Janruary 20th - February 18th

‘Abundantly Clear’


The exit of Saturn from your sign in March is possibly welcomed by those Aquarians who have experienced caveats, restrictions and points of conflict they may not have felt equal to. The accent then is on your financial area, your ability to accrue money. So it is best in the period between January and early March to see where you may have left holes that can build to anomalies or black spots where ‘lack of power’ looms. The presence of Mercury in Capricorn in January in retrograde motion in your twelfth solar house brings the need to stop and examine some of your decisions in December where you may have been either too inflexible - or even too accepting of matters that actually require direct intervention or change. Then by the end of January the picture is clearer and the going good for what was not so possible last year. By the middle of February you are able to bring your own stamp onto the financial, as Venus makes for a yielding of opposition or gives a better support from the efforts worked towards last year. The re-entry of Jupiter into Aries in January is an illuminating factor onto the immediate issues and plans, and rekindles or re-sets the conditions you sought and have had to wait for, or have given up hope of ever seeing. As Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters your sign in March it takes away certain blockades, or talks of looking for better backing. Uranus in square to Taurus in February suggests a parting from certain connections, and possible replacements for awkward or unworkable factions. Don’t hesitate to act or sanction these when you see the need and the opportunity. By April the resonation with what gives life and growth to vocational matters and serious contracts has to be in motion.



‘Experiencing the Flow’


Experience is not always immediately illuminating, but everything requires a degree of experience - before it becomes a known or a given. Your personal life is challenging, or inviting, or both. It invites you to try, and to be prepared to fall short of the mark, before getting things just right. Or just so … so you can manage them. Nothing is seldom just right. It is always on the way to some other point of being. Be appreciative and see that you have earned a lot of what you have and where you are. But you have also had breaks which don’t often come along. Your love life or personal life is being speared by the piercing presence of Mars/Gemini - in direct motion again since January - and demands the need to reflect on the lull between November and the first month of the year. And now you are perhaps more forgiving, or less bothered by the anxieties of last year. Your campaign to experience more leisure, pleasure or affection is set to continue while you put finishing touches to what dawned or originated last autumn. May is the time when you see the fruits of the labour, or the contribution of those who deserve a place in the scheme of things. Saturn direct once more in your sign since late October enables the lasting and enduring to thrive, before it enters PIsces - which in the sum total denotes a flow of what already exists, rather than the need to build or acquire what is not already there.



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