Janruary 20th - February 18th



The planet Saturn has gripped your sign since late December, leaving behind the Capricorn vibe and your twelfth solar house. LIkelihood is that whatever you could not properly understand or manage from the past two or three years has now taken on a new patina or overall picture. It may be that you see those prohibitive patterns relating to progress, increment of money or other security features as having been previously obscured or out of your control. A new philosophy has arisen, and will become evident as Jupiter, also in your sign, joins with Saturn to magnify the stark necessities prior to getting your bearings and a stable hold. The process between the two planets is at first prohibitive, and the square that Saturn-Jupiter makes to Uranus/Taurus and your fourth solar house renders things even more difficult to manoeuvre, until some old outer shell is broken in the middle of January by Mars conjunction Uranus. Unfortunately, there is no making omelettes without cracking eggs, so you may see habits, routines or personal values somewhat shaken at that time and out to late February. If this comes as a shock then you could have been in denial or ploughing fields that yield little harvest. The retrograde motion of Mercury/Scorpio last October will have alerted you to things going below the radar or not above board, but if you took little notice then the wake up call is January; there is breakthrough in terms of self worth or self reliance, or there is breakdown of reliance on substance now not fit for purpose.





All Aquarians have a curious nature, but yours was tweaked by new ventures or interesting pursuits between April and June last year, when doors closed - maybe silently and slowly but shutting nonetheless - to force your attention onto new ways of living. The movement of thought, action and connection to other prosperous territory was a truncated bridge, temporary perhaps, but it was visible at that time, and the path to it now should be embarked on, if it has not already been so. The terms are somewhat fixed by February, but the leeway to change certain things is given in March. Diversify then if things look too static. By May Jupiter has entered your second solar house of Pisces and is blurring hard divisions between what is inspiration and what is tested fact. Only way to know is to experiment. By August, the signs are clear to go back to previous plans or to build more on what has been seen or achieved. Jupiter in your sign this year gives benefit where it has been earned, and often even where it has not, but this is apparent only to the end of the year. What is not acquired, secured or made the most of during Jupiter’s influence onto personal life disappears or dissolves when the planet exits in December.



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