Janruary 20th - February 18th

January 2017

The year begins with Mars and Venus in Pisces in your second solar house of money and earnings, and this brings a mixed bag. On the one hand there is a need to be confident in what it is you think you should spend or splurge on.  While on the other, the need to guard against extravagance of the purely indulgent kind is also signaling.  And as Mars conjuncts the ruler of Pisces (Neptune) full-on at the very start of the month, the omens are there in the strongest way to be sure that you are not falling down some kind of rabbit hole. This conjunction is also one which makes for much romantic persuasion, and if via your work or earning power you are becoming prey to such stuff then the need to choose what is really beneficial for you and what is pure illusion is a key-note in matters leading out to February/March.


In February, Mars in Aries sits more easily with Sun/Aquarius, and depending when in the sign you were born, you may be afflicted with restlessness – caused in part by what we talked of in the first paragraph – or simply be driven to put certain motions in gear in case you lose opportunity which has taken some time to dawn on you. Either way, the fact that Jupiter is retrograde from the second week of February to the second week of June adds an edge to proceedings which underline the need for action after perhaps some inertia or passive acceptance of things which you now see as needing to change. The Jupiter transit through the other air sign of Libra from last September to February has given you an idea of how much easier the future might be, and how much more satisfaction you could take from professional routes which overlap into geographical horizons previously untapped or unlooked for. The trine between Uranus/Aries and Saturn/Sagittarius which is ongoing until spring has given an inkling into what kind of curtailments or limiting forces need to be lifted to make possible greater enjoyment in immediate environment and life.  Or how to use some heavy circumstance to anchor resources at a base point which allow other trails to be followed until the late summer, where they offer a freedom of movement previously thought impossible or too remote. However, this freedom needs to have a reason to be sustained, or a sound motive for sustainability.


The retrograde motion if Venus in Aries and Taurus this March and April, brings singular definition to what is important in your everyday, and is at the forefront of your mind.  For female Aquarians this can be a time of forging new paths, alone perhaps, or of distinguishing yourself in some way which carves you a niche and brings extra responsibility. For male Aquarians the likelihood is that females in your life may be showing signs of the independence just mentioned, and whether or not this is conducive to the way you wish things to be depends on other factors.  But whichever, there is more transparency of purpose in May and by June you may feel benefits from what was formerly felt to be discomfort or undue worry in the previous eight weeks.  Sometimes it is best to monitor things as they unfold, rather than to find an immediate solution, which ultimately turns out to be unwanted or misplaced.  March to June could be an example of this.  Stand back a little and let a scenario take shape before finalizing an opinion.



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