth, it will be eclipsed by Mars in late April, and it may then then be too late to made amendments or changes to stuff which could see you lose out by the incompetence of others or downright deception. Of course it may be your own negligence to blame, but the end results could amount to the same thing. The accent for earning power in the positive sense is in inspiration and immersion on tried and researched material or fact. Learning as a basis for wisdom, in other words. And in the negative sense, it is in not making things clear, water-tight or documented rightly; especially with Saturn now in the early stages of Pisces. The lack of vigilance is an overwhelming possibility. And where vigilance is not possible, then asking for information has to be the next best thing. As Jupiter enters Gemini in June, the separation of roads which before were easy to oversee then become a challenging part of the route - the need to keep two streams of revenue or income or obligation running cohesively and smoothly. But the run-up to it from February to June is the time to get the positioning right and to access the means of control or scrutiny.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Mars and Venus transiting your sign in February and some of March are much concerned with personal mood. Venus allows what Mars intends and actions. And both states are equal in the game of progress and advancement - in any life area. You must be prepared for what it is you wish to see instated. And you must feel ready to be at one with it. The need has to be fully embraced, and the action a match for it. May brings the enlivening of the immediate future by the motion set within your immediate environment. You are intent upon more security - but in what area that lies is down to the individual Aquarian and their particular chart. The Sun passes your ruler Uranus in Taurus in the second to third week of May and asks you to address what has been waiting for your attention since last spring - and might perhaps have gone by the end of this year. Talk to the right people at the end of May and beginning of June, and gain some greater insight. Aquarians born in the second half of the sign are perhaps more affected, while those born in the first half have more time to allow things to build, but only until October. The restlessness you may feel in the latter half of this year is to be catered for in two different ways; either by creating a diverse set of circumstances for yourself and living between both, Or by ignoring the feelings and escaping into your fantasy life or your future visions. Sometimes the future as we wish it can be pushed forward - time being just a construct - but only if this meets the needs of others integral within what we want. Otherwise, the disjointedness is sewn.



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